Beauty Brief Wednesday {Teeth Whitening Tips/Mouth Health}

Heller there!  I’ve decided that I wanted to make today part of a one of three part series that I’m working on this month, Beauty Brief Wednesday {although, this might get to some of you on Thursday} Part of maintaining overall health is taking care of yourself from the inside, out…right?  I’m always up for learning something new, and I jump at the chance to learn holistic, alternative {and sometimes cheaper} ways to take  of yourself.  Today I’m talking teeth whitening tips.  While this post may not be anything new for my close friends and family, I wanted to share it with you all today because I want to make sure I tell everyone I possibly can!  {I’ve already gotten more than a few skeptics at work on this teeth whitening train…won’t you join us?}

I used to be big on the whole “Whitestrips” phenomenon.  You know, those icky tasting, slippery, chemically-infused bleach strips that you need to leave on your teeth {and sometimes gums} for 30 minutes at a time {never mind the taste….ack!}?  Not saying that they don’t work, but one day it occurred to me-  I work so hard to watch how I exercise and what I put into my body, why am I not paying attention to what I put ON my body?  This got me thinking…are there any better ways to whiten my teeth {because I can’t seem to put down coffee or red wine…anyone else out there}?  I have since discovered two amazing solutions, to be used separately.

NOTE:  I AM NOT A DENTIST.  If you have a cavity, tooth pain, or something more serious, consult professional help.  These are simply tips on how to make those pearly whites more b-e-a-utiful and improve the overall health of your mouth.  Any other problem?  Go see your dentist.

Numero Uno:

Oil Pulling.  My end all, be all.  I originally wrote/found out about oil pulling when I was still with the Marshall Campus Rec blog.  To see that original post, click here.  There’s a lot of great info there.  Basically, grab 1-2 Tbsp of coconut oil and swish it around in your mouth, first thing in the morning, for as long as possible {max 20 min.}.  As gross as it may sound, you have some of the worst/most bacteria in your mouth right when you wake up in the morning {hence, doing it first thing}.  I’ve been doing this two to three times a week since March and I can’t get enough.  Check out all of the added benefits of oil pulling {from my original post…what it supposedly helps, and my impression of the claim}:

÷Whitens Teeth// check
÷Healthier gums, teeth, and mouth// check, check, I have some sensitivity issues, and this has helped greatly
÷Sinus issues// thanks to the weather, got ‘em…thanks to oil pulling, lost ‘em
÷Acne and your complexion// From a visual test standpoint, I feel like it has helped! 
÷Additional skin issues like eczema and psoriasis*
÷Overall mouth and jaw pain, including TMJ*
÷Hangovers (and migraines*)// For the sake of the blog I tested this one out (always thinking of you guys),  and I swear…it really helped, I wasn’t as dizzy and felt more balanced
÷Overall Detox// I wasn’t sure how to measure for this, but it’s improved more than a few things for me, and after all that research I can’t imagine how it isn’t an overall detox”

*I simply can’t speak to those issues because I am not suffering from them

When you’re done swishing make sure you spit this in the TRASH CAN.  No drains or anything with pipes…it will clog them and you will be in trouble.  Also, in case you didn’t know, the toilet counts as a drain.  I once watched Jimmy spit his oil pulling leftovers in the toilet {yep, he does it too from time to time}.  “Jimmy! You’re not supposed to put it down a drain!”  I exclaimed, “Yea I know, that’s why I spit it in the toilet”, he says {insert the sound of crickets chirping}…bless his heart.

Don’t like/are allergic to coconut oil?  No prob bob.  Grab some olive oil or sunflower oil instead.  I enjoy coconut so I’ve never strayed from the real thing, but the properties in the oil will do a very similar job.  Coconut oil is also full of antimicrobial properties, really setting up that one-two punch for your mouth {and your morning breath}.

Numero Dos:

Charcoal Brushing.  It is exactly what you think it is.

Slice an Activated Charcoal capsule in half {over a paper towel, it can get messy}, pour the powder over your toothbrush, and then brush your teeth with it in circular motions for 3-5 minutes {I always do 5}.  It is said that the activated charcoal is made of certain compounds that absorb the spots and stains off of your teeth.

Also important to note here, never…at any cost or for any reason…swallow the charcoal if you’re only using it whiten your teeth.  It is similar to the charcoal that is used in today’s medical field to help reduce the effects of poisoning {like alcohol, for example}.  There are also a lot of other amazing benefits of Activated Charcoal that I’ve been looking into…and the beat goes on…

This is the bottle of Activated Charcoal that I have, found at any common drug store/health section.  Sure, you’ll look like a zombie for a few minutes out of the day, but it’s worth it.

Still not sure about i?  Check out the review’s from these awesome chicks:

Wellness Mama:  How to Whiten Teeth Naturally

XOVain:  Does Activated Charcoal Really Turbo-Whiten Your Teeth?

I’ve read instances where people will do both simultaneously.  As in, pour some activated charcoal in their mouth while oil pulling.  I’m all about killing two birds with one stone, but I’m honestly not sure if I’ll ever try that.  I like to keep these two rituals separate- Oil Pull 2-3 times a week, every week, and then Charcoal Brush once maybe every one or two weeks {depends on my coffee and wine consumption}.

Overall, I feel like not only are both of these options collectively cheaper than the “store bought whitening treatments”, but they are also safer, more gentle, and better for my body.  I can’t deny their success because I always get compliments on how nice and shiny my pearly whites are {there could be worse things to be vain about}.  I say oil pulling and charcoal brushing are responsible.

Try ’em out and let me know what you think!  Got questions?  {I know that charcoal grin isn’t the most welcoming} Leave ’em below.

Happy Bicuspid Buffering!

What do you guys think?  Ever tried either of these “beauty” rituals?

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