#FiveThings {Jan 30 2015}

I’m not sure exactly why, but this week went by incredibly fast.  Anyone else feel this way?  Either way, it’s Friday, and another edition of #FiveThings, so let’s get the round up started.  This is the fun part! Yee-haw.

I Thought You Were Bye-Bye-Bye

While driving up to Huntington last week, I hit a dead zone {totally normal up the WV turnpike}.  My Sirius XM was fading in and out, I was tired of the music on my phone, and since I’ve had my car since ’09, I knew I had some CD’s…somewhere…  {I was actually looking for a particular CD and couldn’t find it, grrrrr}.  Either way, I found my old Visor CD Holder {anyone remember those??}, and started rifling through it.  Wowwwie-wah-wah did I find some oldies. {Photo not taken while driving} N*Sync, Goo Goo Dolls/Dizzy Up The Girl, Grease, Yellowcard, and Now 5 {the best Now, if you ask me}.  Oh yeah, and a bunch of burned CD’s compiled by either myself or my brother, Ryan.  Remember when that was a thing?  Burning CD’s?  The good old days. And the Dirty Dancing Havana Nights soundtrack…that was a good movie, I don’t care what any one of you has to say about that. I couldn’t help but laugh at my young self.  I’ve never claimed to have excellent taste in music.


This past Sunday, my main man Coach K hit his 1,000 win.  I know I’ve ranted and raved about him numerous times on here, so I won’t go total fangirl and do it again.  But what a classy dude.  No one deserves this more than him, and I’m not just saying that because #Duke4Lyfe.


If anyone wants to buy me that “Coack 1K” shirt pictured here, feel free.  I like big t-shirts, so size XL please {seriously, message me…I’ll give you the mailing address}.

La Fam Pasta

I am getting too nostalgic for you?  Very well then, I’m getting too nostalgic.  Last comment/post/blog involving Huntington for awhile, but I just wanted to highlight the most amazing pasta on planet earth.  I would cheat {on my diet} every day of the week for this thing.  It’s the Pasta Capri, with homemade pasta, fresh basil, tomatoes, and homemade mozz cheese with shrimp.  This specific pasta was crafted by friend and former coworker, Cody.  Per request, I’ve given it a special place in the SF world.

But really, if you ever find yourself in Huntington, WV, you have to eat at La Famiglia.

Honest Hand Sani

As you know, I’m all about keeping things as clean, organic, chemical-free, and holistically good for you as possible.  When it comes to cleaners/disinfectants/the works, that is no exception.  I’ve really been digging the Honest Co. products lately.  As someone who uses their all-pourpose disinfectant spray on the reg, while I was at Target I decided to give their hand sanitizer a try.  {It’s only about 2.50-2.99, and Target is a great place to find a variety of Honest products if you don’t feel like the whole online shopping thing}.

Amy Poehler’s Book

As a fan of any strong female role model, and love of Tina Fey’s, Bossypants, I’ve been wanting to read this book since it came out.  Jess luckily had a copy and let me borrow it when I was in H-Town.  It’s everything I anticipated and more.  God love Amy Poehler. I’ll give you guys the full rundown once I’m finished. Allllllright, that’s all folks!  Hope everyone has a great weekend and Super Bowl Sunday!  What are your #FiveThings for the week?  Let’s hear ’em! Tags: , , , , , ,

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Breakfast and January Volunteering

Good morning, everyone!  It’s already been a great day, that’s for sure, so let’s keep this train rolling!  I started the morning out first with some in-home yoga.  The great thing about the Google Chromecast that Ryan got me for Christmas is that I can not only watch Netflix/Hulu/HBOGo right on my tv, but I can also cast YouTube.  This means ALLLLL the free workout vids I want, straight to my TV {hellooo Popsugar/Fitsugar, Tone It Up, etc}.  This morning I started out with the Popsugar Yoga Video that I always rave about, with Mandy Ingber.  I plan on lacing up the sneaks and going for a 5-mile run this evening, but I wanted to start the morning out with some activity.

You get the idea…our DVD rack game is strong.

For breakfast, I had some of my faaaaaavorite Sweet Potato & Brussels Sprout Hash, with a fried egg, and basil chicken sausage on the side.


