#FiveThingsSF {March 6, 2015}

Heyyooo everyone!  It’s finally the end of the week which means another edition of our Five Things.  Remember to post and share your Five Things for the week with the hashtag #FiveThingsSF so we can all share in each other’s weekly gratitude round-up.  Let’s get started, shall we?

Lavanila D.O.

Living a healthy life doesn’t end in the kitchen and the gym.  For me, living a healthy life applies to all avenues and aspects of what I do…including basic hygiene.  One main focus for this {although it might sound weird} is having “clean” deodorant in the sense that it’s aluminum and paraben free.  I’m going to do a full write up on the who’s, what’s, and why’s very soon, but this week I found a new product favieeee.

I found this Lavanila Deodorant at Sephora on Monday and I’m officially in love.  The deodorant that I was using was also aluminum and paraben free but it wasn’t really working out for me in the sense that at times I wasn’t exactly…smelling…my best.  Not cool.  This tackles both the issue and the reasoning behind choosing a product such as this.  The vanilla grapefruit smells okay, but I’m definitely going to try a few different scents before making my final decision.


I love Instagram, and I love this Instagram account.  I don’t know who is in charge of it {Skellie, duh}, but it’s hilarious.  The account belongs to Skellie, a sassy, urban, 20-something skeleton living in NYC just trying to figure out her place in the world, one insta at a time.  Just to give you an idea…..


Seriously so funny, so basic, so dead.  Literally,  I crack up every time.  You can follow her @omgliterallydead .

Christmas in March

I woke up the happiest girl on the planet on Tuesday because I had a little gift from one of my besties, Abby.

I don’t care when a Christmas present gets here, if it’s Kendra Scott, say no more.  This girl knows what’s up when it comes to gifting, and anything turquoise is quite alright with me. 🙂

Can You Hear The Wedding Bells?

Ring-a-ding-ding, Santa must have been my mailman this week because on Wednesday I got ANOTHER surprise package from ANOTHER bestie.  This time is was from Liz in Chicago, the friend that we made the Best Bride-To-Be Gift Basket for.  I was super pumped and super honored because this was a surprise package asking me to be one of her bridesmaids!  {It was totally the Gift Basket that persuaded her to choose me…only kidding!!}

Of course I said yes, and I can’t wait to both help her and be by her side for her special day!!  Love ya, Liz!

Jimmy Time

You probably can’t tell from the blog, but Jimmy and I haven’t been able to see much of each other the past three weeks due to work.  This past Monday, he was given the day off last minute AND the weather gods decided to shine down on Charlotte by giving us a beautiful {and random} 60 degree weather, sunny day.  Jimmy and I took full advantage of it and had the best day spending time together and exploring parts of CLT we haven’t seen yet.  We saw places I definitely want to blog about later, but I decided that I want to just keep our random fun day to ourselves.  The blog doesn’t need to know everything. 🙂  I’m just so thankful that we were able to hang out all day and do fun things!  {and in beautiful weather, I might add….c’monnnn spring.  Where ya at you big tease?}

Side note:  picture not taken from this past Monday, but you get the idea

Okay now it’s your turn to share!  What are your five things for the week?  Remember to use the hashtag #FiveThingsSF on any social media platform so we can see what we’re thankful for this week!

What are your Five Things for the week??

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#FiveThingsSF {February 27, 2015}

It’s Friday, people! Unfortunately for most snow day hopeful’s, pretty much all of the anticipated 7-10 inches is no more {only ended up getting about 2 Wednesday night into Thursday morning}.  No matter…time to talk/think about what your Five Things for the week are!

Deez are mine:

Not Being on My Death Bed

Although I had a tragically scary 48 hours to kick off the week, I am so thankful at how quickly I have recovered…

Now, what to do with all that jello and ginger ale…

You’re lying if you say that alcohol related activities didn’t immediately spring to your mind.

Almond Milk Dirty Chai @ Smellycat

The Smellycat Coffeehouse in NODA has quickly become my go-to coffee shops in Charlotte.  Partly because of location, but also because of how awesome it is.  My favorite bev is easily their Dirty Chai, made instead with almond milk.  If you’re ever in the area, I suggest giving it a try!  Also, don’t be afraid to ask the coffee shop that you’re visiting for their dairy-free alternatives.  They should be up with the times at this point!

If you’re just at home, don’t forget to give my dairy-free chai tea “latte” a try either.

P.S.- Dirty Chai = Chai Tea Latte + shot of espresso

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick

This will always and forever be my favorite lipstick of all time.  It’s literally perfect.  The application is easy, it stays all day {no matter how much you eat or drink}, and you’ll get many a compliment while it’s worn.  Trust me, I know.

I recently wore my “Beso Red #10” while in Huntington and quickly remembered why I love it so much.

