#FiveThings {Jan 11, 2015}

A little late night #FiveThings blogging sesh while watching the Golden Globes.  Tina and Amy are of course killing it.

The second full week of the new year has just begun, before we get started let’s take a minute to recap last week’s, #FiveThings!


I technically finished listening to this podcast last Friday, but I had already posted my #FiveThings for the week and I didn’t want to say anything about it until I finished.  This is a podcast that I’ve heard about from a variety of people, and after I upgraded myself to the iPhone 5s the other week, I decided to download it on the podcast app.  It’s 12 episodes long, and I listened to it day in and day out.  I even listened to it when I ran, that’s how obsessed I was.

I won’t say anything to spoil it, but basically this podcast covers and recants the story of Adnan Syed, a 17 year old teenager who is convicted of his ex-girlfriends murder.  To this day he has maintained his innocence, and between the amount of people who think he’s innocent, and the way that the case was handled, you might start to think he’s innocent as well…but is he?  I really can’t say any more or I will give it away.  Just have a listen for yourself.  It definitely helped me out during my hour long commutes to work.

“This is a Global Tel-Link prepaid call from Adnan Syed, an inmate at a Maryland correctional facility”…

True Detective

Continuing with my binge-a-thon ways…

The best thing Matthew McConaughey has done recently besides those Lincoln commercials {*sarcasm*}…is True Detective.  I’m partial to his role as Jack Lengyel in We Are Marshall, for obvious reasons, and as an actor, he’s done some amazing things.  His role in True Detective is just one of the many.  For Christmas, Ryan gave me a Google Chromecast {yesssss}, so Jimmy and I made T.D. our first big fish to fry with that baby.  It’s only eight episodes long, but it is quite intense.  We finished it in just a few days.  I recommend it to anyone that loves dark and twisted murder mysteries…keeping in mind it is on HBO, not quite kid-friendly, if you catch my drift.

It is definitely a must watch.

Got to See Duke Play this Week

My fellow roommate, Andrew, is a HUGE Duke fan, just like me. #DUKEFAN4LYFE

They played Wake Forest on Wednesday night, which is only about an hour or so away from our apartment.  On Monday night, we decided to get tickets for the game.  The last time I saw Duke play in person was at Cameron Indoor when Kyle Singler and Jon Scheyer {who is now an assistant coach} were still on the team.  So basically, that was a while ago.

The team is very young and promising this year, and even though it was at Wake, it was a nice last minute surprise to see them in action!

So what, we were in the cheap seats?  It was still a great, and at times too close for comfort, game.  Of course, Duke won. 🙂

But I’m not going to talk about what happened today.

Nicki Minaj- The Pinkprint Deluxe

It’s about as easy to pin down my taste in music as it is to pin the tail on the donkey.  As you might have noticed on the blog, I range anywhere from Taylor Swift to Elton John to Bruce Springsteen.  My current music obsession, especially for working out, is Nicki Minaj’s new album, “The Pinkprint Deluxe”.  Go ahead and judge me.

HOC Volunteer Orientation

On Saturday morning, I attended my official orientation with the volunteer organization I joined, Hands On Charlotte.  Since making it my New Year’s Resolution, to volunteer more, I was eager to get started.  I went through an hour long info session with about 20 other volunteers, got a t-shirt, and learned about all of the awesome opportunities to volunteer in the community.  In my previous post about my NY Resolution {linked above}, I mentioned that to stay on track my rule of thumb was that no matter what, I had to volunteer once a month.  The orientation leader emphasized how one day, he hopes that “regular volunteering” becomes a part of everyone’s life.  To him, “regular volunteering” means participating once a month.  Perfect, right?  Of course I hope to volunteer more than once a month.  Either way, I can’t wait to get started!

Before heading home, I walked over to one of my favorite local coffee shops, Nova’s Bakery to grab a Red Eye {coffee & shots of espresso} and macaroons.  I decided on two, their coffee and pistachio flavored macaroons.  It was the perfect treat to start off Saturday!

Good luck with the upcoming week, everyone!!

What are your #FiveThings for this past week?

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