Hey There

Seven days later…waddup y’all.

After posting about the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning, I decided to take the rest of Thanksgiving break to unplug from electronics and spend time with family and friends {okay Insta saw some action but you know what I mean}.

Can we also take a second to recognize that Thanksgiving was SEVEN days ago.  Almost makes me sick to think about, time is moving so fast.  Next Christmas will be here before we know it.

Since getting back from the holiday, I have hit the ground running, semi-unprepared.  After work, I had to spend all Monday night grocery shopping and food prepping, and the past two nights getting other odds and ends done {plus working out}, so when it came to posting another blog I said, “Why not make it a lucky seven days sans el blog”.  I  swear, you always need a vacation from your vacation.  If I would have had an extra day to get things done I would have been fine.  Does anyone else go through this as well?  Where are those cute Visa Card commercial kids when you need them?  {“One more day!  One more day!}.

Before jumping back into the swing of things {#FiveThings, workouts, recipes, etc} let’s recap what’s been going on the past week {besides working my life away}.

Thanksgiving Break was perfect and reminded me of all of the things I’m thankful for, like my family, friends, Jimmy, my health, my dog, and life in general.  I truly am a lucky girl.

Check out the first of many plates of Thanksgiving food I devoured over break, all prepared by the wonderful E. Lavery.  {If you see her today, throw her a good old fashioned ‘HBD’, today is her birthday!….Happy Birthday {again}, Mom!}

Of course last Thursday was family day.  We spent time together watching football, playing games, and taking Alba for a walk around the neighborhood after our epic, second annual Turkey Trot action.

She’s the hardest dog to take a picture of because she is all black, but she’s so darn cute…all she wants is 100% of your attention, 100% of the time.  Is that too much to ask?

A serious Lavery game of Scattergories and a cozy fire makes for a great night…I freakin love Scattergories.

We spent Friday having our hearts stomped on watching the Marshall football game, but that’s all I’m going to say about that {no picture….still proud to be a daughter of Marshall, and SO ready for the conference championship this Saturday}!

Last Saturday consisted of some Christmas shopping with Ryan at one of my favorite Durham novelty stores, Morgan Imports.

Christmas overload is the only way to decorate for Christmas.  This is a dangerous place to walk into because you buy about 10 more things that you weren’t planning on buying.

Finally {this is something I will definitely be posting about solo next week}, my family and I went on a brewery tour for the Bombshell Brewery Co. in Holly Springs, NC.  It was extremely interesting, and quite enlightening.  My parents brew their own delicious home brew beer, so it was funny to hear them hold conversations with one of the Brew Masters about brewing techniques.  I think they even learned a thing or two.

Other than that, I’ve been lucky enough to squeeze in a couple of distance runs over the past week.  Since I live so close to UNCC night runs don’t actually feel like night runs because everything is so well lit.  It’s also been unseasonably warm the past few days {I ran in shorts last night}, which makes me nervous.  I feel like the weather could change any minute and another big “FU Polar Vortex” will pop up.  I’m just soaking in the temps while I can.

Alright, seven days in a nutshell…so what’s new with you guys?

How was everyone’s holiday?  Have any of you ever been on a brewery tour?  Any local suggestions?

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