#FiveThings {Jan 18 2015}

Hello there everyone!  Welcome to another edition of #FiveThings for this past week.  In a few hours my frat bros and I will be heading over to Ryan’s for some football action, so I wanted to get this up ASAP with enough time to squeeze in a run {it’s so beautiful out today!}.  I don’t have a dog in this fight anymore, but who do you guys think will make it to the Super Bowl?  {Remember my How to Eat With The Guys//Without Eating Like the Guys post today, you got thisss}.

Crazy Helium Booth

Earlier this week, my friend Jess sent me some videos via the Crazy Helium Booth app.  It’s literally the funniest thing I have ever seen, and the easiest way to spend {waste} your time.  You basically pick a video filter, and a voice level and record a video.  Download it in the app store and try it.  Just to give you an idea….

{I got no shame in my helium booth game}

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Award season is upon us.  Whenever the Oscars/Golden Globes are here, I always try to watch as many of the nominated movies as I can.  One of the movies getting the most attention is The Grand Budapest Hotel, which I had the opportunity to watch this week {it’s on HBO GO}.  If you’re into watching the nominated movies like I am, I definitely recommend this one.  Heck, even if you’re not, it’s still a great flick.

Random Txts of Support

I’ll be honest with you, work has been rough recently.  I’ll be honest with you again, blogging is my biggest hobby.  Even at work I find myself daydreaming about what else I can do with the blog whether it’s writing, design…anything.  I try as hard as I can to create quality, worthwhile posts for you to read, but with 40 hour work weeks and two hour commutes every day, time is something I don’t exactly have a lot of.  Nevertheless, I will continue to write on.  Blogging has served as a great creative outlet for me over the years.  Do I want it to grow?  Yes, of course, I think most blogger’s feel that way about their baby blog.  My motto is:  as long as one person is reading and getting something out of this whole Skinny Fingers thing, I will continue to write.  This past week, I received an out of the blue text from a friend and former coworker, just letting me know that she’s been following along and she appreciates that I’ve taken the time to write.  This meant {and still means} SO. MUCH. I think a lot of fellow blogger’s can relate to this.  The fact that she took the time to reach out to me is just a nice little thing to remind me to keep going {thanks, Val!}.  Of course my family, Jimmy, and close friends are always supporting me, and I can’t say enough how much I appreciate that, but the random little notes of support are always welcomed warmly.

It’s like that AT&T commercial- “I appreciate that you appreciate that”, “well, I appreciate that you appreciate that I appreciate that”…

Only kidding.  But seriously, I can’t say enough how much something like that means to me. 🙂

Cheers to TWO Years

Yesterday, Jimmy and I celebrated our official two year dating anniversary {eeeeekkkk!}.  We’ve gone through a lot in these past two years, and I’m so thankful to have him by my side {muah}.  Alright, alright enough of the mushy stuff.  Ha!

We didn’t do much to celebrate because Jimmy is fresh out of wisdom tooth surgery.  So yea, he’s kind of out of commission.  He has a surprise planned for Monday night, so I’m very excited for that {maybe a post on that later}.  We just spent the night it with a little Netflix and one on one time while he heals.  If anyone remembers their own wisdom tooth surgery, Jimmy’s not in the best of spirits right now.   So send some positive healing vibes his way.  There’s a lot of yogurt, soup, and ice cream in the apartment.

Cheaper Alternatives

As we’ve covered before, sometimes I have the skin of a 13 year old pubescent teen.  As a 20-something, it’s one of the more frustrating things in life.  I consistently use my Mia Clarisonic 2, and it definitely helps.  I can tell a huuuuge difference in my skin when I do and do not use the little handheld machine.  This week, my Clarisonic “Acne Solutions” cleanser ran out.  It’s roughly $25, and not something I can dish $25 out for right now.  So, I decided to go to Target and try their basic “acne wash” salicylic cleanser.

