Good morning everyone!  There’s a lot going on today, this week, and this month, and there’s a lot to recognize and appreciate….let’s get started with this week’s edition of #FiveThings….

Other people

On a semi-serious note for a second, people are very interesting beings.  One minute we drive each other crazy, and the next we can be inspiring and uplifting to those around us.  Although I am a huge people person, I will be the first to admit that at times people can confuse me or make me want to rip my hair out.  However, it’s also people where I can find inspiration and a renewed faith in humanity.  Funny thing isn’t it?  I could write a short novel about this, so I’ll keep it brief, but this week at my gym I had one of those “inspiring/renewed faith” experiences.

As I’m nearing the end of my workout, it’s late, I’m tired after a long day of work, and trying to decide if I should just go home after this set or stay for another 15 minutes {I was leaning towards the former}.  Then I noticed something.  I don’t know this person {though he seems very nice}, but I saw a man at my gym, much shorter than myself, running on the treadmill with a weight vest.  Out of the corner of my eye I then watched him do some lunges and ab work, even using the pulley system for exercises like woodchoppers.  What was different about him than any other guy at the gym, you ask?  He didn’t have either of his arms.  Long story short, I stayed and finished my workout, and I credit that to him.  Recently I’ve been seeing him more and more at the gym and I truly am inspired by him.  I’m almost filled with a sense of pride for him {if that makes sense}, and he clearly has a strength that surpasses my own.  He reminds me of why I love both working out and being around people, you never know when or who you’re going to inspire.  It also reminds me of one of my favorite “health quotes”…

No matter the circumstance, you have to remember to take care of yourself, almost everything else you do stems from your ability to simply do that.

C-USA Championship Game

Today at high noon, Marshall will play Louisiana Tech in the C-USA Conference Championship game.  I’m so proud of this year’s program and what they’ve been able to accomplish.  Check it out on ESPN2 if you’re available!  We Are…


Peppermint Mocha Eggnog

No this isn’t a thing {at least I don’t think it is}, but now that the Christmas portion of the holiday season is upon us, I can’t help but break out these flavors for my coffee.  Sorry Pumpkin Spice, you’ve been benched.  I always have both eggnog and peppermint mocha flavored creamer on deck in my fridge {I abandon my non-dairy ways for holiday coffee creamer…what can I say, I’m weak}.  I do, however, watch the eggnog intake because that is still a rather fatty punch that I’m not normally used to for my morning bev {but it’s so dang good}!

Christmas Decor

Fa-la-la-la-la…it’s time to decorate your apartment like a crazy woman.  I love decorating in general, but I LOVE Christmas decorations.  There’s just something about it, and if you do it right, it turns your home into such a cozy haven for wonderful memories to be had {is that too Hallmark card-ie?}.  I’m not done quite yet, but here are a  few shots of what my apartment is starting to look like.

All of this up here came from Target.

A little blurry, but I was trying to get the full effect… festive lighting for my frat bros.

As a cheap, and easy way to decorate, fill any shaped vase with potpourri or festive items like pinecones and ornament bulbs!

And then of course, everything has to smell like a Christmas tree.  These candle warmers are from Bath and Body works, maybe three or four years ago, but the Glade wax melts were also purchased at Target.

As I said, no tree this year for the apartment {of course there’s one at the Lavery household}, but I did buy the most important ornament out there…

Shark Tank

I know I’m late to this party, but Jimmy and I have recently started watching episodes of Shark Tank, and we can’t get enough!  New episodes air on ABC, but reruns are on CNBC at night.  If you’re not familiar, it’s a show where entrepreneurs come to “The Sharks” with their business ideas, looking for some monetary assistance to take it to the next level.  The Sharks are all famous business people like Mark Cuban, Daymond John {of FUBU}. and a variety of other successful entrepreneurs.  I love hearing about all of the creative, sometimes outlandish ideas that these people come up with for The Sharks.  I always feel bad for the people who get overly emotional when their idea is ripped apart.  It’s a business opportunity for these people, but it’s also a labor of love.  I connect with them on some level with the blog.  Sometimes constructive criticism isn’t always taken with a spoonful of sugar when it comes to a personal project.  No matter what your goal is, it’s important to stay focused and understand how to sort through the suggestions.  However, I’ll be the first to admit, if The Sharks shot down my idea I would cry…probably bawl my eyes out…to the point someone would make a meme out of it.  I’m almost positive.  I can basically hear it now….”Hey, aren’t you that girl that cried on Shark Tank?”…

Alright, the first full week is in the books after Thanksgiving, and we should all have recovered from our turkey comas by now…so, my question to you is….

What are your #FiveThings for the week?

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