Hello Huntington

Any chance to have a friend weekend is a good enough reason for me.  Like I covered in the most recent  #FiveThings, I was able to take a trip up to Huntington this weekend to spend time at my alma mater, Marshall University, with my friends!!!  This is a quick recap of that…it’ll mostly be pictures.

I got in to town on Friday around one o’clock and met up with my friend, Jess.  We first stopped by the Mulberry Street Meatball Company & Deli for lunch.  It was great to see my old “second fam”, and I got so distracted and was so hungry, I don’t have a food picture.  But trust me, it was amah-zing.

Before getting Jess back to work, I was also able to get a quick tour of Marshall’s brand spankin’ new indoor facility.  This thing is on point.

I also got to check out the HOF that’s attached to the new facility.  Not too shabby, Marshall.

Erika and Jess both had to work a little bit on Friday night, so Molly and I met at La Famiglia {where Jess was bartending}, and sat at the bar while we ate and had some wine until it was time to get ready to go out.

Chaos then ensued.  That’s all I have to say about that.

To everyone’s dismay but my own, it ended up snowing Friday night in Huntington and everything was covered when we woke up, like a dream.  I planned ahead and brought my camera, so Jess, Molly, and I headed out to Ritter Park with Erika’s dog, Oakley.  Ritter Park is a local park in Huntington where I’ve spent many a day running, walking, or just hanging out.

Check out this Canon goodness.

There’s Molly and Jess in the bottom left corner…so artsy.

And there’s Oakes!  She just loves to play.

Jess had to work at La Fam again on Saturday, so we ended up going back for round 2 for dinner.  We didn’t mind because this is literally one of {if not THE} best restaurants in Huntington.  I miss working here sometimes, the Hagy’s {owners} really are like family {P.S. Cody, you’re picture will be up Friday}.

As a group, we are legitimately the worst people to be responsible for taking pictures {and me…a blogger, for crying out loud!}  I think we just get so overwhelmed when we see each other that we get distracted and forget about it.  This was easily one of the best {and only} pictures from the weekend, at Jockey Club.

Sunday morning, we all went over to Jess’s house for brunch.  It was soooo good….better than anything we could have ordered out.

French Toast, bacon, cajun sweet potatoes, scrambled eggs, organic strawberries, and beermosas {Woodchuck and OJ}.  Easily the best thing to have while re-hashing the weekend, and our time at MU.  I’m pretty sure we sat around the table and walked down memory lane for two hours, if not more.  Even though not all of my friends were there, or could make it, it was so nice to be able to see everyone that I could.  Like I said yesterday, I ended up staying Sunday night because I didn’t try to leave until 6pm {great idea, Christine}. This allowed me to spend a little more time with Jess and watch the newest episode of GIRLS {and Friends on the ‘Flixxxx}.

It’s good to reintroduce yourself, to a part of yourself every now and then.  Quite honestly, it’s something that I’ve been needing recently.  I did a lot of growing up in Huntington {age 18-24, grad and undergrad}.  That town and the people in it are a big reason why I am who I am today.  Even if some growing pains were involved along the way.  It’s home #2.  When my friends are there with me, it’s like we never left one another and class is on Monday.  Everything in Herd Country is Kelly Green.  The boundaries of campus are marked by The Joan and Old Main, which watches over 4th Ave, serving as a navigational beaker when you need to get back home at 3am.  Houses, most of which are now used as apartments for college students, are aged with character and could probably use a paint job.  The margaritas at Rio are strong, and the arguably iconic bar owner, Herb, is waiting for you at The Union with “The Original Southern Belle”.  You can’t beat it.  Full of familiar faces, it doesn’t seem to change much, and that I don’t mind at all.  It’s not a perfect or glamorous city.  It’s Huntington, WV- a small college town with a football team, a lot of pride, and a sense of community.  Even though we all grow up and move away after we’ve learned some life lessons, it’s always ready to welcome home the sons and daughters of Marshall.

In fewer words, although I am glad to have moved on and be back in NC, I am thankful for Huntington.  It is there when you need it, and I’ve needed it and my friends, desperately.  I feel refreshed, like I hit a reset button.

Now it’s back to reality and I’m ready to hit the ground running.  Sometimes you just need a weekend off like that, you know?

How was everyone else’s weekend?  Do you love your alma mater as much as I do?

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