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After another sweaty 5:30am RPM class, I started today off with a little veggie scramble…eggs/egg whites, asparagus, spinach, and red onion with a little bit of the organic seasoning salt that my Aunt Susi sent me.  Would you believe me if I said that this is all I have in my fridge right now?  Weekend trips really cut into my grocery shopping process.

Today I wanted to share a recent motivational step that I’ve taken in a blogging sense.

Recently, I’ve been finding myself at a crossroads for the blog.  I want it to grow and take it further, however I’ve been feeling like I’m on a stationary bike…going through the motions, pedaling, pedaling, pedaling {or in this case, writing, writing, writing}…but where is it exactly that I’m going?  In addition to my crazy schedule and time constraints, I haven’t been able to give it the attention that it deserves, and before I know it, days have gone by before I’ve done anything productive {in a blogging sense, I mean}.

This kills me.  Between spending the past two-ish years building and writing the Marshall Campus Rec Blog, as well as starting my own since moving to Charlotte {heya, Skinny Fingers!}, I know that this is something that I’m passionate about.  The fact that I’ve been unable to focus on something that makes my soul happy has been weighing on me heavily, to the point where I wasn’t sure where to even start anymore.

Enter The Fitnessista’s Build Up Your Blog, ebook.  I first learned about this ebook’s recent release while browsing through one of my personal favorites, Peanut Butter Fingers, blog.  I was hemming and hawing on whether or not I should download it for a few days.  Then I bit the bullet yesterday morning and purchased it, thinking, “if not now, when?”.  It is a 70 page ebook full of great blogging advice, and I’m so glad I got it…I’ve already read it cover to cover!

Small tip:  While I loved this ebook, if you don’t have a blog or no interest in starting one, this might not be the book for you….but who knows, if you’ve been sitting on your hands about the whole thing, maybe this will inspire you to get started!

Check out ‘Build Up Your Blog’ here!

On top of the fact that I love Gina’s blog, I also love the fact that she addresses the book as advice from a friend.  Filling it with tips and tricks that she wishes she would have known from the start/advice from one blogging friend to another.  It has given me so much inspiration, and a better idea of what changes I need to make, that might not only help me feel better in terms of how I’m treating my blog, but how to make it grow.  I have absolutely nothing on the agenda this upcoming weekend, so I plan on relaxing and taking some time to work on my bebe.  After two back to back weekends of traveling, I can’t think of anything more that I would want to do.  {but I do really miss my fraaandss!}

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Have any of you read Gina’s book?  What are some other blog-inspiring sources of info for you all?  {blogs, books, ebooks, newsletters??}  Let’s share the blogging love!

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