Monday Mantra {Feb 16 2015}

Today’s Monday Mantra is inspired by two things– the SNL 40th Anniversary Special {#SNL40}, as well as the unplanned timing of the finishing of Amy Poehler’s book, Yes Please.  Let me first start off by saying, if you haven’t read her book yet, stop what you’re doing right now and go get it.  If you don’t have President’s Day off, leave work, and do whatever you need to do to add it to your bookshelf.  I give you permission.

Also, who else watched the 40th Anniversary Special??  What a treat.

I honestly could have read this book in a day, but I had to pace myself.  For the past two weeks or so, Amy has been like my best friend,  a cool older sibling telling me all I need to know about life.  On top of that, I’ve watched Parks and Rec since it began, but Jimmy is now catching up/binge watching it on Netflix so we can watch the final season.  So I’ve got Amy Poehler all up in my biznass, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I didn’t want to finish the book because I didn’t want Amy to leave me, and go back to her cool {real} life in NYC.  When I openly told Jimmy that was my main concern, he looked at me like the crazy person that I am.  {but it’s true! anyone that reads a good book knows what I mean, you don’t want to stop reading because you don’t want it all to end}.

The quote itself came from my pal Amy’s book.  This specific meme was actually made by Ally, a friend/former coworker {as tagged on Insta…great job Ally!}.  There are a plethora of great tips and life advice that Amy dishes out, and I’m totally right there with her on her theories regarding time travel.  You really just have to read the book for yourself, simply telling you about the advice gold-mine isn’t doing it justice.

This type of advice comes from most experienced people, in a variety of ways, but I really think we can’t hear it enough.  So often are we concerned with what other people think, way more than we should be, and this can trip us up.  Holding this concern//paranoia//whatever you want to call it, can cause us to distort how we feel or what we’re trying to do.

And quite frankly, that’s just messed up.  The more I look back on situations where I put what I think other’s are thinking before what I’m actually trying to accomplish in my life, it’s just turned into a waste of time and energy.  Anyone else feel that way?

I think what Amy is basically trying to say is– treat yourself right, work hard, and do you boo boo.

Gotcha, Ames.  {not sure if I’m allowed to call you that}

So now that I have this empty hole in my heart, like when you binge watch a show in two days flat, I’m not sure how to handle it.  I’ll probably end up watching Baby Mama tonight.

“B!#$@ I don’t know your life!”

Happy Monday, all!  I hope everyone has a great start to the new week!  What are your mantra’s for the week?

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3 thoughts on “Monday Mantra {Feb 16 2015}

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