Back Fat Workout

One of my major quams with my life this very moment {besides the fact that I can’t put a dang Taylor Swift song on my Spotify playlists anymore} is that I sit all day.  I try to stand when I can, and do what I can to stay conscious of my posture, but with my job I HAVE to sit and stay plugged into my computer all day. Gravity is starting to rear it’s ugly head and I do not like what I see.

I might be slightly paranoid, because I do consistently workout, all of my clothes still fit fine, and I haven’t noticed any difference on the scale…but I feel like things are getting a little flabby around here.  I recently came up with a mid section/oblique workout that focuses on keeping that area tight.

Run through this workout three times and you’re golden!

Any other chronic sitters out there?  What do you like to do to counter the fact that you’re chained to your desk?

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