Plus a little grapefruit action…

Man, I love a good grapefruit!

I also wanted to fill you guys in on how my New Year’s Res is going…

This past Tuesday night, I took part in my first Charlotte volunteer activity with Hands On Charlotte,  as a part of my 2015 New Year’s Resolution to volunteer at least once a month.  I absolutely loved it.  I wish I could just spend all of my time volunteering {{anyone want to help me win the lottery so we can make that happen?}}.  My brother, Ryan, has actually been participating in this same Tuesday night volunteering program for the past few weeks and he recommended it to me.  Just to give you a brief rundown, we spent the evening at a local recovery center, that helps chemically dependent families get back on their feet.  Here, we played with the kids at the center while there parents go to classes, run errands, etc.  Having 20 younger cousins of my own, it definitely reminded me of when my family used to get together and we all would play.  The kids had so much energy, and they were so funny.  Due to the fact that it was cold we had to take it indoors.  We basically played hide and seek the entire time.  It was so much fun just to go and spend time with them, and act like a kid again.  I’ve already signed up for next week and I can’t wait to go back.  I’m also keeping my eyes out on the volunteering calendar for other opportunities.

If you guys haven’t yet, I highly recommend getting involved in your own communities in any way that you can.  Even if you’re donating something every now and again, every little bit helps!

What did you guys have for breakfast today?  How do you participate in your communities?

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Hello Huntington

Any chance to have a friend weekend is a good enough reason for me.  Like I covered in the most recent  #FiveThings, I was able to take a trip up to Huntington this weekend to spend time at my alma mater, Marshall University, with my friends!!!  This is a quick recap of that…it’ll mostly be pictures.

I got in to town on Friday around one o’clock and met up with my friend, Jess.  We first stopped by the Mulberry Street Meatball Company & Deli for lunch.  It was great to see my old “second fam”, and I got so distracted and was so hungry, I don’t have a food picture.  But trust me, it was amah-zing.

Before getting Jess back to work, I was also able to get a quick tour of Marshall’s brand spankin’ new indoor facility.  This thing is on point.

I also got to check out the HOF that’s attached to the new facility.  Not too shabby, Marshall.

Erika and Jess both had to work a little bit on Friday night, so Molly and I met at La Famiglia {where Jess was bartending}, and sat at the bar while we ate and had some wine until it was time to get ready to go out.

Chaos then ensued.  That’s all I have to say about that.

To everyone’s dismay but my own, it ended up snowing Friday night in Huntington and everything was covered when we woke up, like a dream.  I planned ahead and brought my camera, so Jess, Molly, and I headed out to Ritter Park with Erika’s dog, Oakley.  Ritter Park is a local park in Huntington where I’ve spent many a day running, walking, or just hanging out.

Check out this Canon goodness.

There’s Molly and Jess in the bottom left corner…so artsy.

And there’s Oakes!  She just loves to play.

Jess had to work at La Fam again on Saturday, so we ended up going back for round 2 for dinner.  We didn’t mind because this is literally one of {if not THE} best restaurants in Huntington.  I miss working here sometimes, the Hagy’s {owners} really are like family {P.S. Cody, you’re picture will be up Friday}.

As a group, we are legitimately the worst people to be responsible for taking pictures {and me…a blogger, for crying out loud!}  I think we just get so overwhelmed when we see each other that we get distracted and forget about it.  This was easily one of the best {and only} pictures from the weekend, at Jockey Club.

Sunday morning, we all went over to Jess’s house for brunch.  It was soooo good….better than anything we could have ordered out.

French Toast, bacon, cajun sweet potatoes, scrambled eggs, organic strawberries, and beermosas {Woodchuck and OJ}.  Easily the best thing to have while re-hashing the weekend, and our time at MU.  I’m pretty sure we sat around the table and walked down memory lane for two hours, if not more.  Even though not all of my friends were there, or could make it, it was so nice to be able to see everyone that I could.  Like I said yesterday, I ended up staying Sunday night because I didn’t try to leave until 6pm {great idea, Christine}. This allowed me to spend a little more time with Jess and watch the newest episode of GIRLS {and Friends on the ‘Flixxxx}.

