I Like My Chicken Sausage Scrambled

The other night I was having drinks with a friend and we got on to the topic of health foods…a common theme, I’m finding, when drinks and talking are involved {could be worse…but hey, I’m not complaining}.  I love any opportunity I can get to learn new things about food and health!  Sharing similar belief’s and grocery lists, she rocked my world by telling me about something I had no idea existed…and it lives at Trader Joes.  I might be way behind on this, but that’s what I get for not living within a 100 mile radius of the beloved grocery store for 6+ years.

Chicken Sausage

But not just any chicken sausage, the variety of styles and flavors that are at Trader Joes are what gets me.  Then of course like everything else there, the reasonable price tag that’s attached.  What is chicken sausage?  Chicken…in the shape of a sausage.  Tastes pretty much like sausage, but it’s chicken.  Kind of like ground turkey v. ground beef.  I try to not eat soooo much red meat.  I’m more of a fish, turkey, chicken kind of girl, so this is a great substitute- because let’s be honest, sausages and red meats can be pretty great, just not in excess.

I picked up two “basic” flavors to try…notice the already opened packaging and absent sausages.  Needless to say, I’m going back for more, and I’m especially excited to try some new flavors.  I haven’t gotten too adventerous with them yet, mostly adding them to my breakfast {since cooking dinner and work don’t really “work” together these days}.  My favorite way to eat them so far?  Scramble ’em!

The following, basic b-fast recipe includes the following ingredients (of course you can sub any veggies that you want)

3 eggs (1 whole, 2 egg whites)
1 Chicken Sausage link of your choice (I used Jalapeno)
5 asparagus spears, chopped
1 cup organic spinach
1/4 of a red onion, chopped
1 Tbsp of coconut oil (for cooking)
S&P and Garlic Powder to taste

***I pretty much always add a side of 1/2 avacado {w/ hot sauce} to my breakfast…do the same if you wish***


1.  Start by heating the coconut oil over medium heat, once melted add the veggies and chicken sausage.  Cook until the spinach has wilted and the onions begin to become translucent.

Steam always makes my “stove top action shots” so blurry…anyone have a remedy for that?

2.  Scramble the eggs in a separate bowl, add a splash of almond milk to make them more fluffy if desired.

3.  Add eggs and seasoning to the skillet and scramble around until cooked through {I’m drawing a blank, but you know how to cook scrambled eggs}

Ta-Da!!  Like I said I always like to have avacado on deck, as well as a side of fresh fruit.  This week the melons and nectarines were lookin’ mighty fine at TJ’s, so I decided to add them to my shopping cart.

Oh yea, and coffee.

So, I realize that I might be way behind on the whole chicken sausage discovery…what else can I do with these babies?  Sharing is caring ! 🙂

Ever used chicken sausage before?  In what ways do you like to cook with it?

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