News Flash:  My skin has actually gotten even better JUST by switching to this!  I’ve noticed the difference in only a week.  Just to give you an idea, this will cost you no more than $5.  I’m a person who has been burned by almost every trick in the book when it comes to acne solutions {it’s also burned a hole in my wallet}, so unexpectedly finding this was a more than pleasant surprise.

Alllllright, heading out now.  Happy Sunday!

What are your #FiveThings for the week?

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#FiveThings {Jan 11, 2015}

A little late night #FiveThings blogging sesh while watching the Golden Globes.  Tina and Amy are of course killing it.

The second full week of the new year has just begun, before we get started let’s take a minute to recap last week’s, #FiveThings!


I technically finished listening to this podcast last Friday, but I had already posted my #FiveThings for the week and I didn’t want to say anything about it until I finished.  This is a podcast that I’ve heard about from a variety of people, and after I upgraded myself to the iPhone 5s the other week, I decided to download it on the podcast app.  It’s 12 episodes long, and I listened to it day in and day out.  I even listened to it when I ran, that’s how obsessed I was.

I won’t say anything to spoil it, but basically this podcast covers and recants the story of Adnan Syed, a 17 year old teenager who is convicted of his ex-girlfriends murder.  To this day he has maintained his innocence, and between the amount of people who think he’s innocent, and the way that the case was handled, you might start to think he’s innocent as well…but is he?  I really can’t say any more or I will give it away.  Just have a listen for yourself.  It definitely helped me out during my hour long commutes to work.

“This is a Global Tel-Link prepaid call from Adnan Syed, an inmate at a Maryland correctional facility”…

True Detective

Continuing with my binge-a-thon ways…

The best thing Matthew McConaughey has done recently besides those Lincoln commercials {*sarcasm*}…is True Detective.  I’m partial to his role as Jack Lengyel in We Are Marshall, for obvious reasons, and as an actor, he’s done some amazing things.  His role in True Detective is just one of the many.  For Christmas, Ryan gave me a Google Chromecast {yesssss}, so Jimmy and I made T.D. our first big fish to fry with that baby.  It’s only eight episodes long, but it is quite intense.  We finished it in just a few days.  I recommend it to anyone that loves dark and twisted murder mysteries…keeping in mind it is on HBO, not quite kid-friendly, if you catch my drift.

It is definitely a must watch.

Got to See Duke Play this Week

My fellow roommate, Andrew, is a HUGE Duke fan, just like me. #DUKEFAN4LYFE

They played Wake Forest on Wednesday night, which is only about an hour or so away from our apartment.  On Monday night, we decided to get tickets for the game.  The last time I saw Duke play in person was at Cameron Indoor when Kyle Singler and Jon Scheyer {who is now an assistant coach} were still on the team.  So basically, that was a while ago.

The team is very young and promising this year, and even though it was at Wake, it was a nice last minute surprise to see them in action!

So what, we were in the cheap seats?  It was still a great, and at times too close for comfort, game.  Of course, Duke won. 🙂

But I’m not going to talk about what happened today.

Nicki Minaj- The Pinkprint Deluxe

It’s about as easy to pin down my taste in music as it is to pin the tail on the donkey.  As you might have noticed on the blog, I range anywhere from Taylor Swift to Elton John to Bruce Springsteen.  My current music obsession, especially for working out, is Nicki Minaj’s new album, “The Pinkprint Deluxe”.  Go ahead and judge me.

HOC Volunteer Orientation

On Saturday morning, I attended my official orientation with the volunteer organization I joined, Hands On Charlotte.  Since making it my New Year’s Resolution, to volunteer more, I was eager to get started.  I went through an hour long info session with about 20 other volunteers, got a t-shirt, and learned about all of the awesome opportunities to volunteer in the community.  In my previous post about my NY Resolution {linked above}, I mentioned that to stay on track my rule of thumb was that no matter what, I had to volunteer once a month.  The orientation leader emphasized how one day, he hopes that “regular volunteering” becomes a part of everyone’s life.  To him, “regular volunteering” means participating once a month.  Perfect, right?  Of course I hope to volunteer more than once a month.  Either way, I can’t wait to get started!

