Look Back at It: Weekend Recap/June 20

This past weekend was a low-key one at best, which is fine because I have a lot coming up on the ol’ calendar.   I’ve also recently gotten a new job, and I’m back on the 9-6 work schedule {not including commute times- shewy, baby!}.  It’s been an extremely busy week full of training, and readjusting to my new sched, and while it has been a great experience so far, a weekend break was welcomed with open arms.

Although I didn’t have to actually go to work, I still spent a majority of my time studying, cleaning my apartment, doing laundry…and I’ll be honest, sleeping.  I’m normally the type of person that doesn’t take naps or like to spend a lot of time sleeping in until noon, but I couldn’t help it, I was pooped!


When I got home from work on Friday, I went on a quick 4 mile run from my neighborhood and through UNCC’s campus.  I then spent an evening out with Jimmy and my brother in NODA.


Saturday was filled with some of that boring “adult” stuff that I was talking about earlier {no need to show pictures of}.  Then I took a break to go play some FROLF with my brother.  Before leaving I completed three rounds of my “go-to” in-house circuit that I’m going to share with you tomorrow.  FROLF is definitely something that I want to get better at, so we didn’t keep score, but I know I didn’t win…this time.  I mostly spent the game perfecting my “tomahawk throw” since I ended up in the woods a lot.

One of the tee’s are pictured here, we played at the Sugaw Creek Course.  It was fun, but I’m interested in checking out the other courses to see what they have to offer.

I then spent the evening unwinding and catching up on some episodes of Weeds with Jimmy.  We’ve cruised through our fair share of shows on Netflix {Breaking Bad being one of our favorites}.  Weeds was recently recommended to us, and although we’re only on the first season we can tell that it’s going to be a winner.


On Sunday I continued the adult festivities of studying and cleaning, but made sure I made time for pool and country.  First by catchin’ some rays and hangin’ out with my girl, Kate.

I am completely obsessed with Kate Hudson, always have been.  I’m not too big on buying magazines unless I’m super in to who’s on the cover {isn’t that how they get you?}, but I read this baby cover to cover yesterday, and it was totally worth it.  Once on a job interview I was asked who I would invite to dinner if I had the chance, as a test to gauge my personality.  I said {in a nutshell} Kate Hudson, not only because of her personality, but I think there is a lot that could be learned from her.  She is a great role model for young women everywhere, being successful while always unforgivably being herself.  A quality that I feel we could all use a little bit more of now and then.

Call me crazy, but I was offered that job…so who’s the crazy one?

Short on time before the big game, I cranked out three miles on the treadmill and met up with Jimmy and my brother to cheer on Team USA.

I know I don’t need to give anyone a play by play on what happened…but- what…the…crap??  What a game, I can’t even put it into words.  So I won’t.  {I believe that we will win!}

We watched the game on the patio at Jackbeagle’s, the weather was perfect and the food was even better.  They seriously have some good grub there, brunch and all.

So that was the weekend in a nutshell {first one ever, woo hoo!}, now on to another week!

See y’all later on!

What did you guys do this weekend?  How did you cheer on Team USA?

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