Beauty Brief Wednesday {Unexpected Hair Care}

Alright, back for another Beauty Brief Wednesday, this time the topic is hair care.  I know there are a lot of obvious ways to take care of your hair, but there are two rituals that I refuse to go without when it comes to my goldie locks.  Just to recap, last week, we talked about two different ways to naturally and safely whiten your teeth- Oil Pulling and Charcoal Brushing.  To see that post again, click here.

Before we get started, lets cover a few bases.  I have moderately thick hair with a lot of volume, and it has a mind of it’s own.  It doesn’t get oily very easily and is fairly manageable, so these tips {or maybe just one of them} might not work for all hair types.  However, I would also like to note that I go through all of the basic motions with my hair- shampoo, condition {Herbal Essences Naked line, heyyy}, blow dry, curl/straighten, and on occasion air dry {when it’s lucky}.  I constantly struggle with dry hair, split ends, the whole nine yards.  Yet, I still want to care for my hair without constantly loading my scalp with chemicals.  Enter, t-shirts and coconut oil.

Coconut Oil Hair Mask

The first ritual I go through once every one to two weeks {match it up with Charcoal Brushing}, includes none other than the usual suspect…Coconut Oil.  You know how the Earth is made of 70% water?  I’m positive I’m made of 70% coconut oil…I’ve found that I use it in virtually every aspect of my life {I cook, I clean my teeth, nourish my hair…uhh…coco for coconut oil much?}

Just to measure, I always add a Tbsp or two of coconut oil in a shot glass and then zap it in the microwave for 30 seconds.  After that, I apply it to my hair from root to tip the same way you would add any hair treatment, and let it sit for 30 minutes.

That’s right, walk around, do your thing, and smell like a macaroon for 30 minutes.  I always pull it up into a high bun while it absorbs because ain’t nobody like an oily head walkin around the apt.

Then hop in the shower and wash it out {depending on how much oil you put in your hair, you might have to shampoo twice}.

Every time I dry my hair after the coconut oil mask, it feels amazing between my fingers, looks more shiny, and is less frizzy.  While I don’t have any “before and after hair strand comparison images”, the last time I went to get my hair done, the stylist complimented me on how healthy my hair looked {even though I had waited a looooong time to get it cut}.  I credit coconut oil..oh…and t-shirts {effortless segway…}

T-Shirt Dry Your Hair

Ditch the towel ladies {and guys with long hair}.  My mom originally tipped me off to this idea about two months ago.  She told me how she kept seeing these articles that claimed it was better to wrap your wet hair in a cotton tee rather than a towel.  The cotton material on the t-shirt has less friction than the material in the towel, creating a “smoother” environment for your gorgeous hair.  So I looked in to it and decided to give it a try for myself.  For more info, click here, here, and here.

The only thing you need is an old cotton t-shirt and a clip.  The t-shirt size needed would obviously depend on how big your head is {five head over here} and length of hair….I use an XL.  To spruce things up for this post, let’s throw in an old Marshall t-shirt.

All you need to do is wrap the shirt around your head the same way you would a towel.  I start by wrapping one of the “pits” around the back of my head, and pinning the sleeve to the shirt portion that I wrap around my head {I’m not sure if that makes sense}.  Then wrap it around and tuck it under in the back.


Might look a little funny, but it stays in place really well.  Since adding this to my “out of the shower routine”, the softness and smoothness of my hair has improved drastically after only a month or two, and I didn’t even have to buy any product to make that happen!

Battling frizzy, dry hair?  Add these two tricks to your routine and you’ll be sure to see almost instant results.

Do any of you use either of these techniques to improve the quality of your hair?  What are some of your hair care routines?

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