Before heading home, I walked over to one of my favorite local coffee shops, Nova’s Bakery to grab a Red Eye {coffee & shots of espresso} and macaroons.  I decided on two, their coffee and pistachio flavored macaroons.  It was the perfect treat to start off Saturday!

Good luck with the upcoming week, everyone!!

What are your #FiveThings for this past week?

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#FiveThings {Jan 2 2015}

Yoohoo, hope everyone has had a great start to their Two Zero One Five!

I certainly have, and even though I have to go back to work today for just one day, I’m excited for what’s to come.  Let’s get this started by jumping into this year’s first edition of #FiveThings….

lokai Bracelet

Yesterday I received my final Christmas present, and being that yesterday was the start of the New Year, it couldn’t have come at a better time.  One of my very best friends, Molly, sent me a lokai Bracelet.  If you haven’t heard of this company {which I didn’t know anything about until yesterday either}, you need to get on it.

At first glance it might not seem like much, but it represents so much more, and that’s why I love it.  There are two balls on this bracelet that sit exactly opposite from one another.  The white ball {at the top of my wrist} holds water from Mt. Everest, the highest point on earth.  While the dark ball {at the bottom of my wrist} holds mud from the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth.  It’s meant to represents the cycles we go through in life.  When we reach our highest points, remember to stay humble.  When we reach our lowest points, remember to stay hopeful.  The rest of the beads are clear to represent that we all have our own journey and story to tell.

Life is full of joy and sadness, and we can all relate to its highs and lows. I hope that lokai will remind you to stay balanced and centered along your journey.”- Steve Izen, founder of lokai

If you know me {which Molly clearly does} then you know how much I love stuff like this.  Easily the most perfect way to end my gift receiving for Christmas, and being the start of the New Year.

New Year/New Years Eve

News to no one, we all celebrated NYE in one way or another this week.  Jimmy and I had absolutely no plans for this holiday, we actually contemplated staying in.  One of Jimmy and Andrew’s friends from Marshall, Steven, decided to pay us a visit.  We wanted to avoid paying an outrageous cover/amount of money to go anywhere…and just like with brunch, Jackbeagles came through in the clutch.  No cover to get in, great drink specials, great location, and full of great people.  It was an evening well spent for sure.

The next morning, we got an extra special treat because my parents drove over from Durham to spend time with us and help Ryan move a few things {he’s in the process of moving apts}.  We all grabbed lunch, and even though it was a short visit, it’s always nice to get some fam time in there.  Not a bad way to spend the first day of the year if I do say so myself.

Kitchen Tools

You know your an adult when Christmas = getting more kitchen tools…and you’re happy about it.

This year, Santa done good.  I can’t wait to use everything I got.  It’s like when you get new workout gear or a new pair of running shoes, you know?  It’s just that extra motivation to get out there and be healthy!

Pictured:  a Batter Bowl w/ Lid, two sets of Ramekins, stainless steel scraper {to help scrap dough or help transfer things like chopped onions and garlic}, a four option grater/julienne peeler with measuring options, a herb infuser {green tube}, and a garlic roller {yellow}. <— This is the bomb.com by the way.  All you have to do is insert a garlic clove, peel and all, into the tube, apply pressure and roll back and forth a few times…IT PEELS THE GARLIC CLOVE FOR YOU.  Enough said about that.  Go get one.  Sur La Table.

Not Pictured:  a NEW Crock-pot with a fancy timer!

Yoga Strap

One thing I want to get more into this year is yoga.  One thing I am absolutely not, is flexible.  I found this gem at Marshall’s for $3.99 and I couldn’t pass it up.  Having this by my side will help me improve my flexibility and hold some of those more difficult poses for a beginner/intermediate like myself.  If you’re in a bit of a workout slump, I suggest strolling through the fitness section of a Marshall’s or TJ Maxx.  Whether it’s a new piece of clothing or a little workout tool, it’s a cheap way to spark that fitness fire.