It’s good to reintroduce yourself, to a part of yourself every now and then.  Quite honestly, it’s something that I’ve been needing recently.  I did a lot of growing up in Huntington {age 18-24, grad and undergrad}.  That town and the people in it are a big reason why I am who I am today.  Even if some growing pains were involved along the way.  It’s home #2.  When my friends are there with me, it’s like we never left one another and class is on Monday.  Everything in Herd Country is Kelly Green.  The boundaries of campus are marked by The Joan and Old Main, which watches over 4th Ave, serving as a navigational beaker when you need to get back home at 3am.  Houses, most of which are now used as apartments for college students, are aged with character and could probably use a paint job.  The margaritas at Rio are strong, and the arguably iconic bar owner, Herb, is waiting for you at The Union with “The Original Southern Belle”.  You can’t beat it.  Full of familiar faces, it doesn’t seem to change much, and that I don’t mind at all.  It’s not a perfect or glamorous city.  It’s Huntington, WV- a small college town with a football team, a lot of pride, and a sense of community.  Even though we all grow up and move away after we’ve learned some life lessons, it’s always ready to welcome home the sons and daughters of Marshall.

In fewer words, although I am glad to have moved on and be back in NC, I am thankful for Huntington.  It is there when you need it, and I’ve needed it and my friends, desperately.  I feel refreshed, like I hit a reset button.

Now it’s back to reality and I’m ready to hit the ground running.  Sometimes you just need a weekend off like that, you know?

How was everyone else’s weekend?  Do you love your alma mater as much as I do?

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Monday Mantra {Jan 26 2015}

Hello all!  A late in the day little stop-in for this week’s Monday Mantra.  I decided last minute to stay in Huntington last night, so I just now got back in town {not trying to leave for a 5 hour drive until 6pm will do that to ya}.  I’m glad I decided to stay though, more friend time = happier Christine.

Post on that will come tomorrow 🙂

Change is the only constant in this crazy world, and it’s a lot of what I’m going through right now.  It can at times be stressful, but I always try to keep this in mind.

Change is scary.  It’s often uncontrollable, but it can also be incredibly thrilling and exciting.  No one knows what the future holds, but if you stay positive and try to consistently do what you feel is right, you will be fine.  Recognize and respect where you came from, and prepare for what’s to come as best you can, even if you’re not sure exactly what that is yet.

Baby steps.  Rome wasn’t built in a day. ———–> These are things I tell myself on a daily basis.

Hopefully this mantra finds you well in the new week, and helps you prepare for some of your own upcoming changes!

Happy Monday, everyone!

How do you guys feel about change?  How do you prepare for it?

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#FiveThings {Jan 23 2015}

Why hello there, Friday.  Nice to see you’ve decided to show up.

It’s Friday, people and that means another edition of #FiveThings!!  Here’s what I’m digging this week…

American Sniper

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, please go this weekend.  It is a powerful, powerful film.

Jimmy and I went to go see it on Wednesday night, and I don’t think I’ve ever left a theatre where the entire audience was silent once the credits finished rolling.  It was eeire, and the ending was quite honestly a lot to process.  I knew that it was a true story, but I wasn’t sure how it was going to end.  Having both friends and family in the military, it sheds a light on the sacrifice that our soldiers and their families make every day.  I know that there are other military-based movies out there that do the same thing, but this one….this one was different.  I always have been, but it reminded me and made me even more proud and thankful for our military and their families.

Huntington Bound

Some of my friends are getting together in Huntington this weekend.  I get to see them.  I’M SO EXCITED!  And it’s much needed.  Cue the nostalgic warm fuzzy feeling.

This Moisturizer

Stop what you’re doing right now and go buy this.  During this time of year, like many people, I struggle with dry skin.  I’m all about moisturizing, especially at night.  Recently, the body butter that I had gotten from a certain Shmath and Shody Works just wasn’t doing the trick anymore.  I originally learned about this product from a sample out of an old Birchbox, and I went to Sephora pretty much the next day to buy it.  The FAB {First Aid Beauty} Ultra Repair Cream can even be used on your face.  It even works well with my skin, and we all know how cooperative my face can be {that’s sarcasm if you’re just joining us}.

