Monday Mantra {Jan 5 2015}

I’ve decided that I want to start a new thing here on the blog for Mondays.  I’m all about the glass being half full and being the best “you” possible, but sometimes Mondays just really stink.  No other way to put it.

That’s why I want to start every Monday with a positive quote, reminder, or saying to start out the week.  A “mantra”, if you will.  Being that this is the first Monday of 2015, and there’s still some residual “new year, new me” {as Jimmy likes to mockingly say} floating through the air, I thought this quote would be appropriate.

I originally found this on Pinterest a while ago.  I’ve tried searching and Googling around, but I can’t find the person who said it, just the link where it originally came from.  Doesn’t matter though, I still love it.


I like this quote because I really do find it to be true.  Much like one of those “past//present//future” sayings, it’s important to recognize where you are in the present.  Like many of us, we all have things that we want to do, but we feel like we lack the time {or we think we have enough, so it’s just something that we’ll get to “later”}.  If there are things you want to do, don’t waste your time getting down on yourself because you haven’t done it yet, because today, much like the start of any other day, is a fresh start.  It’s a beginning.  Don’t waste your present time worrying about things you haven’t done it the past, start them today.  Take some time to look back on 2014, what you’ve done and even what you didn’t do.  Think about what you want to accomplish, and move towards it, understanding that everyday is a new beginning towards what you want.  Recognizing this and taking advantage of it is half the battle.

Yesterday was also a very sad day in the apartment, as I finally mustered up the courage to take down our Christmas decorations.  My frat bro’s let me handle all of it…for some reason I’m the one that’s responsible for any decorating going on over here…

To ease my decoration packing woes, I did have to take myself to Target to buy some fake lemons, and Trader Joe’s for hydrangeas {one of my favorite flowers}.

What was once this…

Is now this…

See?  Fake Lemons

After having some form of a decoration on the table since the beginning of October {hello, you have to decorate for fall too}, I couldn’t leave the table centerpiece-less.  Even though we never sit at the table…we don’t even have chairs.  I’m being completely serious.  At times our apartment has a real identity crisis over whether it belongs to college students or young adults.  I’m convinced it’s part of it’s charm.

All I did was throw some battery operated lights in an old wine bottle, and lay a bed of wine corks in the bottom of the vase.  I hoard wine corks and bottles in the event that they will be useful for a craft.  Case and point- centerpiece.

As I mentioned earlier, hydrangeas might be one of my favorite flowers, and I always rely on Trader Joe’s to have to best {and most inexpensive} fresh flower collection.

So although it’s Monday, and my Christmas decorations are gone, it’s still going to be a great day because it’s a new one.  Let’s see what it has in store for us.

Happy Monday everyone!  How are you going to make this day great?  Are you Christmas decorations down?  {or am I one of the last people to do this?}

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