One of the main reasons I like training for things like half marathons {besides the whole accomplishment thing} is because it gives me structure for my workouts.  I have a set, 8 week schedule of what I need to do, and I go get it done.  Since I haven’t signed up for any races {yet}, I decided I needed to figure something out in terms of my “plan” for the first part of the year.  That’s why I’ve decided to participate in Tone It Up’s #150byVday.  I’ve mentioned in the past how I love those two beach babes, Karena and Katrina, founders and creators of Tone It Up.  They just started a “New Year Love Your Body Challenge” to kick off the year.  Basically, you have to complete 150 miles by Valentine’s Day.  Click here for the full explanation.  You’re not supposed to only run to complete this challenge, different forms of exercise equate to different amounts of “miles”, but of course running also counts.  They also have a #100byVday challenge, same thing, less miles.  I wanted to give myself a little extra challenge, so I went for the bigger fish.

I’m going to print this off so I can slash my miles off, one at a time…won’t you guys join me??

I hope everyone has a great first weekend of the year!

What are your #FiveThings for the week?

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Five Things {Dec 21}

What’s going on everyone?  Another week is about to get started, and amidst all the holiday hustle and bustle I decided to stop in and cover another edition of #FiveThings for the week.

DJ Earworm United State of Pop 2014

When it comes to music, especially workout music, I love listening to mashups.  Every year DJ Earworm releases a mashup of the year by mashing up all of the top pop songs.  The 2014 mashup was released a few weeks ago and I can’t stop listening to it.  Check it out here.

Immaculate Cookies

While in the grocery store the other day, I noticed these tear and bake cookies.  They caught my eye because they are both dairy and gluten free.  Of course, I HAD to try them.  While they were baking, I checked out their website.  Apparently the company also makes biscuits, sweet rolls, pie crusts, and other types of cookies.

Newsflash:  The cookies are amazing, and I will be testing out every other product from this company.

The CC Monkey off My Back

Religion, politics, money….things you normally don’t talk about, but today is a little different.  In the past, I’ve had a pretty unruly credit card.  It’s the result of poor decision making, trip taking, a lululemon addiction, and a very warped view of how easy it is to just “pay things off”, while working multiple part time jobs and going to school.  {There Dad, I admitted it}.  This weekend I can officially say that I have paid off that credit card, and it is a huge weight off of my shoulders.  I’m just going to leave the money convo to that, but this was a major accomplishment for me, and a great way to start the new year.

Christmas brunch

Throughout the year, everyone’s always traveling on the weekends for either work or leisure.  This weekend {as is usual for most weekends around the holidays} both my brother, Jimmy, and myself were all home, so I decided to cook a very Christmas-ey brunch on Saturday.

It started with this box of Gingerbread Pancake Mix that I found from Trader Joe’s.  I also whipped up some bacon and eggs with parsley for the boys.

They also weren’t allowed to drink any of the coffee unless they drank it from a Christmas coffee mug.  House rules.

It was just a little thing, but it was a nice and relaxing way to kick off the weekend with my brother and boyfriend.  I am thankful everyday that we’re all able to live in the same city.  {We were missing the other frat bro, Andrew…he had already gone home for the holidays}.

Christmas next week

Need I say more?  Christmas is right around the corner {and there are only 10 days left in 2014…when the heck did that happen??}.  I’m having a blast soaking up as much of the Christmas spirit as I can {AND I found out that I don’t have to work on Christmas Eve…icing on the cake right there}.  No matter what’s going on this week, the fact that good old St. Nick is paying everyone a visit on Wednesday night makes it all better.  May or may not be blogging while watching Home Alone for the second/third time this season.

How’d everyone else’s week finish up?  Anyone on Christmas break yet?  What are your #FiveThings for the week?

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Good morning everyone!  There’s a lot going on today, this week, and this month, and there’s a lot to recognize and appreciate….let’s get started with this week’s edition of #FiveThings….

