Marshall Trip Recap

Finally getting a chance to recap this past, last minute friend weekend in Huntington, WV.  Even though the trip came together extremely last minute, I was incredibly excited to be able to see my friends and be back at my Alma Mater.  Getting to see The Herd clinch another W and remain one of the only two college football teams still undefeated wasn’t so bad either {We Are…}.

One of my first stops when I got into town was to visit with some of my old Rec co-workers and boss at lunch!  It was so nice to see all of them and catch up.  However, I didn’t grab any food at the time because I promised another set of coworkers that I would check out their new deli.  I know I’ve referenced to them in the past, but I also used to work at family owned, La Famiglia, and these people are truly like a second family to me.  They have recently opened up a deli on 4th Ave {in the old Aqua Massage place, for all you Huntingtonians}.

Isn’t it adorable?  Having worked for them for around 2 years, I know how delectable their food is, so of course I wanted to taste everything on the menu {guess I’ll just have to come back}.  I decided on the Carne Sandwich, stacked high with a variety of Italian meats, arugula, tomato, cheese, pickled onions and peppers, and a homemade citrus aioli…it was unreal.  Not to mention that all sandwiches are made with their homemade focaccia bread…in true La Fam fashion, they did not disappoint.

I’m still having dreams about this sandwich.  If you’re in Huntington at lunch time all you need to know is- GO TO MULBERRY STREET MEATBALL COMPANY AND DELI.

I then spent the rest of the night hanging out with old friends, and eventually taking it easy, knowing there was a full day of tailgating ahead…but first, let me go to Quarters.

Quarters is a specific time every Friday in Huntington {it actually starts at 4pm real world time}, where everyone gathers at one of the most popular Huntington bars, The Union, to hang out for Happy Hour.  But this is no “drinks half off” HH…this is a, “here is beer in a cup and it only costs you a quarter” type of HH.  Lots of things have happened at Quarters- things you’ll always remember, things you can’t remember, and some things you wish you couldn’t remember {aka the definition of college}.  Here I am with my friends, Erika and Molly.

The next day, before the game, Molly and I walked over to campus to check out the bookstore and walk down memory lane.  As I mentioned last Friday, 11.14.2014 marked the anniversary of the horrific plane crash that killed 75 Marshall football players, coaches, staff, and fans.  The story is brought back to life via Matthew McConaughey and Matthew Fox in the blockbuster, We Are Marshall.  I might be biased, but it’s a must watch.  Every year a fountain ceremony is held where they remember those that lost their lives and shut the water off to the fountain for the season.  I didn’t get to town in time for the ceremony, but the empty fountain and flowers are what remains from the previous day’s gathering.

What better way to honor those individuals than to watch Marshall bring home another win? {“One day, we’re going to be like every other team, where winning is everything and nothing else matters”…movie reference, if you’ve seen it you’d get it}.

So proud to be a daughter of Marshall…but don’t let the picture fool you, it was FREEZING outside that day.

But tailgating makes things fun.

Later that night we, and what seemed like the rest of Huntington went out.

Of course, it was a great time…and remember how I said it was freezing?  I experienced my first snow of the season that night!  I added a filter to better show the shnow.

Winter is coming…and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Sunday came rearing it’s ugly head, and after a tasty brunch at Prime on 4th {it’s a newly opened spot, and I was pleasantly surprised at how nice everything was}.  Their “checkbooks” are copies of old books that you can write in and leave notes.  When I saw that my “checkbook” was The Great Gatsby”, I knew I loved the place.

“I was within and without. Simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life.” 

or I was also thinking of using…

“Can’t repeat the past?…Why of course you can!” 

Idk, I love The Great Gatsby {book and movie}…picking one quote is too hard.  I eventually moseyed on out of Huntington with a tear in my eye.  Leaving Huntington, my friends, and Marshall is always so hard.  I couldn’t imagine living there again, but I have such an emotional tie and bond with the place, that being back there with my friends always feels just right.  Want to know how I really felt about my time at Marshall and the Rec?  Click here {it’s much more eloquent and heartfelt, my farewell post from the Marshall Campus Rec blog}.

So maybe when I got back to Charlotte, I watched We Are Marshall and cried my eyes out {self-inflicting wounds here}.  I love my school and take pride in the fact that I went there.  All in all it was another great weekend, and I can’t wait to revisit.

Where did you guys go to school?  Do you have the same nostalgic feeling that I do with MU?

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