LUSH Bath Bombs

Remember that time I said anything but an Epsom Salt Bath was stupid?  I would like to formally retract that statement.  My friend Abby raves about the LUSH Bath Bombs, and I decided to give one a try.  Holy moly, what have I been missing out on?? {Side note:  I still shower after a bath, I can’t quite justify the whole bath=clean idea}

They’re fairly inexpensive, especially for a luxurious bathing experience.  As a whole, I LOVE the LUSH company.  They’re a clean company of handmade ingredients, with green, ethically purchased products…oh, and they’re also against animal testing.  Click here to check out the full story.

Dairy Free Yogurt

What I thought was once an oxymoron is no more.  When I found this this week, I felt like I discovered Pluto.  Since leading a mainly dairy-free diet, the main thing that I’ve missed was yogurt.  While grocery shopping for Jimmy and his wisdom tooth surgery diet, I found this in the yogurt aisle.

This is the same company that makes the Coconut Creamer that I love.  It’s kind of obvious that this isn’t regular old dairy yogurt, but it is a great alternative.

What are your #FiveThings for the week?

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Breakfast and 2×4 Ab Workout

This morning’s breakfast was kind of a “cook whatever’s in the fridge” type of deal.  The great thing about veggies is that as long as you saute them, they go great with eggs.  Today’s veggies included some organic kale, asparagus, red onion, red bell pepper, and basil chicken sausage from Trader Joe’s.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, spinach is like the Houdini of vegetables.  You can put it in a smoothie or virtually any meal, and you barely taste it…if you even taste it at all.  Kale, on the other hand is kind of like spinach’s knobby kneed thirteen year old cousin.  It’s still awesome and has a lot of great benefits, but you can definitely taste a difference when included in a meal/bev.

Kale, God love it.

To include kale in something like this, I will first steam it with the red onions in some type of a broth.  I had veggie broth on hand today.  This was also going to turn into a “scramble”, but at the last minute I made a game time decision and fried the eggs instead {with some Cajun seasoning}.  I heart dippy eggs.  Plus some avocado and coffee, because what’s breakfast without it?

I found this mug at World Market before Christmas.  As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to make the purchase.  As a tall girl, I identify with the giraffe.  Plenty of people have referenced a giraffe when speaking about me over years, including my friends.  Who call me a “baby giraffe” when I’m in heels and have had one too many adult beverages…

And then this little motivational piece on the other side.

One thing I’ve really been needing to focus on lately is the mid section.  With the holidays, and sitting 24/7 with work, all I have to say is, thank goodness it’s not bikini season yet.  Like I’ve mentioned earlier, I can get bored with ab workouts.  So to make sure I get through the whole thing, I like to break it up.  Just like with this workout below, take two moves at a time and run through three sets of each before moving on to the other pair of ab workouts.

If you’re not sure what one of the moves means, click the links below:


Criss Cross

Flutter Kicks

How did everyone’s day go?  How do you get through Ab Workouts?

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Post Run Green Drank

I don’t know about the rest of the country, but it has been down right beautiful in the Carolinas the past few days {part of the reason why I moved back 😉 }.  Had some time today to squeeze in a 4-miler before the sun goes down, and I wanted to share my post workout recovery drink with you guys!

The Ingredients::

::1 cup of coconut water
::1 cup/handful of kale
::2-3 spinach cubes {spinach, blended up and formed into ice cubes…I’ll discuss later} OR 1 handful of organic spinach leaves
::1 Tbsp Chia Seeds
::1 Tbsp Flax Seeds
::1/2 avocado
::1 cup pineapple {can be frozen}

Blend the ingredients above and viola!

I also hand a handful of almonds for a protein kick while I cleaned the kitchen. {it neeeeeds it}


This drink tastes very GREEN.  I know some people still can’t quite get over the “veggies in liquid form”taste//texture…which I can understand, it takes some getting used to, it did for me as well.  One way to still get all the benefits of this bev is to add some additional fruit to overpower the kaley-ness of it all, like an apple or a ripe banana.  Or even a few drops of agave nectar/raw honey.  Just a thought.  If you’re wanting to be able to handle the taste of a GREEN drink, but you can’t quite get past the taste, start by adding different fruits and then week by week remove one piece of fruit until there are zero fruits {not sure if this is proper grammar here…probably not}.  But you get the idea, it’s like weaning yourself off of a fruit smoothie.  Works like a charm.

