SF Players

I’m a firm believer that you are who you spend your time with. Choose wisely.

To get to know me, you should also have a run down of the crazies I hang out with {I say that with the utmost love and respect}.

My Family

 Image 1

{On a local brewery tour}

My extended family is huge {think 27 cousins total, both parents are one of five}, but this is my immediate family. Mom, Dad, and brother, Ryan. My parents are still over in Durham, but you’ll see Ryan on here a lot because he lives in Charlotte too!! We’re two years apart, and after spending about 7 years at different schools {he went to Appalachian State in Boone, NC}. It’s an extra special treat that we live in the same city again. The crazy thing is, it wasn’t at all planned, both just randomly ended up with jobs here. A little divine intervention if you will, it won’t last forever, but I’m enjoying it while I can.


This hombre is my boyfriend. His name is Jimmy. He is from a small town on Long Island, NY but is now also in CLT, and you’ll see him a lot. We went to Marshall University together.  That’s where we met and started dating {going on two years now…smooches!}.


{At my friend Ali’s wedding}

I love him very much, don’t let this quick descrip make you think otherwise!

My Frat Bros

Jimmy is my boyfriend, but he’s also what I’ll reference to on here from time to time as a “frat bro”. Right now I live with two dudes, Jimmy and Andrew. The three of us all went to Marshall together, and Jimmy and Andrew actually ended up getting the same job at the same time in Charlotte. It just made sense for us all to live together at this time in our lives {the rent’s cheap, what can I say?}.

Image 7

{The three of us before The Chappelle Show at The Fillmore!}

Rather than spending every post explaining the dynamic, I just decided to dub them “my frat bros”, with a link, if anyone is confused.   Most of our furniture is from IKEA, but there’s still an American Flag on the wall. {I’m out numbered here, people}. To be honest, our apartment isn’t disgusting like a frat house, and living with the two of them has been great…really. I’ve been very lucky in life to always have awesome roommates.

My Friends

Even if the funds are low, I am blessed because I am always rich in my friendships. I don’t care if you think that’s disgustingly cheesy because it’s true. My friends are some of the most awesome people I have in my life. We just get each other, and they’ve played a huge role in why I am the way I am, and I am so thankful for that. {Of course, mom and dad, you guys did an excellent job as well}.

Image 16

{Abby, Jess, and Liz H.}

Image 3

{My best friend from high school, Ali!}


 {Molly, Erika, Haley, Jess, Liz O.}




{Allison!! {Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Swag circa 2010}}

My Dog

She can’t read, but she hates being left out. So I thought I should show this diva a little love. This is Alba, my all black rescue dog. Huntington, WV has a huge stray animal problem, and the thing about stray animals is that they can repopulate at an alarming rate. If you were a college student at Marshall and you didn’t live in the dorms, you probably at one point in your life rescued and found homes for a crazy amount of cats and dogs, or you kept them for yourself. Enter, Alba. She’s almost four years old now, and if you’re in the same room as she is, she assumes that it’s to play with her.

Image 10


I’m a proud daughter of Marshall University {in Huntington, WV…as in the movie, We Are Marshall, staring Matt McConaughey, about the football team that died in a tragic plane crash in 1970}. Being from Durham, I love Duke. You’ll hear me reference it from time to time, and that’s why.

Image 2

If you want to know how I felt about my time at Marshall, read my swan song blog on the Rec’s page, here.

So, there’s a brief overview of the Skinny Fingers peeps you’ll see on here every now and again.


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