Must Love Pomegranates

After work on Monday, I was lucky enough to get to go to the Hornets/Clippers game with my brother and his friends!

It was my first time at the TWC Arena, and our seats were actually pretty awesome, even though you can’t exactly tell from the picture.

Since then it’s been go-go-go trying to get everything done before heading home for turkey break.

I wanted to stop in and share a quick blurb about my annual winter obsession- the pomegranate.  Known for a variety of health benefits {which we will get into later}, the pomegranate is one of my favorite fall/winter snacks.  You’ll find them available at any grocery store between September and February.  However, you can purchase pomegranate juice year round, the most popular brand arguably being POM Wonderful.

So why are pomegranates so great?  Not only are they rich in that buzzword, antioxidants {one of the highest of all fruits}, it also is shown to aid in heart and joint health.  They are extremely high in vitamin C, K, and B5, among a list of others to help to support things like your immunity, bone health, and metabolism…pretty nifty, right?  They’re also extremely high in fiber.

One benefit that surprised me while researching, somewhat ties in with the Beauty Brief Wednesday: Teeth Whitening Tips//Mouth Health.  Apparently, pomegranates can also keep your teeth clean {but no, I’m not saying ditch the toothbrush}.  Pomegranates are packed with polyphenolic flavonoids {say that five times fast}, which contain anitbacterial properties.  It has been shown that pomegranate juice can clear the mouth of the bacteria, plaque, and gingivitis that can cause cavities and other dental issues.

Crazy, huh?

That pom, pom-pom-pom-pom {okay, maybe I’m not Sisqo}.

So, sweet…it’s super healthy….but how do you break into it?  I sliced it in half to show the inside of the pom for the picture above, but basically just cut off the crown and cut the pomegranate into wedges to start peeling away the skin, pulling the pomegranate seeds away from the center.


A container full of juicy, sweet, and nutrient packed pomegranate seeds…the best winter time snack out there.  They also work as a great winter time salad topper…just a little tip.

Have you guys ever eaten any pomegranates before?  Why do you like them?

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