I’ll be honest, I’m a huge make-up girl in the sense that I appreciate quality in my products over quantity.  For my day to day, the main reason why I wear any make up at all is to cover up my stupid pre-teen skin and to look like I’m awake.  {Like we’ve covered…body of 25 year old, skin of a 13 year old}.  However, I do love a good excuse to get all glammed up and go do fun things.  My favorite go-to “fun” makeup?  Lipstick.

My favorite lipstick line used to be anything MAC, but this Stila definitely takes the cake.  The Stay All Day line doesn’t have as many color options as MAC, but for what I try to go for, I prefer the Stila.  Expect a full write up soon.

House of Cards

Need I say more?  House of Cards is here, people!!!  Hide yo kids, hide yo wife.  I watched the most recent season finale last night just as refresher, and I am so excited this is back!  If you’re worried you’re going to ruin your life and binge watch it all over the weekend then feel empty and depressed until the next season comes out {because let’s be honest, Netflix releasing something like this all at once totally feeds into our glutonous “gimmie, gimmie, gimmie” culture, and we all buy into it}, do what I do.  Exhibit an ounce of self control, stay off spoiler alert blogs, and limit yourself to one to two episodes a day.  I have to do this with Orange Is The New Black.  As long as YOU can control YOURSELF, it’s a much healthier way to indulge in this quite tantalizing masterpiece.


Kevin Spacey is the man.  In life, and in this show.

Reusable Wine Tote

I’ve had this baby for awhile but I have just recently been using it again and remembered why I love it.  I’m all about reusable bags when grocery shopping, so why not take it to other aspects of life?  This is a  Scout reusable wine tote.  So, when you’re going to a friend’s/picnic/whatever, just slip your bottle of wine into this sturdy, fashionable tote and you’re good to go!

I last used this tote when I went over to my friend, Emily’s, for Valentine’s Dinner.  It’s cute and cheap.  This rings in at only $7.50, and there are a variety of patterns and colors to choose from.  They even have insulated bags, as well as bags that are built to hold more than one bottle!

You would never know that there’s a bottle of wine in here, would you?  Though, if I’m the one carrying it, that’s safe to assume…

Okay now your turn, list your Five Things for the week by commenting below or using the hashtag #FiveThingsSF on any social media platform!

What are your Five Things for the week?  Happy Friday, all!

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I was not compensated for any product recommendations on this page, all thoughts are my own.

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#FiveThingsSF {Feb 20 2015}

It’s Friday, and once again time to round out this week’s Five Things!  Remember to share your Five Things for the week by using the hashtag #FiveThingsSF !!

Going to Durham

Like I talked about earlier in the week, getting to go home to Durham was an easy decision for my Five Things of the week.  I’m not sure when I’ll be able to go home again, but being there for a little bit was a nice treat.

V-Day Girl Time

As you already know, Jimmy and I weren’t able to spend Valentine’s Day together because of our schedules.  Since he was gone, I ended up going over to my friend, Emily’s apartment to hang out/have dinner with some friends.  Even though Jimmy couldn’t be there on that day, it was still so much fun to just have some girl time and hang out!

Dairy Free Chai Tea Latte

I’m going to share the recipe next week {I promiseee!!} but this week I created my own recipe for a dairy free chai tea latte!!!!  I’m obsessed with chai tea latte’s but the downside of it all is that they’re generally made with cow’s milk.  Thank goodness for all of the other healthy alternatives these days!

10% Happier

Now that I’m done with Amy Poehler’s book, the next one that I’m reading is 10% Happier by Dan Harris.  I’m only about 10 pages in, but I can tell that I’m already going to like it.

Duke Winning

Holy basketball game, Batman!!!!  This past Wednesday was the first of the two basketball games between Duke and UNC of the season.  Arguably the best college rivalry out there.  I was losing my mind watching the game as it went into overtime, but I’M SO FREAKING HAPPY Duke was able to pull a win out at home.

I was also happy to see that snapchat had a snap story for the Cameron Crazies that night.  That’s where I got this from.  I have no idea who’s snapchat this is, but it’s awesome.  Just like all of them were.

So now it’s your turn!

What are your Five Things for the week?  Comment below or use the hashtag #FiveThingsSF !!

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#FiveThingsSF {Feb 13 2015}

And as I’m typing this out I’m realizing that today is Friday the 13th.

Man, Friday the 13th and then Valentine’s Day?  This is a pretty risky 48 hours for some people.

Anyway, Friday the 13th, Shmriday the 13th.  Let’s get on with our Five Things for the week!  Remember, we’re doing something different now.  Instead of just the regular old #FiveThings, we’re doing #FiveThingsSF from here on out.  Click the link for more info, but remember- pick a social media venue {Facebook, Twitter, Insta, etc} and list YOUR Five Things for the week with the hashtag #FiveThingsSF {you can tag me in it too if ya want @_skinnyfingers_/Christine Lavery for Facebook}.  The “SF” part is important because there really isn’t anything of any importance associated with the hashtag {yet}.  Using it will help us all be able to check out one another’s Five Things for the week very easily.

