Tips to Get Up {and stay up} For The Gym


Once I got home from the gym, I whipped up some “Italian Eggs”, with Basil Chicken Sausage from TJ’s, tomato, onion, spinach, garlic, and fresh basil and parsley.  Throw in 1 full egg and two egg whites, scrambled and you’ve got a meal!

The past few days I’ve been getting up suuuuuper early {for me at least} to get to the gym.  As I mentioned yesterday, while getting up at 5am kind of stinks, being able to get my workout done that early gives me so much more time to get things done.  This improves the quality of my day and makes me much happier overall, so to me it’s worth it.

If you’ve been reading here and there, then I’m sure you’ve noticed how much I complain/how often I wake up later than I want to, to make it to the gym on time.  Since truly experiencing how it feels to have so much more time available to me in the mornings before I go to work from 12:30-9:30 versus what I used to do {wake up between 7-9, workout, and rush to get ready for work}.  The pros outweigh the cons on this one and that feeling is more important to me than sleeping in.  Maybe I’m a little late to get on this train, but I know I’m not the only one who struggles with this…better late than never.

I am by no means saying it’s easy to wake up and immediately go workout at 5am, I’m just saying that it’s possible.  So, I’ve incorporated three rules into my morning routine that help me get going.  Keep in mind that I am a grouch when it comes to waking up early, but once I’m up, I’m a fabulous morning person {it’s true}.

Look, I even made it all pretty:

1.  Keep your phone/alarm away from your bed:  This forces me to get out of bed, rather than simply reaching over to slap my alarm quiet {because that’s what I do, slap my alarm}.

2.  Never go back to bed:  I am guilty for following rule number one very well….but then setting another alarm and jumping back into my warm and cozy bed {see I’m horrible at this}.  No one can go back to bed for “one more minute”.  It’s like a Pringle, you can’t just eat one, once you pop you just can’t stop {that’s the saying right?}.  Every time I lay back down for just “one more second”, I wake up 1-2 hours later.  I can’t do that anymore.  Even if I just sit on the floor for a minute while I wake up, laying back down is not an option…

Man, typing this out is making me see how pathetic I can be in the mornings…I have great admiration for anyone that can just shoot out of bed and get their day started between 5 and 6am.  Kudos to y’all.

3.  Count to thirty {or sixty}:  Now that I’m out of bed to turn off the alarm and sitting on the floor for a minute {lol}, I count to thirty.  Sometimes I doze off sitting up when counting between 10 and 15 seconds, but I always make it to thirty.

Then, once I get through these three steps I’m ready to get dressed and head out.  The great thing is, if I keep it up this will someday just be part of the routine and I won’t have to worry about following steps one through three.   I’ll just get up and go!

Until then, I need to live by these three to get the job done.  What about you guys?

Anyone an early riser?  What are some of your strategies for getting up in time for those early workouts?

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