Other people

On a semi-serious note for a second, people are very interesting beings.  One minute we drive each other crazy, and the next we can be inspiring and uplifting to those around us.  Although I am a huge people person, I will be the first to admit that at times people can confuse me or make me want to rip my hair out.  However, it’s also people where I can find inspiration and a renewed faith in humanity.  Funny thing isn’t it?  I could write a short novel about this, so I’ll keep it brief, but this week at my gym I had one of those “inspiring/renewed faith” experiences.

As I’m nearing the end of my workout, it’s late, I’m tired after a long day of work, and trying to decide if I should just go home after this set or stay for another 15 minutes {I was leaning towards the former}.  Then I noticed something.  I don’t know this person {though he seems very nice}, but I saw a man at my gym, much shorter than myself, running on the treadmill with a weight vest.  Out of the corner of my eye I then watched him do some lunges and ab work, even using the pulley system for exercises like woodchoppers.  What was different about him than any other guy at the gym, you ask?  He didn’t have either of his arms.  Long story short, I stayed and finished my workout, and I credit that to him.  Recently I’ve been seeing him more and more at the gym and I truly am inspired by him.  I’m almost filled with a sense of pride for him {if that makes sense}, and he clearly has a strength that surpasses my own.  He reminds me of why I love both working out and being around people, you never know when or who you’re going to inspire.  It also reminds me of one of my favorite “health quotes”…

No matter the circumstance, you have to remember to take care of yourself, almost everything else you do stems from your ability to simply do that.

C-USA Championship Game

Today at high noon, Marshall will play Louisiana Tech in the C-USA Conference Championship game.  I’m so proud of this year’s program and what they’ve been able to accomplish.  Check it out on ESPN2 if you’re available!  We Are…


Peppermint Mocha Eggnog

No this isn’t a thing {at least I don’t think it is}, but now that the Christmas portion of the holiday season is upon us, I can’t help but break out these flavors for my coffee.  Sorry Pumpkin Spice, you’ve been benched.  I always have both eggnog and peppermint mocha flavored creamer on deck in my fridge {I abandon my non-dairy ways for holiday coffee creamer…what can I say, I’m weak}.  I do, however, watch the eggnog intake because that is still a rather fatty punch that I’m not normally used to for my morning bev {but it’s so dang good}!

Christmas Decor

Fa-la-la-la-la…it’s time to decorate your apartment like a crazy woman.  I love decorating in general, but I LOVE Christmas decorations.  There’s just something about it, and if you do it right, it turns your home into such a cozy haven for wonderful memories to be had {is that too Hallmark card-ie?}.  I’m not done quite yet, but here are a  few shots of what my apartment is starting to look like.

All of this up here came from Target.

A little blurry, but I was trying to get the full effect… festive lighting for my frat bros.

As a cheap, and easy way to decorate, fill any shaped vase with potpourri or festive items like pinecones and ornament bulbs!

And then of course, everything has to smell like a Christmas tree.  These candle warmers are from Bath and Body works, maybe three or four years ago, but the Glade wax melts were also purchased at Target.

As I said, no tree this year for the apartment {of course there’s one at the Lavery household}, but I did buy the most important ornament out there…

Shark Tank

I know I’m late to this party, but Jimmy and I have recently started watching episodes of Shark Tank, and we can’t get enough!  New episodes air on ABC, but reruns are on CNBC at night.  If you’re not familiar, it’s a show where entrepreneurs come to “The Sharks” with their business ideas, looking for some monetary assistance to take it to the next level.  The Sharks are all famous business people like Mark Cuban, Daymond John {of FUBU}. and a variety of other successful entrepreneurs.  I love hearing about all of the creative, sometimes outlandish ideas that these people come up with for The Sharks.  I always feel bad for the people who get overly emotional when their idea is ripped apart.  It’s a business opportunity for these people, but it’s also a labor of love.  I connect with them on some level with the blog.  Sometimes constructive criticism isn’t always taken with a spoonful of sugar when it comes to a personal project.  No matter what your goal is, it’s important to stay focused and understand how to sort through the suggestions.  However, I’ll be the first to admit, if The Sharks shot down my idea I would cry…probably bawl my eyes out…to the point someone would make a meme out of it.  I’m almost positive.  I can basically hear it now….”Hey, aren’t you that girl that cried on Shark Tank?”…

Alright, the first full week is in the books after Thanksgiving, and we should all have recovered from our turkey comas by now…so, my question to you is….