Last thing to remember {I know, I know…sorry}, you don’t have write the next great American novel like I somehow end up attempting every week.  Just make a sweet little list of the five things you’re thankful for this week, add #FiveThingsSF, and boom….ya all done.  Let’s get started.

Trampoline Park Date Night

There is a trampoline park by our apartment complex that goes by the name, Defy Gravity.  I’m not exaggerating when I say that for the past 8 months my frat bros, real brother Ryan, and I have all been saying “you know, we should do that some time”…and then nothing ever happens.  I don’t know what kind of woo-woo juice Jimmy had been drinking earlier that day, but on Monday night he came home after work and said, “Let’s go to the trampoline park”.

I said, “Ok”.

And then we went.  Sometimes it’s just that easy to do something you’ve been “planning” on doing all this time.  We signed our waivers online, did what we needed to do, and went over to play in the trampoline park for an hour.  I ran four miles earlier and I didn’t sweat half as much as I did while we jumped around.  It was SO…MUCH…FUN!!!

Picture an open room, the size of a department store with floors upon floors of trampolines, basketball courts with trampoline floors, obstacle course trampoline things, and tons of other stuff.  We were jumping, dunking, flipping, and racing each other.  We felt like kids again.  I should also mention that we were some of the oldest people in there…but who cares.  Jimmy absolutely loved it so I’m sure we will go again.  Next time I’ll take my phone inside so I can show you our sweet jumps.

New Armband

I’ve really been needing a new armband for when I run and workout, but honestly I just keep forgetting to get one.  That is until I’m about to grab a bar at the gym and then have to awkwardly stuff my phone in my waistband or sports bra.  This week I while buying shampoo at Target, I saw this baby for only FIVE DOLLARS.

It’s mint, it’s cheap…it’s exactly what I need.  I’ve only had it for three days, so I can’t attest to the durability and longevity of it just yet, but I have no complaints thus far.


These were at Trader Joe’s in a huge bag for $3.99.  They’re a mix between a grapefruit and a tangerine.  So, naturally I bought the whole bag without hesitation.  It’s interesting because sometimes I can taste the little hint of grapefruit…but then I can’t and I think I’m just eating a large tangerine…

Either way, it’s a juicy citrus so I’m sold.  Definitely worth a shot a $3.99.

Friend!  Hi Friend!  Friend!

Social media is a funny thing.  It’s lead us to believe as a society that in order to actually be friends with another person, we must also be able to prove our electronic friendship.  But what happens when you aren’t “friends” with one of your really good friends, on a social media page as big as Facebook?  {{Were we ever friends at all?}}

That’s actually been an ongoing thing with one of my very best friends, Jess {you’ve seen her on here, she gets some occasional air-time}.  We became friends years ago, and then I would say about 6 months into the friendship, we realized that we weren’t “friends” on Facebook.  In a stubborn and probably slightly intoxicated fake-argument we decided that we weren’t going to friend each other.  If the other person was really “that desperate” to be Facebook friends then they could hit the “Add” button.  We were sitting right in front of each other, why did we HAVE to be FB friends?  Years have gone by and neither of us has requested the other’s friendship.  It’s actually something we both were proud of.

After seeing one another in Huntington the last time, we both decided that for “sharing” purposes//the blog’s sake//yada yada yada, we should probably break the cycle and become friends.  However, Jess refused to be the one to add me {she was playing hard to get}.  So yesterday, I broke down and added her.  I felt like a young Mark Zuckerberg at the end of The Social Network when he adds Rashida Jones’ character and just keeps hitting the “refresh” button until she accepts.

It’s weird being her FB Friend now.  Nothing’s different, we weren’t hiding anything from each other, but it’s just weird.  Idk, I might unfriend her.  🙂

Yoga One Valentine’s Gift

I gotta brag on the boy toy for a minute here.  He gave me the BEST Valentine’s Day gift EVER while still honoring our $30-ish rule.  Yoga One is a yoga studio that’s right up the block from our place, and they were/are running a special for people new to their studio- 31 days for $31.  That’s right, for the next 31 days, I can go to a yoga class a day, as many days as I want, for the next 31 days.  I started on Wednesday and plan on going every day, if not 6 days a week.  Yoga One is a Baptiste Affiliate Studio.  The instructors that I’ve had thus far have been great, they help everyone individually with their technique, while still teaching the entire class.  The rooms are heated to approx 104 degrees, and at the end we get a cold, lavender scented towel that we can lay on our forehead during Savasana//Corpse Pose.  It’s just wonderful.

Yoga is something I enjoy, something that I want to get better at, and definitely something that is very humbling.  I’m excited to see where the next 31 days get me!

