Why SF?

To hear the long and the short of it, this was created with the intention of always being able to check out the silver lining, a positive reminder, if you will. From my past experiences (writing the Marshall Campus Rec Blog, and writing in general), I knew this was something I loved doing, and I wanted to keep doing it…but I wanted to do it a certain way.


Number one thing- being and living a healthy lifestyle is necessary for your overall happiness and health for reasons other than wanting to look good in your new swim suit. Working in the health and fitness industry for over five years, as well as being a recent college grad, I feel as though I’ve seen more than enough examples of people (both men and women) being too hard on themselves. Often times this keeps those same individuals from seeing the bigger picture. While holding yourself accountable is a crucial part of leading said healthy lifestyle (and something that I do think is necessary), when managed improperly it can often be a curse more than it is a gift. Being healthy is supposed to make you happy, not crazy.


Full disclosure here {what’s a blog without it}- I’m not perfect. I’ve had, and still have my own personal struggles with all of this. What’s important is that even if it gets rough, you’re always striving to be better. I can be an emotional roller coaster, but the thing about a roller coaster is, even if you get into a rut, you’re never stuck in the low’s {&& the high’s are really fun!!}.


That’s where I came up with the name and idea for Skinny Fingers. Even when I’m having a bad day, I always try to focus on the positives. If I can focus on the positives, it almost always adjusts my attitude for the better, and once you do that your day is open to a whole other world of positive possibilities. I am a healthy individual, but just like anyone else I can have days when I’m not on top of my game, and I’ll be the first to admit…I used to be horrible about letting bad days get to me, and letting them stick around- but no more.  The name Skinny Fingers comes from one of those “positives” that I’ve focused on during a bad day {seriously…I don’t focus on it every time that I have a bad day, but “Skinny Fingers” rolls off the tongue a lot better than “The Hair Around My Face Isn’t Frizzy Today”}.  Just to get an idea, coming in at 5’11’’, my extremities are rather long. So even when I’m having my “fat days”, my fingers are still “skinny”. So there ya go…a positive! Kind of silly, I know, but you get the point. Everyone has their own set of “skinny fingers”, you just have to know how to look for them. Do you have amazing hair? Great comedic timing? Good calves?- these things (and many others) are all versions of Skinny Fingers!


My point is, there is always something great to focus on and be proud of, and I hope through this blog I can encourage you to lead {positively} healthy lives.


So tell me, what are your Skinny Fingers?

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