#FiveThings {Nov. 8}

It’s that time of the week…the end…meaning, look back and be thankful for what you have {because there’s always a lot more than you think, just look around}.

Here are my #FiveThings—

My Melt Balls

Special delivery! I finally got a package of balls that I’ve been waiting for, for the longest time now {get your mind out of the gutter}…I’m talking about my MELT Method Self Treatment Kit!

I first learned about the MELT Method when I was still at Marshall, and I was lucky enough to take a class.  To see my original post/review on MELT, click here.  Similar to the ideas of reflexology, the MELT Method focuses on massaging certain points of your palms and the bottoms of your feet to reduce chronic pain, muscle tension, stress, and rehydrate your connective tissue.  Between working out, my lazy inability to effectively stretch, and sitting more than I have in my entire life with work {try all day, errday}, I have been feeling the strain of this for months.  Knowing how effective the MELT Method is/was/will forever be, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase the kit.  It comes in at around $50, but the long term effects are priceless.  Everyone needs to buy the beautiful balls.

Durham/Family Time

My brother, Ryan, and I both decided to take a trip home for the weekend and head back to Durham.  It was a last minute decision, which is something I haven’t had the luxury of doing for, oh..I don’t know…seven years!  When I was in school, etc deciding to go home had to be a full on plan of attack.  Now I’m just two hours away, and I haven’t taken advantage of it, so I decided “eh, what the heck?”  I do miss the Bull City every now and again.  It’s so nice to see my parents and my dog!

Speaking of Durham, does anyone else love Kendra Scott Jewelry and follow them on insta?  This was a more than a pleasant surprise yesterday…

So I guess this takes that up to SIX things for the week.

My Little Free Library Book

Charlotte has these perfect little free-standing boxes all over town.  They’re call the “Little Free Libraries”.  Basically, it’s like a free community library where you take and leave books as you please, for other to enjoy.  Here’s an action shot of Ryan picking out a book the other week-

See, they’re cute little libraries!

There’s a Little Free Library in the NODA area, and on the way back from brunch last weekend, I decided to peek inside.  That’s when I saw this…

I don’t plan on selling any crafts locally, globally, or online any time soon {unless anyone wants a crocheted infinity scarf…I got you}.  However, I felt that this could relate to blogging in the sense that it discusses how to market your “brand”, finding inspiration, and staying focused.  I’m all about absorbing info from wherever I can, so I thought at least flipping through this wouldn’t hurt.  I’ll then probably return it or add one of my own books to the Little Library.

Girl Crush

“Girl Crush” by Little Big Town.  Listen to it.  I promise it’s nothing like you would expect out of country music these days, and you will love it.  {p.s. it’s a slow song}.

Election Parties

We’re going to talk about politics right now, without actually talking about politics.  As we all know, Midterm Elections took place this week, Tuesday, to be exact.  As you may not know, this was a biggin’ for good ol’ NC.  I’m not sure what TV is anymore without a “Tom Tillis hates women” or a “Kay Hagan= Obama” commercial {not saying anything about either side further than that…simply stating observations based on lovely political commercials}.  Anywho, Jimmy has been traveling all over the place recently with work so I rarely get to see him.  This week he left on Wednesday AM {after getting back in town on Monday night from visiting family}, pretty much just giving us Tuesday to do something together.  We decided to head down to a random part of town and pick a random place to grab a few drinks.  This excursion took us to a locally owned bar/restaurant in the Elizabeth area of CLT.  The atmosphere was pretty cool, may or may not go back again, but either way…not what I’m here to talk about today.  The reason why I’m bringing it up-  as we were calmly sitting there enjoying each other’s company, mass amounts of people started pilling in to the restaurant.  Before we knew it we found ourselves in the middle of a massive “Kay Hagan Election Party”, outfitted with shirts, political chants, and the excitement you’ll only find when a $2 Marg special is involved {which was in full force that night}.  While they were an incredibly entertaining crowd, it got a little awkward by the end of the night {Kay Hagan didn’t get re-elected this time around}.

Idk, it’s just a small, insignificant story, but it’s a nice little memory to look back on for the week, especially since I was able to spend some time with Jimmy {not every single one of your #FiveThings need to be earth shattering, as long as they make you happy 🙂 }.

Alrightie, up and at ’em on a Saturday.  Time to snuggle with my dog, go for a nostalgic neighborhood 4 miler, and enjoy some of mom’s famous waffles.

Hope this post is finding everyone well! What are your #FiveThings for the week?

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