#FiveThings {Oct. 17}

I’m back.  Full of sadness and jet lag from traveling these past two weekends, causing Five Things to get delayed until tonight.  This past weekend I took a trip down to Miami to visit my friend, Abby, while Jess was also down there.  Friend trips are such a tease, and although I always have an amah-zing time and I’m  thankful to get to have friend time, it goes by so fast and it’s always sooo hard to leave.

Okay, I’m done playing my violin…I really am grateful that I’ve been able to have two back to back friend weekends, it’s just difficult when they end.  So let’s cover my Five Things to boost the mood!

Benviedos a Miami

Had to push the pause button when it came to posting today’s #FiveThings on Friday {it was actually ready to go on a Friday!} as to not ruin a surprise that I had for my friend, Abby {it was me, I was the surprise}.  Like I said, this past weekend rounds out part two of my B2B surprise weekend extravaganza.  Last weekend was Huntington, this weekend, I flew down to Miami to meet up with Jess again {two weekends in a row, woop woop!} to surprise our friend, Abby.  Abby also went to Marshall with us, but she now lives in the sunshine state.  Our other friend,  Liz, unfortunately couldn’t make it this time, but she was there with us in spirit!  Abby had no idea that I was coming, so I legit surprised her at 10pm on Friday night…I was so happy I could pull it off!  Recap post on that trip a little later.

Oh nothing, just a little Sunday Funday in Elliot Key {30 min boat ride from MIA}.  Already miss it.

Bacon Wrapped Dates

If you think this is a Cloverton cheese stuffed date wrapped in bacon…then you’re right.  Since I’ve been gone, the CUTEST paleo-based coffee shop and restaurant opened up in Huntington that goes by the name of Butter It Up.  Of course, Jess, my paleo friend is in love, and it was one of the first places she took me to visit when I got to town the other weekend.  Not only did I scarf down some of the tastiest paleo chicken tortilla soup, but I purchased some of these babies.  They also had bacon wrapped dates stuffed with almond butter….they were a mouthful…but a glorious mouthful.

This Juice

On Friday afternoon I stopped in Whole Foods to grab some grub.  I was also going to buy one of my favorite chia seed drinks- Mama Chia, the cherry lime flavor.  However I couldn’t find it {I’m sure it was there, but I didn’t ask for help and was on a time crunch}.  I quickly browsed the juice section and spotted this girl.  I was intrigued by the ingredients {listed on the front of the bottle}.  It definitely tasted “healthy”, but that’s how I like my green juice…healthy.

This Song

Long live MJ.  I’m not going to lie, I’ve been super stressed about a variety of things lately…but never fear, Michael Jackson is here!  Originally recommended by long time friend, coworker, and La Famiglia pizza extraordinare, Joe, Jess told me to just “listen to this song and jam out”, after a neurotic venting session.  I was cranky and hesitant at first, but I decided to give it a try on my way to work on Wednesday.  My reaction?  Mr. DJ, pon de replay.  I listened to it the whole ride to work {yes, I have a 40 min commute}.  I can’t put my finger on exactly what it was, but by the time I got to work I was 100 times better.  MJ done did it again.  Thanks for the positive vibes Joe!

Place With No Name- Michael Jackson

These Shoes

I don’t know why I go to Nordstrom Rack {or shopping in general} when I aint gots no moneys.  Although I love how tall I am {5’11”}, there are a few sub par qualities that go along with that…like, say, the fact that I have two boats for feet.  Size 11 right here, loud and proud {running shoes size 12 for the space…yeesh}.  Not only do I love shoes, I love heels.  I don’t really care if they make me taller than pretty much everyone on earth {why do you think I keep tall, handsome, Jimmy around?  He’s still taller than I am in heels, a main quality I look for in a man…only kidding…kind of 😉 }.  Friday afternoon, I found these beauties in my size, and they were surprisingly easy to walk in…

However, they were $70, and although everyone I asked for advice via txt told me to get them, I held back…hopefully they will be there once I get paid.  I miss them already.  Molly simply sent me this back when I sent her the picture…and she’s right…

Buy the dang shoes.  Nothing haunts you like the things you didn’t buy {I’m pretty sure that’s a meme too}.

Hopefully everyone got through their Monday, swimingly!  {it’s almost over}

What are your Five Things for this past week?

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