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Wahoo!  Happy Friday everyone!  It’s been an extremely long week and work- I’ve basically been ready for Friday since Monday.  Now with my new schedule, I’m finally able to be fully excited for a two day break from work.

So let’s get this whole thing started…here are my Five Things for the week.

Charlotte Oktoberfest

On Saturday, Jimmy and I are going to the Charlotte Oktoberfest in uptown.  They are officially sold out for this year, and I’m excited to experience it all and test out the beers {and get that little souvenir cup}.

Jimmy is Home

Notice how I said that Jimmy and I are going to do something on a Saturday?  Yes, that’s right…because of our work schedules, this is the first Saturday in at least two months that we’ve been able to see each other {pretty brutal}.  We’ve done really well at making it work even with our schedules, but it’s nice to have a Saturday to ourselves.

Here we are last year with doin’ our festive thing at the WV Pumpkin House, when we were still at Marshall.

Sauna Session

Since it’s Friday, I decided to treat myself to a sauna session at the gym.  I’ve never been in a sauna before, but I’m really sore from this week and wanted to stretch while inside.  I’m horrible at stretching…I hate it…when I’m done working out, I want to get on with my day, so I sometimes avoid it {I know that’s bad, and I know how bad that sounds}.  It’s a good thing I have a foam roller at my apt because I’m not sure that I would ever stretch if it weren’t for that thing.  Anyway, getting back on track- I loved the sauna.  Future post coming soon!

Holiday Decor

I love decorating.  The holiday’s are coming up.  I’m super excited about holiday decor.  Enough said. {white girl alert}.

Being Present

I try to remind myself as much as I can to be present.  When you are present, I believe that’s where you find true peace and happiness.  A lot of times we can get caught up in what happened in the past, and what’s to come in the future.  However, while you’re worrying about all of that, you can miss what’s going on right in front of you.  This might seem so small, but to give you a back drop for the story {and why I’m bringing it up today}, I currently live in the University area of Charlotte {aka right by UNC Charlotte…aka my neighbors are college students}.  When I got home from the gym this morning, I noticed one of my neighbors loading his, what appeared to be homemade, UNCC cornhole boards into his truck bed, driving off into the sunrise.  It made me laugh.  “What a life”, I thought to myself, “I have to go be a big girl at work in a few hours and this kid’s main focus is transporting his cornhole boards at 9AM on a Friday”.  He probably doesn’t even have Friday classes, because if you’re smart, that’s how you work your class schedule.  I started to feel nostalgic of when I was at Marshall, with my friends, and even though I worked a lot, I also had a majority of my Friday’s off from class.  I didn’t realize I was going to at the time, but now looking back I do miss it every now and then.  I then remind myself, even if I’m stressing about anything, one day, I will also miss this time in my life.  When all I had to do was work hard {so what if I’m not at my dream job right now…I’ll admit that}, I still have a good job, work with great people, I have great people in my life, sure, I’m making a few payments on things here and there, but I don’t truly have THAT much to worry about… it’s all really okay.  Then, I am once again thankful and less stressed.

Nice Fall picture of Marshall’s Memorial Fountain…{I actually took this picture years ago}.

Now that I’m done with that tangent…lesson is- be present, don’t forget to enjoy the moment that you’re in!

Off to work, hope everyone has a great Friday!

What are your Five Things for the week?

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