Speaking of which, I’m off to yoga now…TTYL!

What are your Five Things for the week??  Remember, #FiveThingsSF so we can all see.  Sharing is caring!!

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#FiveThingsSF {Feb 8 2015}

Welcome to Sunday evening, everyone!  I wanted to post this yesterday, but there were a few things that I needed to have happen first, so I wouldn’t ruin any surprises.  This will all make sense in a minute.

But, let’s get on with the Five Things for the week!

Recapping the #FiveThings thus Far {PLUS A SERIOUS UPDATE}

If you guys have been to the main page of the blog in the past few weeks, you’ve probably noticed a few edits {i.e. font changes aaannndddd TABS}.  That’s right.  I organized more than my top drawer this week.  While this has been about a two week process, a few days ago I dedicated my time to update the #FiveThings page, listing the “five things” of each week next to their respective date.  Click the link to check it out.

Now, I do want to note-  there are a lot of words on that page, and even as a blogger I know how much of a turn off that can be {too many words, EW!} <—- {Jimmy Fallon joke}.  I’m in the process of adding images and organizing everything even more, so keep your eyes open for that.  You have to start somewhere, right?

And finally, on to the “serious update”.  Deciding to blog means a lot of things, one of which ultimately lies in the fact that the desire to do it comes from somewhere personal.  I think any blogger would agree with me on that.  Going through all of my “Five Things”, and seeing a very abbreviated version of the past six months of my time in CLT was for lack of a better term, really cool.  It’s part of the reason why I blog.  Not only to help others and create a positive environment/ community, but also to document my own growth.  I honestly think everyone needs to document their personal growth to a certain extent {even if you never share it}.  It’s incredibly eye opening.  As I grow and evolve, so will the blog.  It’s the “never-ending life project” {sounds super fun, right?}.  That being said, I’m once again updating #FiveThings {remember when I used to call it “High-Five Friday” for like two weeks?  Ughh, can I get some wine with all that cheesiness??}.

Trying to remain brief here, every week I blab on and on about my Five Things, but what I really want to do is hear about YOURS.  That’s right!  Read the full explanation here on the actual #FiveThings page.  What we’re going to do here is have everyone share their Five Things by simply using the hashtag #FiveThingsSF.  {I checked, nothing of any importance is associated with this hashtag thus far}.  Notice how I’m using it in the title today?  Now, you don’t have to go into storytime mode like me, just get on whatever social media venue you want, and list your Five Things for the week with the hashtag #FiveThingsSF 🙂  Sharing is caring, but it also gets you to think about YOUR Five Things, which will make you reflect and be happy!!!   {remember to read the full explanation in the link above, I’ve got to get on to #FiveThingsSF #2}….

New Jams of the Week

My friend Molly graced us all with another “Jams of the Week” this week, and it has been glorious.  The ultimate friend playlist strikes again, and I think it’s by far one of my favorites.  You can check out all of the JOTW by following me on Spotify.  Once you log in I’m listed as “christinelavery”.  Easy peasy.

Early morning workouts

I mentioned earlier in the week how I’ve been getting up for a Tues/Thurs 5:30am Bodypump class.  I used to get up on Wednesday’s for a 5:30 spin class, but with a variety of schedule adjustments and such, it kinda fell to the wayside.  Recently, I’ve been able to make it to the 5:30am classes and still get my day started on time.  I will admit, when I began getting up at 5am, it was a struggle.  However, every morning since I’ve started, it’s gotten easier and easier.  Now, if I don’t work out in some capacity early in the morning, I feel unaccomplished.

Am I turning back into a serious morning workout person again??  This hasn’t happened since 2011 {at least}…

My “One Line A Day” Journal

When I say that TONS of things are going on right now, just believe me.  I promise that I will explain everything when it’s appropriate.  Due to the fact that I’m in a position where I can’t yet just blurt it all out, I’ve been keeping daily tabs on myself with my “One Line a Day” journal.  It’s been my saving grace.  I’m particularly interested to look back on what I’ve had to say about my life once I’m through this time period.  I’m all about that growth and reflection.

This journal is blocked out to cover the next five years of your life.  Kind of intimidating, right?  Wrong!  It’s awesome!  All you have to do each day is write a line a day about whatever you want.  Did something good happen?  Something bad?  Or maybe nothing at all, you just heard a really funny joke? Write it down!  I found this at Target about six months ago.  It’s probably still in stock at a Target near you, buuuuutttttt I did find in online.  Want one of your own?  Click here.

Liz Getting Her Bride-To-Be Package

This is basically what I was waiting for to happen yesterday.

It’s an extremely exciting time because one of my very best friends and former college rommies is getting married!  {The Liz in Chicago!!}  She got engaged right before Christmas, and my other friends, Jess and Abby were wanting to put a “Congrats//Bride-To-Be” gift basket together for her.  We were finally able to when I met up with Jess in Huntington the other weekend.  Abby was still in Miami, so she helped us get everything together remotely, but we assembled it that Friday.  Yesterday, Liz finally got it!

