Welcome to the cumulative page for all of the #FiveThings ever created {for SF at least}.  What are #FiveThings, you ask? I’ve decided that I want to make Friday’s {or Saturday’s if Friday gets too busy..it happens} a type of positive and reflective day, a look back on the week and a peek ahead at what’s in store.  Let’s call it a friendly, personal reminder to look at the positives once a week.  It really helps you have a better perspective on life in general.  There’s only one rule- it has to have happened to you within the seven days before your list.

So I challenge you, every week, no matter what’s going on, think of five things that made this past week great for you and list them.  There’s no excuse, there are always at least five things you can be thankful for.  Did you workout this week?  Do you have a roof over your head?  Do you have love and support from family/friends?  Did you get a good meal every day this week?  Did you breathe?  Did you smile? Did you have clean water?

OR it can be something MUCH simpler.  Did you find a new favorite workout song or moisturizer?  Are you about to go on a trip?  See a great movie?  Have a good hair day?  Did someone bring you coffee to work? This is a judgement free zone, whatever happens that makes you happy is awesome.

If I’m sharing my Five Things for the week, I also want to see everyone else’s!  So, we’re trying a little experiment.  On any form of social media {Facebook, Twitter, Insta, your own personal blog}, list your five things, with the hashtag #FiveThingsSF…I wanna see ’em!  Let’s create a happy community, together! 🙂  The more you do it, the more you’ll start to look forward to Friday’s so you can make your list.  It will also cause you to be more attentive to what’s happening to you during your week.  Often times I just keep a running list in the “Notes” section of my phone and as something happens I write a quick one or two word blurb about it.  Then on Friday I see what actually makes the cut.

Starting from the first one: {for about 5 seconds, I used to call this “High Five Friday”…mehh, too cheesy for me, so I switched it.  If you see a “High Five Friday” in there somewhere, it’s all in the same wheelhouse}.

#FiveThings {July 18 2014}:  Going to Chicago, Getting Out of Training, Gym Membership, Jams of the Week, Family Visiting

#FiveThings {Aug 1 2014}:  Dat Gym Lyfe, Wednesdays and Sundays, Wild the Book, SO Delicious Coconut Creamer, Meeting New People

#FiveThings {Aug 8 2014}: Kahlua Coffee, Run Club Visitors, TJ’s Build Your Own Trailmix, My Shipments, Schedule Change

#FiveThings {Aug 17 2014}: Ipsy Delivery, Ryan’s B-Day, Sirius XM Concerts, Dry Shampoo, Training Day

#FiveThings {Aug 22 2014}:  Tony Chachere’s, Paleo Blueberry Muffins, Shake It Off, Speaking of Happiness, Popsugar Yoga Video

#FiveThings {Aug 31 2014}: My Maters, Food Storage Containers, The Ninja, My Headboard, Family Visits

#FiveThings {Sept 13 2014}:  Surprise Family Packages, Being Back on My Old Team, Garlic Home Remedy, St. Elmo’s Fire, Panthers v. Lions

#FiveThings {Sept 19 2014}: Weekends Off, We Goin’ To Tha Beach, Shows are Back, Needing Scarves, PBF Green Drink

#FiveThings {Sept 26 2014}:  CLT Oktoberfest, Jimmy is Home, Sauna Session, Holiday Decor, Being Present

#FiveThings {Oct 5 2014}:  Friends, More ‘Maters, Sunday Brunch, Uncured Bacon, Canned Organic Pumpkin

#FiveThings {Oct 10 2014}: WE ARE…MARSHALL

#FiveThings {Oct 17 2014}: Benviedos a Miami, Bacon Wrapped Dates, This Green Juice, Michael Jackson, Nordstrom Rack Shoes

#FiveThings {Oct 26 2014}: The Skimm, Work Salad, Nick Jonas, Split Jumps, New Cooz

#FiveThings {Nov 2 2014}:  Ali in Town, Halloween, TJ’s Fruit Bars, Cold Weather Running, The Walking Dead

#FiveThings {Nov 8 2014}:  MELT Method, Durham/Family Time, My Little Free Library, Girl Crush, Election Parties

#FiveThings {Nov 14 2014}:  I’m Rick James B!#@$, 1989, PTO, New Scarf, Click Click Boom

#FiveThings {Nov 23 2014}:  My Health, Family and Jimmy, Duke Basketball is Back, Pitch Perfect 2, PTO

#FiveThings {Dec 6 2014}: Other People, C-USA Championship Game, Eggnog//Peppermint Creamer, Christmas Decor, Shark Tank

#FiveThings {Dec 21 2014}:  DJ Earworm United States of Pop, Immaculate Cookies, CC Monkey Off my Back, Christmas Brunch, Christmas Next Week

#FiveThings {Jan 2 2015}: lokai bracelet, New Years Eve/New Years, kitchen tools, yoga strap, #150byVday

#FiveThings {Jan 11 2015}:  Serial, True Detective, Duke @ Wake, Nicki Minaj/The Pinkprint Deluxe, HOC Volunteer Orientation

#FiveThings {Jan 18 2015}:  Crazy Helium Booth, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Random Texts of Support, 2 year Anniversary, cheaper alternatives

#FiveThings {Jan 23 2015}:  American Sniper, Huntington Bound, FAB Ultra Repair Moisturizer, LUSH Bath Bombs, Dairy Free Yogurt

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