The Beauty of the Epsom Salt Bath

I guess technically since it is Wednesday, and this is a quick little “beauty” post, this could be considered another edition of Beauty Brief Wednesday

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Today’s all about bath time.  While bubble baths can be luxurious and relaxing, if I’m going to be laying still for 30 minutes or so and not napping, I better be getting some added health benefits out of it {stress-relief aside}.  I originally learned about Epsom Salt baths over two years ago when I tried out Dr. Oz’s 3 Day Cleanse.  {aw, memories…it’s funny to look back on those pictures and see Jimmy’s first Marshall apt in the background}…

For the cleanse, the Epsom Salt bath was meant to be taken for 30 minutes at the end of the day.  They also added that you should use a few drops of scented essential oil {lavender was recommended} for relaxation purposes.  This is something that I still do to this day.

So, what’s so great about Epsom Salt baths?  Well, funny you should ask because I’ll tell you right now.

First, there are a ton, so bear with me.

Keep in mind here that Epsom Salt is a mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate, which is readily absorbed throughout the body when mixed with warm water.  Your skin, being as porous as it is, grabs this stuff right up.  This is where the health benefits start to kick in.

Not only does E.S. ease stress and relax you by replenishing your body with magnesium, but it also rids your body of toxins.  Having the proper magnesium levels is shown to increase your serotonin {your happy feelings} as well as your energy and stamina levels {think better concentration, better sleeping, a better functioning nervous system}.  Taking this in bath form also creates a little bit of what is called “reverse osmosis”, pulling salt {although that sounds backwards, it’s true} and other harmful toxins out of your body.

These baths are also shown to relieve pain and muscle cramps, improve joint, nerve, and muscle health, and even help you when you’re feeling a little consto.

{Note: Espom Salt is shown to treat constipation when taken internally, butttt…full disclosure here– I’ve noticed improvements even just after a bath.  Always consult a physician before consuming Epsom Salt for these purposes.}

In terms of the essential oil, I still use lavender, but I’m thinking of switching it up to eucalyptus or something else in the hear future.

You can soak in an ES bath anywhere from 10-30 minutes, one to a few days a week at a time.  Just like with anything, everything is great in moderation.  Do I recommend taking an Epsom Salt bath every day?  Absolutely not, right now I just do it every now and then and I still notice the awesome benefits.

I will admit that I did take a Monday night bath while watching the newest episode of GIRLS on HBO.  A 24 minute episode is the perfect amount of time to take a bath.  Come to think of it, I think this will be my new Monday night routine.  Feel free to copy me.

Speaking of, anyone else happy that GIRLS is back??

There are all sorts of other Epsom Salt benefits that I didn’t even cover in this post {think gardening tricks, the cure for stinky feet, household cleaning, etc}.  Click here, here, and here for additional info.

Has anyone taken an Epsom Salt bath before?  What are some of your detox bath tricks and tips?

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