Post to come on how to build the best “Bride-To-Be” gift basket, it was so much fun getting everything together!  {and surprising her with it…surprising people with gifts is my favorite}.

Alright people, what are your #FiveThingsSF for the week?? Let’s hear ’em!

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#FiveThings {Jan 30 2015}

I’m not sure exactly why, but this week went by incredibly fast.  Anyone else feel this way?  Either way, it’s Friday, and another edition of #FiveThings, so let’s get the round up started.  This is the fun part! Yee-haw.

I Thought You Were Bye-Bye-Bye

While driving up to Huntington last week, I hit a dead zone {totally normal up the WV turnpike}.  My Sirius XM was fading in and out, I was tired of the music on my phone, and since I’ve had my car since ’09, I knew I had some CD’s…somewhere…  {I was actually looking for a particular CD and couldn’t find it, grrrrr}.  Either way, I found my old Visor CD Holder {anyone remember those??}, and started rifling through it.  Wowwwie-wah-wah did I find some oldies. {Photo not taken while driving} N*Sync, Goo Goo Dolls/Dizzy Up The Girl, Grease, Yellowcard, and Now 5 {the best Now, if you ask me}.  Oh yeah, and a bunch of burned CD’s compiled by either myself or my brother, Ryan.  Remember when that was a thing?  Burning CD’s?  The good old days. And the Dirty Dancing Havana Nights soundtrack…that was a good movie, I don’t care what any one of you has to say about that. I couldn’t help but laugh at my young self.  I’ve never claimed to have excellent taste in music.


This past Sunday, my main man Coach K hit his 1,000 win.  I know I’ve ranted and raved about him numerous times on here, so I won’t go total fangirl and do it again.  But what a classy dude.  No one deserves this more than him, and I’m not just saying that because #Duke4Lyfe.


If anyone wants to buy me that “Coack 1K” shirt pictured here, feel free.  I like big t-shirts, so size XL please {seriously, message me…I’ll give you the mailing address}.

La Fam Pasta

I am getting too nostalgic for you?  Very well then, I’m getting too nostalgic.  Last comment/post/blog involving Huntington for awhile, but I just wanted to highlight the most amazing pasta on planet earth.  I would cheat {on my diet} every day of the week for this thing.  It’s the Pasta Capri, with homemade pasta, fresh basil, tomatoes, and homemade mozz cheese with shrimp.  This specific pasta was crafted by friend and former coworker, Cody.  Per request, I’ve given it a special place in the SF world.

But really, if you ever find yourself in Huntington, WV, you have to eat at La Famiglia.

Honest Hand Sani

As you know, I’m all about keeping things as clean, organic, chemical-free, and holistically good for you as possible.  When it comes to cleaners/disinfectants/the works, that is no exception.  I’ve really been digging the Honest Co. products lately.  As someone who uses their all-pourpose disinfectant spray on the reg, while I was at Target I decided to give their hand sanitizer a try.  {It’s only about 2.50-2.99, and Target is a great place to find a variety of Honest products if you don’t feel like the whole online shopping thing}.

Amy Poehler’s Book

As a fan of any strong female role model, and love of Tina Fey’s, Bossypants, I’ve been wanting to read this book since it came out.  Jess luckily had a copy and let me borrow it when I was in H-Town.  It’s everything I anticipated and more.  God love Amy Poehler. I’ll give you guys the full rundown once I’m finished. Allllllright, that’s all folks!  Hope everyone has a great weekend and Super Bowl Sunday!  What are your #FiveThings for the week?  Let’s hear ’em! Tags: , , , , , ,

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#FiveThings {Jan 23 2015}

Why hello there, Friday.  Nice to see you’ve decided to show up.

It’s Friday, people and that means another edition of #FiveThings!!  Here’s what I’m digging this week…

American Sniper

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, please go this weekend.  It is a powerful, powerful film.

Jimmy and I went to go see it on Wednesday night, and I don’t think I’ve ever left a theatre where the entire audience was silent once the credits finished rolling.  It was eeire, and the ending was quite honestly a lot to process.  I knew that it was a true story, but I wasn’t sure how it was going to end.  Having both friends and family in the military, it sheds a light on the sacrifice that our soldiers and their families make every day.  I know that there are other military-based movies out there that do the same thing, but this one….this one was different.  I always have been, but it reminded me and made me even more proud and thankful for our military and their families.

Huntington Bound

Some of my friends are getting together in Huntington this weekend.  I get to see them.  I’M SO EXCITED!  And it’s much needed.  Cue the nostalgic warm fuzzy feeling.

