{ #FiveThings : #CheckingIn }

Yoohoo!  Hi Skinny Finger-ers!

Sorry I’ve been MIA, life’s been a whirlwind of traveling and working crazy hours {&& if you haven’t noticed- no blogging}.  All work and no blogging makes Christine a dull girl.

While there is a light at the end of the tunnel, it’s not in the immediate future {I couldn’t even list my Five Things for the week!!!}, so I guess I’ll crank that out now, because I am super thankful for a lot of things — {#FiveThings, the abbreviated version}


Got to head down to the field during the fourth quarter

We Are…  25th in the nation!  {ask Siri who her favorite college team is right now}  I spent this past weekend in Huntington, WV with all my fraaands for Marshall’s homecoming.  I was keeping it hush hush because I wanted to surprise a few people.  I took Friday off and spent a weekend reminiscing on my old stomping grounds and soaking it all in with some amazing people.  {maybe shed a tear on my way out of town…man, I love that place}.  It was a weekend to remember for sure, but some things need to just stay in the sanctity of the Hillbilly Vegas that is Huntington, WV.

With Molly && Jess

Ok kewl, so that’s done {told ya, abbreviated…everything about last weekend covers all of my Five Things}

SF is one of my favie things to take the time to do, BUT lately I’ve been running out of time.  I know, I know, take an hour of your day to do “X-Y-Z” each day and you’ll be able to get more done.  {I actually wrote this blog by hand, by the light of my dual screen computer last night}…

But it made me wonder, we all have the same amount of hours in the day, and I still want to make sure I get to do things I enjoy {I’m all about optimizing every hour of every day}, on top of getting some day to day things done as well, I’m starting to even slack in that department {good news is I’ve been showering}.  So I pass the baton to you:

What strategies do you guys have when it comes to keeping your head on straight when life gets busy?

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