What are your #FiveThings for the week?

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#FiveThings {Nov. 23}

Happy Sunday morn everyone…wanted to stop in and drop off my #FiveThings for the week before heading out to a little brunchie brunch.  Even though the weather is Charlotte right now is blah, I still plan on having an awesome Sunday off.  Let’s jump in-

My Health

At the beginning of the week at had a little bit of a health scare {reasoning for the lack of posts}, and one that I’m still experiencing some pain from even today.  Good news is, it wasn’t exactly what we thought it was and I’m almost back to 100%.  I work really hard to stay healthy and fit, I also feel as though I do a great job listening to my body, and I think this is why I rarely suffer from “the common cold”.  That being said, if I ever get sick…I get SICK.  Really crazy, one-off types of illnesses that I would be more than happy to tell you about, but it would take forever.  The beginning of the week was more than terrifying because I thought that something bizarre and scary that I previously had was resurfacing.  Still have to do some more digging as to what it was, but the whole experience makes me thankful for my overall day to day health.  It’s something that I think can get sidelined every now and then, we just assume we’re supposed to be healthy so we take it for granted sometimes.  It deserves a lot more recognition, it’s the foundation of a lot of the things we’re able to accomplish in life.  This week I have been reminded to be even more thankful for my health than I normally am.

Family and Jimmy

Can’t follow that little blurb up with anything but mentioning how awesome my family and Jimmy were this week.  Even though we had to take a last minute day trip to Durham to see some doc’s {shout out to Dad for working that out}, Jimmy was along for the ride.  And of course, mom’s are awesome because they’re mom’s.  I am always thankful for them {Ryan too}, but they all really came through this week.

Duke Basketball is back, baby

Do you hear what I hear?  No, not ringing sleigh bells or singing angels…but the dribbling of basketballs.  Being from Durham, I can’t remember not being a Duke Basketball fan.  Say what you want, but I love everything about Duke Basketball and I’m so glad the season has started back up again.  Maybe I was solo with a glass of wine and the Stanford/Duke game last night…and maybe that was the only thing I wanted to be doing at that moment.

Did I ever mention that I bonded with Coach K when I was in the 5th grade?  I was one of five kids who’s artwork was chosen to be published for the Duke Children’s Hospital holiday cards, something they do every year.  A huge ceremony was held at the Duke Children’s Hospital for the five of us.  I wish I had a picture of my card, but basically it was a picture of a dog looking out of a snowy window, looking at Santa flying through the sky {sooo Christmas}.  Coach K said that my card was his favorite because it reminded him of his own dog(s), Cameron and Defense {very fitting names}, and told me I was terrific.  I even have proof.

And that, ladies and gents, is the moment in life where I peaked.  This is photographic evidence, not many can say that they have actual photographic evidence of when they peaked.

Crushed It

Now you can hear the angels singing.  This week the sky opened up and The Lord spreadeth a plentiful gift upon us mere mortals…the Pitch Perfect 2 trailer.  I know you have had to have seen it by now.  I’m speechless and can’t wait until it comes out in May.  I still remember seeing Pitch Perfect with my friend Jess, kind of on a whim.  We were like, “yea we love Glee, we’ll probably like this, let’s go”…and leaving the theater FAH-REAKING out about how aca-awesome the whole thing was {Skylar Astin, heyyyy}.  Can’t wait to get “pitch-slapped”.



So this is more of a “things I’m excited about next week” kind of thing {besides Thanksgiving, that’s a given}, but it got me through this week and having to work on Saturday {had to make up some work for missing earlier}.  I’m typing at you today, staring a three day work week and a four day holiday break right in the face.  I haven’t had time off like this since moving to Charlotte, I can’t wait…can I get a ‘gobble, gobble’!!

