3 Mile Treadmill Tempo Run

While I’m not currently training for any races right now, I like to make sure that I’m at least “maintaining” in terms of my running/cardio.  On top of that, even though I know get off work at 6, it’s pitch black by the time I hit the road {the fall struggle!…okay, maybe I don’t like EVERYTHING about daylight savings time}.  That being said, if running doesn’t happen before 6:30am {when it’s dark}, it’s not going to happen until about 6:30pm {when it’s also dark…wtf Father Time}.

I used to be able to plug in and run miles on end on the treadmill, but I think I burned myself out on that just a tad.  Now, I have to make sure that I have treadmill “workouts” so that even if it’s simple, it ensures that I stay on that cardio hamster wheel for at least 30 minutes.  Tempo Running is something that I’ve experimented with in the past, so I decided to transition it to the treadmill.

The key here is to run at each speed for a minute each.  With this speed and incline ratio, you’ll complete the three miles in under 29 minutes, make sure you warm up and cool down as well.  Another great thing about this set up is, if the speed is too fast for you, keep the ratio but lower the speeds.  If it’s too slow {I’m jealous} and, keep the ratio but pump up the speeds {of course your final distances will measure a little differently, but you’ll still be doing about 30 minutes of cardio}.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Have you guys experimented with tempo running on a treadmill before?  What are your thoughts?

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