Tone It Up Sunday // Make Ahead Meals // Home Improvement

With yesterday being my only day off this weekend, it was quite a busy one.  After spending the first part of my morning posting #FiveThings and watching copious amounts of Jimmy Kimmel, “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” videos, I headed out to brunch with my brother, roommate Andrew, and some other friends.  Have you ever seen any of those Jimmy Kimmel videos?  If you haven’t, YouTube it right now.  I was crying laughing.  The NBA video’s and the most recent one {#8} are by far my favorite.

After running a few errands, I came home and FINALLY stained the headboard that Ali brought down over Halloween weekend.  Now just waiting for that puppy to dry so I can set it up and take more creative pictures to show you guys.

There’s a little sneak peek…

In terms of exercise, I was hoping to fit in a nice, long, and leisurely outdoor run, but the weather had other plans.  It rained, nay…poured…all dang day.  So I squeezed in a quick two mile treadmill run, and completed this KettleToning workout from Tone It Up.  I love those beach babes, Karena and Katrina.  It’s also nice to pretend like you’re working out with them on the beach in sunny CA, where most of their workout videos take place.

Earlier in the day, I also prepared some of their Pumpkin Crockpot Soup, to have for dinner last night and a few meals this week.  I also sauteed some brussels sprouts, red onion, cherry tomatoes, and chicken sausage to have on the side.  It was quite tasty.

Notice the fall decor…also, I have no pretty bowls, so for the sake of the picture, let’s use a cool mug.

On top of the original recipe, I also included 3 Bay Leaves to enhance the flavor!  I think you can see one peeking out of the soup there.

Rounded out the night by catching up on The Walking Dead and making a batch of egg muffins that I’ll eat for breakfast throughout the week.  This was my first time making egg muffins, and I followed The Primal Palate’s recipe, here.

These things a perfect to chow down on while I’m running out of the door in the morning {they even taste good cold…yes, it’s true!}.

Finally got a second to post this baby on my lunch break, so now it’s back to work for me!

How was your Sunday?  Prepare any make-ahead meals or get stuff done around your home?

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