Tonight Jimmy and I have plans to see American Sniper and I absolutely cannot wait.  I’ve heard nothing but good things!

See y’all tomorrow!

What do you guys like to recover with?  Have you seen American Sniper yet?

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Monday Mantra {Jan 19, 2015}

Stopping in real quick here for another round of Monday Mantra’s…this one is short, sweet, and to the point.  Some have today off for MLK Day, I on the other hand still have to head in to work.  No worries though.  In honor of MLK Day and partially for what it represents, I thought today’s Monday Mantra was appropriate.  Remember it as we move forward with another week.


Happy Monday, all!  Let’s make this week a great one.  What are your mantra’s for the week?

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#FiveThings {Jan 18 2015}

Hello there everyone!  Welcome to another edition of #FiveThings for this past week.  In a few hours my frat bros and I will be heading over to Ryan’s for some football action, so I wanted to get this up ASAP with enough time to squeeze in a run {it’s so beautiful out today!}.  I don’t have a dog in this fight anymore, but who do you guys think will make it to the Super Bowl?  {Remember my How to Eat With The Guys//Without Eating Like the Guys post today, you got thisss}.

Crazy Helium Booth

Earlier this week, my friend Jess sent me some videos via the Crazy Helium Booth app.  It’s literally the funniest thing I have ever seen, and the easiest way to spend {waste} your time.  You basically pick a video filter, and a voice level and record a video.  Download it in the app store and try it.  Just to give you an idea….

{I got no shame in my helium booth game}

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Award season is upon us.  Whenever the Oscars/Golden Globes are here, I always try to watch as many of the nominated movies as I can.  One of the movies getting the most attention is The Grand Budapest Hotel, which I had the opportunity to watch this week {it’s on HBO GO}.  If you’re into watching the nominated movies like I am, I definitely recommend this one.  Heck, even if you’re not, it’s still a great flick.

Random Txts of Support

I’ll be honest with you, work has been rough recently.  I’ll be honest with you again, blogging is my biggest hobby.  Even at work I find myself daydreaming about what else I can do with the blog whether it’s writing, design…anything.  I try as hard as I can to create quality, worthwhile posts for you to read, but with 40 hour work weeks and two hour commutes every day, time is something I don’t exactly have a lot of.  Nevertheless, I will continue to write on.  Blogging has served as a great creative outlet for me over the years.  Do I want it to grow?  Yes, of course, I think most blogger’s feel that way about their baby blog.  My motto is:  as long as one person is reading and getting something out of this whole Skinny Fingers thing, I will continue to write.  This past week, I received an out of the blue text from a friend and former coworker, just letting me know that she’s been following along and she appreciates that I’ve taken the time to write.  This meant {and still means} SO. MUCH. I think a lot of fellow blogger’s can relate to this.  The fact that she took the time to reach out to me is just a nice little thing to remind me to keep going {thanks, Val!}.  Of course my family, Jimmy, and close friends are always supporting me, and I can’t say enough how much I appreciate that, but the random little notes of support are always welcomed warmly.

It’s like that AT&T commercial- “I appreciate that you appreciate that”, “well, I appreciate that you appreciate that I appreciate that”…

Only kidding.  But seriously, I can’t say enough how much something like that means to me. 🙂

Cheers to TWO Years

Yesterday, Jimmy and I celebrated our official two year dating anniversary {eeeeekkkk!}.  We’ve gone through a lot in these past two years, and I’m so thankful to have him by my side {muah}.  Alright, alright enough of the mushy stuff.  Ha!

We didn’t do much to celebrate because Jimmy is fresh out of wisdom tooth surgery.  So yea, he’s kind of out of commission.  He has a surprise planned for Monday night, so I’m very excited for that {maybe a post on that later}.  We just spent the night it with a little Netflix and one on one time while he heals.  If anyone remembers their own wisdom tooth surgery, Jimmy’s not in the best of spirits right now.   So send some positive healing vibes his way.  There’s a lot of yogurt, soup, and ice cream in the apartment.

