Unleash Your Inner White Girl: It’s Pumpkin Season

I started today off going to my first 5:30am RPM Spin Class at my gym- definitely making this a part of my routine.  When I’m done working out, I have SO much more time to get things done before work!  A natural energy boost!  I’m currently blogging, showered, and fed as Live! With Kelly and Michael is starting {which is the complete opposite of my mornings these days}.  Happy Christine on a happy hump day.  I’ve always loved spin classes.  I used to attend them all the time at the MRC, but since moving I haven’t been to one.  I’ll just be honest, my backside is not used to those bike seats anymore, it’s gonna take some time to get used to…

So, it’s finally here.  Yesterday marked the first day of Autumn.  Of course, I am excited about this time of year, but with this comes the nationwide stereotyping of the “common white girl”.  An excerpt taken from Urban Dictionary:

“Common White Girl:  Any white girl in America who is obsessed with any of the following:  Leggings, Uggs, Starbucks, Autumn, iPhones, Instagram, Twitter, Selfies, or the movie Mean Girls.”

“Why does that girl drink Starbucks so much?”
“Because she is a Common White Girl” Source

It happens.  We do it to ourselves, honestly.  Just check any “common white girls'” social media, you’ll see it there.  While I don’t consider myself a “common white girl”, I still love fall and sweaters and pumpkin, and I want to like it without being made fun of.  One of my friends and former coworkers, Joe, sent me this meme yesterday and it was cracking me up…

Not sure where he got this from, but it’s hilarious.  I showed Jimmy and we were joking around about the common white girl stereotypes, and he looks at me and goes, “Christine, you ARE a basic white girl”.  “Excuse me?!” I exclaim, “I don’t even own a pair of Ugg boots!”…he looks at me and jokingly says, “Christine, you write a blog”.  All of this happening while I’m editing the blog on the couch.  Touche, my male companion, touche.

However, I would like to note that plenty of people write blogs other than “white girls”.  The same way plenty of other people besides “white girls” drink Pumpkin Spice Lattes.  The logic is not sound.

So anyway, remember how I said I don’t want to be stereotyped as a “common white girl”?  Let’s talk about my top five favorite pumpkin things:

**These Paleo Pumpkin Apple Spice Waffles from PaleOMG!  They scream a cozy Saturday {and Sunday} morning brunch must have.

**Pumpkin Pie Roasted Almonds from Knead to Cook’s blog.  I made these babies last year, and I’ll definitely be making them again!


**Pumpkin Better Than Sex Cake–  It’s not paleo, it’s not even healthy….but it’s friggin’ delicious.

**Southern Tier Pumking Beer– not paleo either, but the best pumpkin beer out there.


**Pumpkin Bread:  I don’t have a “go-to” pumpkin bread recipe.  I will also double the pumpkin bread recipe for pumpkin muffins, etc…here are some links for a few that I think are promising…

Eat the Cookie’s Pumpkin Bread

Real Food Forager’s Pumpkin Bread

PaleOMG Chai Pumpkin Bread {can you tell I’m obsessed w/ Juli Bauer?}

So there ya have it, got my “common white girl-itus” out on the blog and now I’m done.  I do truly love this time of year and I’m excited to see what it will bring!

Until next time…

What about you?  What are your “common white girl” guilty pumpkin pleasures?

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