Make Ahead Experiments

Before we get started today, check out this guilty pleasure that I sprung for at Trader Joe’s.

Not vodka…pumpkin spice coffee.  I’m all out of coconut creamer {apparently everyone is loving it as much as me…it’s always out of stock}.  For now, I’m just using unsweetened vanilla almond milk with my coffee.  I love the Coffeemate Pumpkin Spice Creamer (it’s basically candy), but since it has dairy, I try to avoid it and only use it every now and then.  This coffee still gives me that warm, fuzzy, holiday feeling, sans dairy {doesn’t taste as “candy-like”, just FYI, but it’ll do}.

As my schedule continues to adjust, I am starting to get less and less time in the mornings.  This means less time to take my time cooking breakfast, blogging, and getting other things done before heading to work {like watching Live!  With Kelly and Michael}.  This also means getting home a bit earlier {aka between 8 and 9pm}, which is inconvenient as well because 9pm is not a time to cook dinner.  At the rate I go, it won’t be done until 10, and I don’t want to eat dinner and go straight to bed.  So I decided to test out some make ahead meals a while back and I wanted to let you in on how they went {both recipes from PaleoOMG}.

Action shot

Make ahead meal 1:  Stuffed Acorn Squash {for breakfast…two meals}

Click the link for the full recipe {only 5 ingredients!}

While this one still took a little cooking in the morning, I followed every step except when I had to bake the half of squash with the egg.  When it came time to eat, I pulled out the squash, baked the egg inside it and viola!

Hint:  Since you will be keeping these in the fridge over a period of time, zap the half of the squash in the microwave before cooking {learned that the hard way the first time}.  It will take forever for the egg to cook otherwise because of the “cold” squash.

Make ahead meal 2:  Pumpkin Cashew Coconut Curry over Coconut Rice {4-5 meals}

Sometimes at work they buy us lunch if we’re busy so we can keep working.  Most of the time it’s pizza and pasta {and by the time I get to it, it’s cold}.  On top of the fact that I don’t want to eat it anyway, it also makes me feel like a pile of doodoo for the rest of the day, and counterproductive.  To avoid this, I pack my lunch on the busy days.  This was also nice to have once I got home in case I hadn’t eaten dinner yet.  I could just grab and grub.

Here’s my lunch at work.  Man, does this recipe reaffirm my love for cauliflower rice.  I’ve never really liked rice that much anyway {except for fried rice…doesn’t count}.  But cauliflower rice is something that I can get on board with.

If you’re in a time crunch like me, these make ahead meals are sure to save you on time, your wallet, and the scale.

Have you guys tried these recipes before?  What are some of your favorite make ahead meals?

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