Dreary Morning // Brown Drinks

I was having some technical difficulties this morning before work, so apologies for the late night post.  It was an overcast, lazy, don’t want to go to work, I just want to cuddle and watch movies kind of day in Charlotte.  But alas- it’s Wednesday, and only halfway through the work week.  Womp, womp.

Surprisingly, I woke up and went to gym very easily and eagerly, at an extremely reasonable hour {which always helps my mood if I can willingly get to the gym early}.  After working some arms and abs, I incorporated the following sweaty circuit to round it all out.

I didn’t even have a jump rope, I just pretended that I did and it still got the job done. {I just assumed there would be one at the gym, and I was surprised when I couldn’t find one, but I still wanted to complete the workout}.  Plus, the burpees always get me, but I feel so great once I’m done!

All.  Purple.  Everything.  That tends to happen every now and then.  I enjoy a good purple.

Because today is so blah, I was in the mood for some Paleo Oatmeal.  Along with the “oatmeal”, I fried up some bacon and made a brown drink {much better than it sounds}.

The Brown Drink included: {blend in ninja until smooth}

1 cup organic carrot juice
1 cup organic spinach
1 cup organic kale
1 stalk of celery
1/2 of an organic English Cucumber
The juice of one lemon

Not the most creative thing I’ve ever come up with but it certainly did the job…gotta get those veggies in to start the day right!

{pictured on the oatmeal…freshly sliced peaches and frozen raspberries}

A very filling breakfast if I do say so myself.  Got through the workday without any complaints, now off to finally do some snuggling and finish Wild….I’m almost done!

In what way do you make sure you get your veggies in for the day?  How did everyone get through Wednesday?

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2 thoughts on “Dreary Morning // Brown Drinks

  1. That is a great drink! I make something very similar! Sometimes I blend it – it’s got a thicker consistency and I get all the nutrients… and sometimes I juice it – it’s thinner and goes down easy!

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