Cheaper Alternatives

As we’ve covered before, sometimes I have the skin of a 13 year old pubescent teen.  As a 20-something, it’s one of the more frustrating things in life.  I consistently use my Mia Clarisonic 2, and it definitely helps.  I can tell a huuuuge difference in my skin when I do and do not use the little handheld machine.  This week, my Clarisonic “Acne Solutions” cleanser ran out.  It’s roughly $25, and not something I can dish $25 out for right now.  So, I decided to go to Target and try their basic “acne wash” salicylic cleanser.

News Flash:  My skin has actually gotten even better JUST by switching to this!  I’ve noticed the difference in only a week.  Just to give you an idea, this will cost you no more than $5.  I’m a person who has been burned by almost every trick in the book when it comes to acne solutions {it’s also burned a hole in my wallet}, so unexpectedly finding this was a more than pleasant surprise.

Alllllright, heading out now.  Happy Sunday!

What are your #FiveThings for the week?

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The Beauty of the Epsom Salt Bath

I guess technically since it is Wednesday, and this is a quick little “beauty” post, this could be considered another edition of Beauty Brief Wednesday

To check out previous Beauty Brief Wednesdays {couldn’t bring myself to acronym that one} click here for mouth health, here for hair care, and here for skin savers.

Today’s all about bath time.  While bubble baths can be luxurious and relaxing, if I’m going to be laying still for 30 minutes or so and not napping, I better be getting some added health benefits out of it {stress-relief aside}.  I originally learned about Epsom Salt baths over two years ago when I tried out Dr. Oz’s 3 Day Cleanse.  {aw, memories…it’s funny to look back on those pictures and see Jimmy’s first Marshall apt in the background}…

For the cleanse, the Epsom Salt bath was meant to be taken for 30 minutes at the end of the day.  They also added that you should use a few drops of scented essential oil {lavender was recommended} for relaxation purposes.  This is something that I still do to this day.

So, what’s so great about Epsom Salt baths?  Well, funny you should ask because I’ll tell you right now.

First, there are a ton, so bear with me.

Keep in mind here that Epsom Salt is a mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate, which is readily absorbed throughout the body when mixed with warm water.  Your skin, being as porous as it is, grabs this stuff right up.  This is where the health benefits start to kick in.

Not only does E.S. ease stress and relax you by replenishing your body with magnesium, but it also rids your body of toxins.  Having the proper magnesium levels is shown to increase your serotonin {your happy feelings} as well as your energy and stamina levels {think better concentration, better sleeping, a better functioning nervous system}.  Taking this in bath form also creates a little bit of what is called “reverse osmosis”, pulling salt {although that sounds backwards, it’s true} and other harmful toxins out of your body.

These baths are also shown to relieve pain and muscle cramps, improve joint, nerve, and muscle health, and even help you when you’re feeling a little consto.

{Note: Espom Salt is shown to treat constipation when taken internally, butttt…full disclosure here– I’ve noticed improvements even just after a bath.  Always consult a physician before consuming Epsom Salt for these purposes.}

In terms of the essential oil, I still use lavender, but I’m thinking of switching it up to eucalyptus or something else in the hear future.

You can soak in an ES bath anywhere from 10-30 minutes, one to a few days a week at a time.  Just like with anything, everything is great in moderation.  Do I recommend taking an Epsom Salt bath every day?  Absolutely not, right now I just do it every now and then and I still notice the awesome benefits.

I will admit that I did take a Monday night bath while watching the newest episode of GIRLS on HBO.  A 24 minute episode is the perfect amount of time to take a bath.  Come to think of it, I think this will be my new Monday night routine.  Feel free to copy me.

Speaking of, anyone else happy that GIRLS is back??

There are all sorts of other Epsom Salt benefits that I didn’t even cover in this post {think gardening tricks, the cure for stinky feet, household cleaning, etc}.  Click here, here, and here for additional info.

Has anyone taken an Epsom Salt bath before?  What are some of your detox bath tricks and tips?

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