#FiveThingsSF {Feb 13 2015}

And as I’m typing this out I’m realizing that today is Friday the 13th.

Man, Friday the 13th and then Valentine’s Day?  This is a pretty risky 48 hours for some people.

Anyway, Friday the 13th, Shmriday the 13th.  Let’s get on with our Five Things for the week!  Remember, we’re doing something different now.  Instead of just the regular old #FiveThings, we’re doing #FiveThingsSF from here on out.  Click the link for more info, but remember- pick a social media venue {Facebook, Twitter, Insta, etc} and list YOUR Five Things for the week with the hashtag #FiveThingsSF {you can tag me in it too if ya want @_skinnyfingers_/Christine Lavery for Facebook}.  The “SF” part is important because there really isn’t anything of any importance associated with the hashtag {yet}.  Using it will help us all be able to check out one another’s Five Things for the week very easily.

Last thing to remember {I know, I know…sorry}, you don’t have write the next great American novel like I somehow end up attempting every week.  Just make a sweet little list of the five things you’re thankful for this week, add #FiveThingsSF, and boom….ya all done.  Let’s get started.

Trampoline Park Date Night

There is a trampoline park by our apartment complex that goes by the name, Defy Gravity.  I’m not exaggerating when I say that for the past 8 months my frat bros, real brother Ryan, and I have all been saying “you know, we should do that some time”…and then nothing ever happens.  I don’t know what kind of woo-woo juice Jimmy had been drinking earlier that day, but on Monday night he came home after work and said, “Let’s go to the trampoline park”.

I said, “Ok”.

And then we went.  Sometimes it’s just that easy to do something you’ve been “planning” on doing all this time.  We signed our waivers online, did what we needed to do, and went over to play in the trampoline park for an hour.  I ran four miles earlier and I didn’t sweat half as much as I did while we jumped around.  It was SO…MUCH…FUN!!!

Picture an open room, the size of a department store with floors upon floors of trampolines, basketball courts with trampoline floors, obstacle course trampoline things, and tons of other stuff.  We were jumping, dunking, flipping, and racing each other.  We felt like kids again.  I should also mention that we were some of the oldest people in there…but who cares.  Jimmy absolutely loved it so I’m sure we will go again.  Next time I’ll take my phone inside so I can show you our sweet jumps.

New Armband

I’ve really been needing a new armband for when I run and workout, but honestly I just keep forgetting to get one.  That is until I’m about to grab a bar at the gym and then have to awkwardly stuff my phone in my waistband or sports bra.  This week I while buying shampoo at Target, I saw this baby for only FIVE DOLLARS.

It’s mint, it’s cheap…it’s exactly what I need.  I’ve only had it for three days, so I can’t attest to the durability and longevity of it just yet, but I have no complaints thus far.


These were at Trader Joe’s in a huge bag for $3.99.  They’re a mix between a grapefruit and a tangerine.  So, naturally I bought the whole bag without hesitation.  It’s interesting because sometimes I can taste the little hint of grapefruit…but then I can’t and I think I’m just eating a large tangerine…

Either way, it’s a juicy citrus so I’m sold.  Definitely worth a shot a $3.99.

Friend!  Hi Friend!  Friend!

Social media is a funny thing.  It’s lead us to believe as a society that in order to actually be friends with another person, we must also be able to prove our electronic friendship.  But what happens when you aren’t “friends” with one of your really good friends, on a social media page as big as Facebook?  {{Were we ever friends at all?}}

That’s actually been an ongoing thing with one of my very best friends, Jess {you’ve seen her on here, she gets some occasional air-time}.  We became friends years ago, and then I would say about 6 months into the friendship, we realized that we weren’t “friends” on Facebook.  In a stubborn and probably slightly intoxicated fake-argument we decided that we weren’t going to friend each other.  If the other person was really “that desperate” to be Facebook friends then they could hit the “Add” button.  We were sitting right in front of each other, why did we HAVE to be FB friends?  Years have gone by and neither of us has requested the other’s friendship.  It’s actually something we both were proud of.

After seeing one another in Huntington the last time, we both decided that for “sharing” purposes//the blog’s sake//yada yada yada, we should probably break the cycle and become friends.  However, Jess refused to be the one to add me {she was playing hard to get}.  So yesterday, I broke down and added her.  I felt like a young Mark Zuckerberg at the end of The Social Network when he adds Rashida Jones’ character and just keeps hitting the “refresh” button until she accepts.

It’s weird being her FB Friend now.  Nothing’s different, we weren’t hiding anything from each other, but it’s just weird.  Idk, I might unfriend her.  🙂

Yoga One Valentine’s Gift

I gotta brag on the boy toy for a minute here.  He gave me the BEST Valentine’s Day gift EVER while still honoring our $30-ish rule.  Yoga One is a yoga studio that’s right up the block from our place, and they were/are running a special for people new to their studio- 31 days for $31.  That’s right, for the next 31 days, I can go to a yoga class a day, as many days as I want, for the next 31 days.  I started on Wednesday and plan on going every day, if not 6 days a week.  Yoga One is a Baptiste Affiliate Studio.  The instructors that I’ve had thus far have been great, they help everyone individually with their technique, while still teaching the entire class.  The rooms are heated to approx 104 degrees, and at the end we get a cold, lavender scented towel that we can lay on our forehead during Savasana//Corpse Pose.  It’s just wonderful.

Yoga is something I enjoy, something that I want to get better at, and definitely something that is very humbling.  I’m excited to see where the next 31 days get me!

Speaking of which, I’m off to yoga now…TTYL!

What are your Five Things for the week??  Remember, #FiveThingsSF so we can all see.  Sharing is caring!!

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