Look Back At It: NC Island Time

Although it was an extremely short trip, this past weekend on the coast was more than needed.  Like I mentioned on Friday, I went to visit one of my old college roommates, Allison, who now lives there.  Since I work until 9:30 on Friday nights, and the drive is about 3 1/2-4 hours, I got up early on Saturday morning and hit the road.  I’ve never driven to the coast the way that I did this past weekend.  Normally I’m leaving from Durham, so I just hop on 1-40 and I can pretty much get there with my eyes closed in two hours.  This time I took 74 and it was still an easy and relaxing drive, passing from one water tower town to the next, I got there in no time.

The weather prediction for the weekend looked perfect, but if there’s one thing I know, there are no meteorologists more incorrect than the ones that live on the water {sorry, but it’s true}!  When I got there, it was overcast pretty much all day Saturday, so Allison and I took time to explore, have friend time, and walk around some local shops.  I’ve missed Allison so much!  We hadn’t seen each other for 62 weeks {according to Instagram}.  Getting to visit her was just what I needed, and I don’t think we stopped talking for even a second.  There was A LOT of “stuff” that I wanted to buy for the apartment, but it just wasn’t in the budget at the moment.  I did walk away with this really neat kitchen accessory…

Mount it on the wall…it’s a bottle opener!  I’m sure my frat bros, Jimmy and Andrew, will love this.

We rounded out our shopping day with a quick seafood lunch/snack at Sear’s Landing, right on the water.  I LURVE seafood, and I take any opportunity that I can to get some in ma belly.

We split a half of a pound of steamed shrimp and crab fritters over a brewski…perfection.

Just look at that crab meat!!!

It was extremely calming to sit out on the water {see what I mean about Saturday’s weather}, but I was at the beach, and with a best friend.  So, the weather can do what it wants, I’m happy either way.

Allison’s boyfriend, Josh {who also lives there} went to WVU, so they had a bunch of friends come over to grill out and watch the football game that night.  Although it was tons of fun getting to see some familiar faces and hang out all night, I stayed away from wearing any blue and gold…I’m a daughter of Marshall, I can’t do that!  Allison and Josh have also just recently gotten a new puppy…enter, Chief:

They also have my BFF, Cali, Allison has had her for about 5 years…we all used to be roommates. 🙂

Cali and Chief= Best Buds, not related, even though they look like it.

The next day, we woke up and the weather was beautiful!  Allison had a coffee and pastry shop that she’d been wanting to take me to on Topsail Island {she lives about 10 minutes away from there} called The Corner Sweet.  So we grabbed a morning treat and sat on the beach {and continued to gab}.  Salted Caramel Mocha Coffee for me, with an Apple Cinnamon Scone, please!

When then got ready to go spend time on the beach and enjoy the beautiful weather before I left {friend trips are always so short}.

Sunday’s weather definitely made up for Saturday.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve spent many a summer on the NC coast, and while all trips to the water are relaxing, there’s just something about heading out to that shoreline feels like going home.

Can you believe this picture was taken with an iPhone 4s?  Yes, I’m in the technology stone age.

{pictured in strapless bandeau bathing suit tops here, people!}

Not really paying attention to the time, Allison and I hung out for a few hours by the water and got a little extra crispy on our fronts.  Even in late September, Aloe Lotion is still my best friend.

We then rounded everything out by splitting a pound of steamed shrimp at Buddy’s, a restaurant/bar at the pier, for old times sake.

The weekend went by as quickly as it came {doesn’t it always}.  I’m so glad that I was able to spend time with Allison and I can’t wait to see her again {next stop, Charlotte!}

How did everyone else’s weekends go?  Do you have a vacation spot that feels like home, the same way the NC coast does for me?

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