Five Things {Dec 21}

What’s going on everyone?  Another week is about to get started, and amidst all the holiday hustle and bustle I decided to stop in and cover another edition of #FiveThings for the week.

DJ Earworm United State of Pop 2014

When it comes to music, especially workout music, I love listening to mashups.  Every year DJ Earworm releases a mashup of the year by mashing up all of the top pop songs.  The 2014 mashup was released a few weeks ago and I can’t stop listening to it.  Check it out here.

Immaculate Cookies

While in the grocery store the other day, I noticed these tear and bake cookies.  They caught my eye because they are both dairy and gluten free.  Of course, I HAD to try them.  While they were baking, I checked out their website.  Apparently the company also makes biscuits, sweet rolls, pie crusts, and other types of cookies.

Newsflash:  The cookies are amazing, and I will be testing out every other product from this company.

The CC Monkey off My Back

Religion, politics, money….things you normally don’t talk about, but today is a little different.  In the past, I’ve had a pretty unruly credit card.  It’s the result of poor decision making, trip taking, a lululemon addiction, and a very warped view of how easy it is to just “pay things off”, while working multiple part time jobs and going to school.  {There Dad, I admitted it}.  This weekend I can officially say that I have paid off that credit card, and it is a huge weight off of my shoulders.  I’m just going to leave the money convo to that, but this was a major accomplishment for me, and a great way to start the new year.

Christmas brunch

Throughout the year, everyone’s always traveling on the weekends for either work or leisure.  This weekend {as is usual for most weekends around the holidays} both my brother, Jimmy, and myself were all home, so I decided to cook a very Christmas-ey brunch on Saturday.

It started with this box of Gingerbread Pancake Mix that I found from Trader Joe’s.  I also whipped up some bacon and eggs with parsley for the boys.

They also weren’t allowed to drink any of the coffee unless they drank it from a Christmas coffee mug.  House rules.

It was just a little thing, but it was a nice and relaxing way to kick off the weekend with my brother and boyfriend.  I am thankful everyday that we’re all able to live in the same city.  {We were missing the other frat bro, Andrew…he had already gone home for the holidays}.

Christmas next week

Need I say more?  Christmas is right around the corner {and there are only 10 days left in 2014…when the heck did that happen??}.  I’m having a blast soaking up as much of the Christmas spirit as I can {AND I found out that I don’t have to work on Christmas Eve…icing on the cake right there}.  No matter what’s going on this week, the fact that good old St. Nick is paying everyone a visit on Wednesday night makes it all better.  May or may not be blogging while watching Home Alone for the second/third time this season.

How’d everyone else’s week finish up?  Anyone on Christmas break yet?  What are your #FiveThings for the week?

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