This Moisturizer

Stop what you’re doing right now and go buy this.  During this time of year, like many people, I struggle with dry skin.  I’m all about moisturizing, especially at night.  Recently, the body butter that I had gotten from a certain Shmath and Shody Works just wasn’t doing the trick anymore.  I originally learned about this product from a sample out of an old Birchbox, and I went to Sephora pretty much the next day to buy it.  The FAB {First Aid Beauty} Ultra Repair Cream can even be used on your face.  It even works well with my skin, and we all know how cooperative my face can be {that’s sarcasm if you’re just joining us}.

LUSH Bath Bombs

Remember that time I said anything but an Epsom Salt Bath was stupid?  I would like to formally retract that statement.  My friend Abby raves about the LUSH Bath Bombs, and I decided to give one a try.  Holy moly, what have I been missing out on?? {Side note:  I still shower after a bath, I can’t quite justify the whole bath=clean idea}

They’re fairly inexpensive, especially for a luxurious bathing experience.  As a whole, I LOVE the LUSH company.  They’re a clean company of handmade ingredients, with green, ethically purchased products…oh, and they’re also against animal testing.  Click here to check out the full story.

Dairy Free Yogurt

What I thought was once an oxymoron is no more.  When I found this this week, I felt like I discovered Pluto.  Since leading a mainly dairy-free diet, the main thing that I’ve missed was yogurt.  While grocery shopping for Jimmy and his wisdom tooth surgery diet, I found this in the yogurt aisle.

This is the same company that makes the Coconut Creamer that I love.  It’s kind of obvious that this isn’t regular old dairy yogurt, but it is a great alternative.

What are your #FiveThings for the week?

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#FiveThings {Jan 18 2015}

Hello there everyone!  Welcome to another edition of #FiveThings for this past week.  In a few hours my frat bros and I will be heading over to Ryan’s for some football action, so I wanted to get this up ASAP with enough time to squeeze in a run {it’s so beautiful out today!}.  I don’t have a dog in this fight anymore, but who do you guys think will make it to the Super Bowl?  {Remember my How to Eat With The Guys//Without Eating Like the Guys post today, you got thisss}.

Crazy Helium Booth

Earlier this week, my friend Jess sent me some videos via the Crazy Helium Booth app.  It’s literally the funniest thing I have ever seen, and the easiest way to spend {waste} your time.  You basically pick a video filter, and a voice level and record a video.  Download it in the app store and try it.  Just to give you an idea….

{I got no shame in my helium booth game}

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Award season is upon us.  Whenever the Oscars/Golden Globes are here, I always try to watch as many of the nominated movies as I can.  One of the movies getting the most attention is The Grand Budapest Hotel, which I had the opportunity to watch this week {it’s on HBO GO}.  If you’re into watching the nominated movies like I am, I definitely recommend this one.  Heck, even if you’re not, it’s still a great flick.

Random Txts of Support

I’ll be honest with you, work has been rough recently.  I’ll be honest with you again, blogging is my biggest hobby.  Even at work I find myself daydreaming about what else I can do with the blog whether it’s writing, design…anything.  I try as hard as I can to create quality, worthwhile posts for you to read, but with 40 hour work weeks and two hour commutes every day, time is something I don’t exactly have a lot of.  Nevertheless, I will continue to write on.  Blogging has served as a great creative outlet for me over the years.  Do I want it to grow?  Yes, of course, I think most blogger’s feel that way about their baby blog.  My motto is:  as long as one person is reading and getting something out of this whole Skinny Fingers thing, I will continue to write.  This past week, I received an out of the blue text from a friend and former coworker, just letting me know that she’s been following along and she appreciates that I’ve taken the time to write.  This meant {and still means} SO. MUCH. I think a lot of fellow blogger’s can relate to this.  The fact that she took the time to reach out to me is just a nice little thing to remind me to keep going {thanks, Val!}.  Of course my family, Jimmy, and close friends are always supporting me, and I can’t say enough how much I appreciate that, but the random little notes of support are always welcomed warmly.

It’s like that AT&T commercial- “I appreciate that you appreciate that”, “well, I appreciate that you appreciate that I appreciate that”…

Only kidding.  But seriously, I can’t say enough how much something like that means to me. 🙂

Cheers to TWO Years

Yesterday, Jimmy and I celebrated our official two year dating anniversary {eeeeekkkk!}.  We’ve gone through a lot in these past two years, and I’m so thankful to have him by my side {muah}.  Alright, alright enough of the mushy stuff.  Ha!

We didn’t do much to celebrate because Jimmy is fresh out of wisdom tooth surgery.  So yea, he’s kind of out of commission.  He has a surprise planned for Monday night, so I’m very excited for that {maybe a post on that later}.  We just spent the night it with a little Netflix and one on one time while he heals.  If anyone remembers their own wisdom tooth surgery, Jimmy’s not in the best of spirits right now.   So send some positive healing vibes his way.  There’s a lot of yogurt, soup, and ice cream in the apartment.

