Day One

Hello, everyone!  Welcome to the first official day of Skinny Fingers!  I am excited beyond words that this has finally come together, so rather than blabbing on and on about what I’m doing here, I’ve decided to show you in pictures.

If you’d like to get to know a little bit more about me, please click here.  If you’d like to know how I came up with the name, Skinny Fingers, learn more about that here.

Last thing (I know, I know let’s get to the pictures!), as you’ll read in the About Me section linked above, I graduated from Marshall University in Huntington, WV.  After spending almost 6 and 1/2 years there (grad and undergrad), I have moved to Charlotte, NC along with my boyfriend and one of our other friends.  It’s been about a month of moving, organizing, purging, Google Mapping, furniture assembling, muggy running, and job searching (which is done now, btw!), but let me tell you something- it has all been worth it.

It feels more than amazing to be back in the Land of the Pines (home-home is Durham, NC).  Like that warm fuzzy feeling…but better.

Now to the photos…below is basically what I’ve gotten into this past month…

Went to a show with my brother (he lives in Charlotte too!) at the Visulite Theater and saw The Weeks perform.

Had my very first NASCAR experience when I visited the All-Star Race with my longest friend, Ali, and my brother and his friend.  Want to know how much I know about NASCAR?  I thought Jeff Gordan was retired (I found out later that day that he hasn’t)…BUT mark my words, every human being needs to experience NASCAR at some point in their lives.  It’s a blast even if you don’t know what’s going on.

“Help me Tom Cruise!  Help me Oprah!”  Apparently race fans do NOT like Talledega Nights…

Gone on many runs that have looked something like this…oh yea, it’s good to be back.  Two things I’m adjusting to…the heat and the hills.  Huntington, WV is about as flat as a pizza box, so even a few medium hills have been an adjustment…but since I’ve been doing it for about a month now I feel like I’m back on track.  This specific shot was taken on UNCC’s gorgeous campus.

Stretched out my green thumb and gave these babies some life (pictured from bottom left:  Mint, Stevia, Rosemary, Basil, Parsley, and Tomatoes).  I’m a little concerned with the light that my porch gets, so I’m only testing out one tomato plant.  One day I’m hoping to have gardens full of fruits, veggies, and herbs!  Until then, I shall settle for this.

Went home over Memorial Day Weekend to visit with family, friends, and this furry diva.  This is Alba, yes she has her own pool.  No, the humans don’t.

Assembled my first IKEA dresser.  I was so excited I had to document it…and then I built a second one (Jimmy and I each have one).  It was my first time assembling something this big on my own.  The experience was actually extremely empowering.  And yes, I did it while drinking a beer and watching Sex in the City reruns.  I’m well-rounded.

Accidentally hiked 8 (+) miles with Jimmy between Kings Mountain State Park and Crowder Mountain State Park the other weekend.  Here we are at the Boulder Overlook (what we were originally looking for).  While we were exhausted by the end of it, we decided that we would 100% do the whole thing over again…and we’ll take my brother with us next time because he loves that stuff.

Finally spent time unwinding by the pool, getting tan, and doing something that I really want to do…read.  I finished this book last week and I’m officially obsessed with Gretchen Rubin.  If you haven’t read this book then you need to ASAP. {Other books read but not pictured:  The Fault in Our Stars (swoon), Revenge Wears Prada (sequel to The Devil Wears Prada), and currently chipping away at Wild (love it!)} Extremely random book collection, I know.

Checked out what this whole Cowfish craze is.  Basically, it’s Crazy.Tasty.Cool (TLC, anyone?).  If you’re in Charlotte, you need to go, just be prepared to wait.  Jimmy and I went around 8 on a Wednesday night and we were told it would be about an hour and a half wait.  We got lucky and snagged two seats at the bar and ended up eating there.  Only waiting for about 30 min overall.

P.S.- On Wednesdays, all bottles of wine are half off…just sayin’.

Ran in the NODA (North Davidson) Brewery 5K…or did I pay $30 to workout and get two “free”  beers afterwards?  Eh, either way works for me.

And finally…hung out with Sir Elton John and friends for my 25th birthday.  Maybe I was about 200 yards away, but I’m sure he knew I was there.  The concert was absolutely amazing, definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

Like I said, this is basically what I’ve been up to since I’ve been here.  I love Charlotte and I’m so incredibly excited that I get to start a new chapter in my life here.

See you tomorrow!

Have you ever been to Charlotte?  What are some fun things around town that you like to do?

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