High Five Friday {Aug 22}

Another week, another time to be positive.  Let’s go, what are some things you’re vibin’ with this week?  Below are my five:

Tony Chachere’s

Tony Chachere’s (n.)- Christine’s default spice.  I love to cook, but honestly if I’m feeling uninspired, or I’m short on time and my brain short circuits and doesn’t know what to make, I always reach for this stuff.  It goes on everything, and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it.

Paleo Blueberry Muffins

From the cookbook that I ordered the other week, OMG That’s Paleo? I’ve been planning on trying a variety of her recipes, as soon as I have the time.  One thing I’ve made once a week since I got the cookbook are these Blueberry Muffins…O..M..G.  I’m officially convinced that Paleo muffin batter tastes better than any other type of muffin batter {yes, I ate some, yes there were raw eggs in it, I live on the wild side}.  So the muffin batter is awesome, but the muffins are dilectible.  So perfect, so healthy, {essentially} guilt free.

Cupcake liner cred:  Lori Wenz.  Jimmy’s mom is so sweet.

Taylor Swift’s New Song

Yes, I said it and I don’t care what anyone thinks.  One thing I can’t deny is that while I love all music, I have a weak spot for fun/catchy/poppy music from time to time.  Specifically Taylor Swift.  Like her new song, “Shake it Off”…I just can’t help it.  I was legit awake for an additional hour in bed last night because I couldn’t get it out of my head.  One of Ryan’s friend’s girlfriends said it best when they visited last weekend, “Taylor Swift is my spirit animal”.  Say what you want about her, but I’ll always have love for T. Swiz.


Speaking of Happiness

Following up with the TED Talk post about Happiness, I encountered two things the next day that reminded me to keep it all in perspective.  The first, believe it or not, came from Instagram.  I noticed a picture that a friend of a friend of a friend posted {pretty sure that’s how that went, you know when you fall through the blackhole that is Instagram}.  I screenshotted it and cropped it the other day as a quick reminder and I thought I’d share it with you all.


Not even kidding, a few minutes after I saw this I ran into a coworker in the break area at work.  We’ve met a few times but we work in different areas of the building so we don’t really “know” each other.  You know, when you know a person enough to smile and say hello, maybe make small talk but nothing much past that.  After exchanging niceties, she stopped and looked at me and said, “Do you ever have one of those moments when you talk to someone and you think ‘Wow, I don’t really have it as bad as I think I do’.  You know, you think YOU’RE having a rough day and then someone comes along that’s actually having a rough day and it puts everything into perspective for you?  I just had a moment like that.  It’s crazy how caught up in everything you can get.  I don’t know, I just had to say that to somebody.”  And then she went back to work and was gone.

But she’s right, and I find myself in situations like this as well.  Life can get stressful and overwhelming, not discounting that, but oftentimes we can lose perspective on things when we’re in these stressful and overwhelming situations, and being able to maintain that perspective can keep us grounded.  No matter what happens, there is always someone out there who is having a harder time than you.  I always try to remember this.  Not in an “I’m better than someone” kind of way, but just in a way of seeing things realistically.  Yes, maybe something sucks for a moment, or for a day, {or for a few days}, but when it all comes down to it, is it REALLY worth it to let it negatively affect you?  Learn from it, grow from it, move on.  Life is too short, be thankful for what you have.

This Yoga Video

I love yoga, and I’ll admit I took all the free yoga classes that were at the Marshall Rec Center for granted.  I don’t think I realized how unbelievably convenient it was to have free yoga throughout the day.  Now, I haven’t been able to find a class that fits my new schedule {and it costs dough- who woulda thunk}.  So when I want to scratch my yoga itch, for now I always do this POPSUGAR 30 min yoga video.



It’s an excellent all around basic yoga vid for “avid” beginners like myself.

So what about you guys?  What are your five things for the week?  Find it in everything.

See y’all later on!

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