Shady Smoothies

Due to a one-time schedule adjustment, I have to work today…which means no NODA Brewery Run tonight :(.  So today I decided to squeeze in a quick morning 4-miler on the greenway.  It’s always good for the soul when you can spend your morning outside with this:

Guess what?  It’s still so friggin’ hot in NC, even though this looks cool and peaceful.

Hot and sunny run?  No problem, especially with my new athletic shades.  Recently, I was able to get a discounted price on the Oakley Overtime Women’s Active Sunglasses {I know a guy…thanks, Andrew}, and I am obsessed with them!  They seriously don’t move, no matter how much you sweat or move around.  I just went on this hot and sweaty four mile run, and they did not even budge on my face.  Even without the discounted price, I still would have purchased them at some point…they are a little pricey, but definitely worth it.

And they don’t even look like “active sunglasses”…they’re pretty stylish if I do say so myself.  Nice and big lenses to balance out my big head.

While driving home all I was craving for breakfast was bacon and a smoothie.  So that’s what I made.  In my ninja I blended: 1 cup of almond milk, a scoop of chocolate protein powder, 1/2 an avocado, 1 cup of frozen raspberries, 1-2 cups of spinach, a scoop of almond butter and 1 Tbsp of flax seed, while frying up some bacon.

Pretty tasty…maybe not an “OMG make everyday” smoothie, but definitely one that did the trick. 

Bacon, smoothie, and coffee…it’s what’s for breakfast.

Off to work!  See y’all later on!

Ever have a bacon/smoothie craving?  What are some of your go-to smoothie combos?

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