What are your #FiveThings for the week?

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Hello all and Happy Friday! Hope it’s finding you well…I’m certainly doing just fine today as I am blogging at ya from Huntington, WV!  That’s right, another friend weekend is coming up {which I will get into in a sec}…so, let’s dive into another edition of #FiveThings…

I’m Rick James, B!@$%

Okay, might be kind of an abrupt way to start off a Five Things, but I can’t help myself.

Monday night, Dave Chappelle was in Charlotte and my roomies/frat bros and I didn’t get to go…we were sad.  Late Monday night, I noticed that The Fillmore insta-ed that Dave Chappelle was sticking around for another round of shows the following night!  Without hesitation we snagged some tix and made the best plans anyone could have made for a Tuesday.

Not allowed to take pictures during the show {I follow the rules, people}, but this was the view from our seats.  Not to shabby.  It was also my first time in The Fillmore…def need to pay more attention to their performance schedules because I love the place, not a bad seat in the house.

As seen on insta {but filters make everything better}, me and my frat bros.  Jimmy on the left {the ball and chain} and Andrew.

Do you really need me to recap the show?  Absolutely not, wouldn’t do it justice.  It was Dave Chappelle.  Enough said.  May have almost peed my pants a few times.  Although, he did say he hated bloggers…I’m going to assume that he’s referring to the hateful/narssistic types that troll the Internet looking for something to tear apart.  You know, the ones that think they’re right about everything and aren’t spreading any love {because there are those out there}…I’m also 1,000% positive Dave Chappelle will never read this, so we’ll just leave it at that.

{as I sit, rocking in the fetal position} everything is okay, Dave Chappelle doesn’t hate me…Dave Chappelle doesn’t hate me…


The year I was born, the year the Berlin Wall {started} to fall, and the title of Taylor Swift’s new album..all very important things.

And yes, that means I bought it.  While I don’t consider myself to be a “Swiftie” {or whatever they’re called}, I’ve loved her since before she started crying on her guitar about Tim McGraw.  She keeps doin’ her thing and doin’ her thing, so I’m gonna continue to stick by my girl.

PTO, you PYT

Remember the last time I was in Huntington?  Well, long story short, I worked four 10 hour shifts to get that Friday off for travel.  Somehow, my PTO got messed up so to make up for it, I was given a free day to use any time I wanted {this is something that NEVER happens at work…it’s virtually unheard of}.  Knowing some friends were wanting to get together this weekend, I said “uhhh this Friday please?!”, and off to Huntington I went.

Also, want to take a second to recognize what today means for Marshall University.  As some of you may know, on this day in 1970, the Marshall University football team, staff, and fans died in a horrific plane crash on the way home from a game versus ECU.  On this day every year, there is a fountain ceremony where many from the school and the community gather to honor those that passed, shutting off the water from the iconic fountain until the spring.  While I didn’t get in town in time for the ceremony, as a daughter of Marshall, this day was certainly in my heart.

My New Scarf

Originally spotted this scarf on fellow Charlotte blogger, Court in Session‘s site.  Click the link to go to her page…love it!  I had been searching for an amazing blanket scarf for fall, and I found it on her Nine Blanket Scarves You Need for Fall, post.  I ordered #7 off of DailyLook.com.

I’m obsessed…this thing is HUGE.

Click, Click- Boom

I am currently camera shopping.  Yea, yea, camera phones are great but I’m talking about the Mac Daddy, King Mackerel of cameras.  It’s a lifelong {or at least long term} decision.  One of my bosses has a Canon 60D and he brought it to work yesterday so I could check it out…it’s pretty sweet.  I’ve been asking around, mostly getting rave reviews from Canon users.  I’ve also been looking at Sony and Nikon…on top of actual research, I think I’m going to have to block off a night to hang out at Best Buy and just play with all of the cameras….I’m open to any and all suggestions here-  got a sweet camera?  What is it and why do you like it?

What are your #FiveThings for the week?

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