Cheaper Alternatives

As we’ve covered before, sometimes I have the skin of a 13 year old pubescent teen.  As a 20-something, it’s one of the more frustrating things in life.  I consistently use my Mia Clarisonic 2, and it definitely helps.  I can tell a huuuuge difference in my skin when I do and do not use the little handheld machine.  This week, my Clarisonic “Acne Solutions” cleanser ran out.  It’s roughly $25, and not something I can dish $25 out for right now.  So, I decided to go to Target and try their basic “acne wash” salicylic cleanser.

News Flash:  My skin has actually gotten even better JUST by switching to this!  I’ve noticed the difference in only a week.  Just to give you an idea, this will cost you no more than $5.  I’m a person who has been burned by almost every trick in the book when it comes to acne solutions {it’s also burned a hole in my wallet}, so unexpectedly finding this was a more than pleasant surprise.

Alllllright, heading out now.  Happy Sunday!

What are your #FiveThings for the week?

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#FiveThings {Jan 11, 2015}

A little late night #FiveThings blogging sesh while watching the Golden Globes.  Tina and Amy are of course killing it.

The second full week of the new year has just begun, before we get started let’s take a minute to recap last week’s, #FiveThings!


I technically finished listening to this podcast last Friday, but I had already posted my #FiveThings for the week and I didn’t want to say anything about it until I finished.  This is a podcast that I’ve heard about from a variety of people, and after I upgraded myself to the iPhone 5s the other week, I decided to download it on the podcast app.  It’s 12 episodes long, and I listened to it day in and day out.  I even listened to it when I ran, that’s how obsessed I was.

I won’t say anything to spoil it, but basically this podcast covers and recants the story of Adnan Syed, a 17 year old teenager who is convicted of his ex-girlfriends murder.  To this day he has maintained his innocence, and between the amount of people who think he’s innocent, and the way that the case was handled, you might start to think he’s innocent as well…but is he?  I really can’t say any more or I will give it away.  Just have a listen for yourself.  It definitely helped me out during my hour long commutes to work.

“This is a Global Tel-Link prepaid call from Adnan Syed, an inmate at a Maryland correctional facility”…

True Detective

Continuing with my binge-a-thon ways…

The best thing Matthew McConaughey has done recently besides those Lincoln commercials {*sarcasm*}…is True Detective.  I’m partial to his role as Jack Lengyel in We Are Marshall, for obvious reasons, and as an actor, he’s done some amazing things.  His role in True Detective is just one of the many.  For Christmas, Ryan gave me a Google Chromecast {yesssss}, so Jimmy and I made T.D. our first big fish to fry with that baby.  It’s only eight episodes long, but it is quite intense.  We finished it in just a few days.  I recommend it to anyone that loves dark and twisted murder mysteries…keeping in mind it is on HBO, not quite kid-friendly, if you catch my drift.

It is definitely a must watch.

Got to See Duke Play this Week

My fellow roommate, Andrew, is a HUGE Duke fan, just like me. #DUKEFAN4LYFE

They played Wake Forest on Wednesday night, which is only about an hour or so away from our apartment.  On Monday night, we decided to get tickets for the game.  The last time I saw Duke play in person was at Cameron Indoor when Kyle Singler and Jon Scheyer {who is now an assistant coach} were still on the team.  So basically, that was a while ago.

The team is very young and promising this year, and even though it was at Wake, it was a nice last minute surprise to see them in action!

So what, we were in the cheap seats?  It was still a great, and at times too close for comfort, game.  Of course, Duke won. 🙂

But I’m not going to talk about what happened today.

Nicki Minaj- The Pinkprint Deluxe

It’s about as easy to pin down my taste in music as it is to pin the tail on the donkey.  As you might have noticed on the blog, I range anywhere from Taylor Swift to Elton John to Bruce Springsteen.  My current music obsession, especially for working out, is Nicki Minaj’s new album, “The Pinkprint Deluxe”.  Go ahead and judge me.

HOC Volunteer Orientation

On Saturday morning, I attended my official orientation with the volunteer organization I joined, Hands On Charlotte.  Since making it my New Year’s Resolution, to volunteer more, I was eager to get started.  I went through an hour long info session with about 20 other volunteers, got a t-shirt, and learned about all of the awesome opportunities to volunteer in the community.  In my previous post about my NY Resolution {linked above}, I mentioned that to stay on track my rule of thumb was that no matter what, I had to volunteer once a month.  The orientation leader emphasized how one day, he hopes that “regular volunteering” becomes a part of everyone’s life.  To him, “regular volunteering” means participating once a month.  Perfect, right?  Of course I hope to volunteer more than once a month.  Either way, I can’t wait to get started!

Before heading home, I walked over to one of my favorite local coffee shops, Nova’s Bakery to grab a Red Eye {coffee & shots of espresso} and macaroons.  I decided on two, their coffee and pistachio flavored macaroons.  It was the perfect treat to start off Saturday!

