Weekend in the Sunshine State

Throwback Thursday recap time!  As you may already know, I was able to squeeze in some more friend time this past weekend in Miami/South FLA.  Below is a quick recap of the trip…

I got in late Friday night {Jess was already there, the Marshall football team played FIU this past weekend and she was down there for work}.  To Abby’s surprise, I strolled out of Gate D at the airport on Friday {more like jumped out from behind a car}….she was super surprised/happy to see me…success!  I love surprising people.  We had plans to participate in the Susan G. Komen run/walk for Breast Cancer Saturday morning, so we took it easy on Friday night, sipping champagne and catching up.

Here we are after the race!  It was a great way to support an awesome cause, and ensure that we were up and ready for the day.  We then headed over to this adorable restaurant for brunch, the Peacock Garden Cafe {check out there website, and you’ll see what I mean when I say adorable}.  We ordered a round of berry mimosas and cinnamon rolls {hey, it’s vacation…no judgment}.

Awwoooogggggaaaaa!  Yes, I’m pretty sure I stared at this with cartoon-like eyes when it appeared.

I ordered the Monte Cristo breakfast sandwich…basically a breakfast sandwich made with french toast, it was heavenly.

We decided to just soak up some sun until the Marshall game.  Even though we weren’t in Huntington, and didn’t recognize as many people, it was almost comforting to just be in the middle of a Marshall crowd.  Along with the fact that the Herd fans were more than twice as present as the FIU fans, it was a great way to support my alma mater {and we won…We Are…}

We then went out for a little bit on Saturday night, and were excited for what the next day had to bring: Boating!

Getting up around 10am, we headed out to Elliot Key {the northern most Key, about 30 minutes away} and hung out on the water literally all day.

The weather was spectacular.

The water was unreal.  It was the perfect temperature and it was so clear…I couldn’t get out of it.  Even Jess {who is apparently afraid of open water} was having a blast.  There was absolutely nothing else that I would have rather been doing this past Sunday.

Oh yea, and then I had to fly out at 9pm that night…

Overall, the trip was amazing and once again leaving friend time es no bueno.  I want to go back again…tomorrow, actually.  If someone wants to pay for it and work for me that’d be great.  It was so nice to finally get to visit Abby in her new home and check out what she does from day to day.  Hopefully a trip back is in the works soon, since it will start getting “cold” down here in North Carolina, very soon.

Have you guys ever been to Miami?  Any favorite spots to check out next time I visit?

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