Feel Better Tea

It’s that time of year.  Everyone around you is getting sick.

On Monday morning, at least four of my coworkers that sit immediately around me came to work complaining about sore glands, throats, noses, heads, etc.  After staying as far away as possible {bye Felicia}, I decontaminated my area.  Unfortunately, around lunch time yesterday I was feeling a little…off.  You know, when you’re not sick {yet}, but from the eyes up you can feel your head getting foggy.

Dun, Dun, Duuuuuuuun.

I refuse to be sick.  On top of that, I refuse to hastily reach for Nyquil when I’m not feeling my best.  It’s au naturel for as long as possible.  That means teas, extra sleep, vitamin C, and yes, garlic cloves.

Haven’t you ever heard the saying– Swallow a couple garlic cloves, put on some red lipstick, and throw yourself together?

Pretty sure that’s how it goes.

Whenever I’m not feeling well I will always make this tea as a cold remedy.  There are plenty of variations of this all over the web.  I’m not sure where it originally came from, but below are the measurements that I use.

8oz {a mug full} of hot water
2 Tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar
1 Tbsp of Raw Honey
The juice of one lemon
1 tsp of ground cinnamon
1 green tea packet or 2 Tbsp of loose leaf green tea

It wasn’t until I put everything together to take a picture that I realized that I might have a Trader Joe’s problem {but is it really a problem?}

Each one of these ingredients helps heal the body in a variety of ways.  The apple cider vinegar alkalizes the body to help kill bacteria, cinnamon is an effective antiviral, the raw honey is full of anti-oxidants and nutrients {vs. other shelf honey because it has not been pasteurized yet, which kills all kinds of important benefits}, and then hot tea/lemon water help boost the immune system and loosen ya up.  I prefer green tea when you’re feeling under the weather.

In addition to the tea, make sure you’re getting tons of rest, drinking lots of water, sweating it out {ahem..exercise!}, and properly nourishing your body– even if you’re craving starchy foods or have lost your appetite.  {Say no to starchy foods!!!}

Of course, if you’re truly, disgustingly on your “death bed”, go to the doctor.  I’m not a medical professional.  However, I like to do everything I possibly can before booking that appointment.

Also, Hot Toddy’s work.  But let’s be healthy here.  Try the Feel Better Tea first.

What are some of your favorite natural wellness recipes and tricks?

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