Good luck with the upcoming week, everyone!!

What are your #FiveThings for this past week?

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#FiveThings {Jan 2 2015}

Yoohoo, hope everyone has had a great start to their Two Zero One Five!

I certainly have, and even though I have to go back to work today for just one day, I’m excited for what’s to come.  Let’s get this started by jumping into this year’s first edition of #FiveThings….

lokai Bracelet

Yesterday I received my final Christmas present, and being that yesterday was the start of the New Year, it couldn’t have come at a better time.  One of my very best friends, Molly, sent me a lokai Bracelet.  If you haven’t heard of this company {which I didn’t know anything about until yesterday either}, you need to get on it.

At first glance it might not seem like much, but it represents so much more, and that’s why I love it.  There are two balls on this bracelet that sit exactly opposite from one another.  The white ball {at the top of my wrist} holds water from Mt. Everest, the highest point on earth.  While the dark ball {at the bottom of my wrist} holds mud from the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth.  It’s meant to represents the cycles we go through in life.  When we reach our highest points, remember to stay humble.  When we reach our lowest points, remember to stay hopeful.  The rest of the beads are clear to represent that we all have our own journey and story to tell.

Life is full of joy and sadness, and we can all relate to its highs and lows. I hope that lokai will remind you to stay balanced and centered along your journey.”- Steve Izen, founder of lokai

If you know me {which Molly clearly does} then you know how much I love stuff like this.  Easily the most perfect way to end my gift receiving for Christmas, and being the start of the New Year.

New Year/New Years Eve

News to no one, we all celebrated NYE in one way or another this week.  Jimmy and I had absolutely no plans for this holiday, we actually contemplated staying in.  One of Jimmy and Andrew’s friends from Marshall, Steven, decided to pay us a visit.  We wanted to avoid paying an outrageous cover/amount of money to go anywhere…and just like with brunch, Jackbeagles came through in the clutch.  No cover to get in, great drink specials, great location, and full of great people.  It was an evening well spent for sure.

The next morning, we got an extra special treat because my parents drove over from Durham to spend time with us and help Ryan move a few things {he’s in the process of moving apts}.  We all grabbed lunch, and even though it was a short visit, it’s always nice to get some fam time in there.  Not a bad way to spend the first day of the year if I do say so myself.

Kitchen Tools

You know your an adult when Christmas = getting more kitchen tools…and you’re happy about it.

This year, Santa done good.  I can’t wait to use everything I got.  It’s like when you get new workout gear or a new pair of running shoes, you know?  It’s just that extra motivation to get out there and be healthy!

Pictured:  a Batter Bowl w/ Lid, two sets of Ramekins, stainless steel scraper {to help scrap dough or help transfer things like chopped onions and garlic}, a four option grater/julienne peeler with measuring options, a herb infuser {green tube}, and a garlic roller {yellow}. <— This is the bomb.com by the way.  All you have to do is insert a garlic clove, peel and all, into the tube, apply pressure and roll back and forth a few times…IT PEELS THE GARLIC CLOVE FOR YOU.  Enough said about that.  Go get one.  Sur La Table.

Not Pictured:  a NEW Crock-pot with a fancy timer!

Yoga Strap

One thing I want to get more into this year is yoga.  One thing I am absolutely not, is flexible.  I found this gem at Marshall’s for $3.99 and I couldn’t pass it up.  Having this by my side will help me improve my flexibility and hold some of those more difficult poses for a beginner/intermediate like myself.  If you’re in a bit of a workout slump, I suggest strolling through the fitness section of a Marshall’s or TJ Maxx.  Whether it’s a new piece of clothing or a little workout tool, it’s a cheap way to spark that fitness fire.


One of the main reasons I like training for things like half marathons {besides the whole accomplishment thing} is because it gives me structure for my workouts.  I have a set, 8 week schedule of what I need to do, and I go get it done.  Since I haven’t signed up for any races {yet}, I decided I needed to figure something out in terms of my “plan” for the first part of the year.  That’s why I’ve decided to participate in Tone It Up’s #150byVday.  I’ve mentioned in the past how I love those two beach babes, Karena and Katrina, founders and creators of Tone It Up.  They just started a “New Year Love Your Body Challenge” to kick off the year.  Basically, you have to complete 150 miles by Valentine’s Day.  Click here for the full explanation.  You’re not supposed to only run to complete this challenge, different forms of exercise equate to different amounts of “miles”, but of course running also counts.  They also have a #100byVday challenge, same thing, less miles.  I wanted to give myself a little extra challenge, so I went for the bigger fish.

I’m going to print this off so I can slash my miles off, one at a time…won’t you guys join me??

I hope everyone has a great first weekend of the year!

What are your #FiveThings for the week?

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