Who is SF?

Me, myself, and I. The name’s Christine, and I am the one behind this Skinny Fingers madness. This used to be one lengthy About section {I can get super wordy, imagine that}, but I decided to break it down. I’m all about getting back to basics, being your best self {stolen from Oprah}, and doing it simply. I also don’t think you’re ever “done” in life {it’s a journey not a destination}. Every day is a new opportunity to grow and evolve, and while my About section was working for a while, when I would go back to read it, I got a little annoyed with myself and I was tired of it…if I don’t like my About section, how is anyone else supposed to?? Bottom line, I decided to switch it up. Here I go getting wordy again…


So let’s cut right to the chase-


I figured out that I loved blogging when I was still in college at Marshall University {We Are…}. There, I built up and wrote the blog for my campus rec center for two years. Check out that site here.   I’m no longer at Marshall or in college, but I still wanted to blog. Not only is it a great creative outlet for me, but I love the blogging community and I just couldn’t leave it behind. I graduated from Marshall with a Master’s Degree in Communication Studies and I now live in Charlotte, NC. I’m originally from Durham, NC so it feels great to be back in the Carolinas. I’m such a Carolina girl at heart {but I hate UNC…ack!…Duke all the way, baby}. I tried the whole Paleo thing for a while, and while it worked for the most part, I now mainly cut out dairy because I was finding that it was doing some funky things to my body. I like the things I know, but I’m fueled by learning new things…all…the…time.


So let’s get started and not take this whole blog thing too seriously mmkay? This is a space of learning, loving, and appreciating life as {almost} healthily as possible. Remember, I don’t post everything, but I’ll always be honest and upfront about what I do post.  All thoughts displayed on this page are my own and do not reflect any current or previous employers. I’m also not a certified Personal Trainer or Dietician {not yet at least, who knows what life has in store}, always seek professional advice when needed. If you’re looking for tidbits, tips, and tricks, I’m your gal.


If you’re wondering why I decided to name my blog Skinny Fingers, or who all these crazy people I choose to spend my time with are, check out the other About links. Or, let’s make it even easier and click here for “The SF Players”, and here for “Why SF?”


See y’all around!


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