Simply Happy: NPR TED Talks

The other day my Dad recommended that I listen to a TED Talk that aired on NPR over the weekend.  The topic?  Happiness.  Now, now, I’m by no means unhappy, and by suggesting that I think you should listen to it as well doesn’t mean that I think you’re unhappy.  It’s just like when I read the book, The Happiness Project, exploring the idea of “happiness” doesn’t mean you’re unhappy or selfish.  It just means that you’re taking time to focus on the things that really matter, and understanding what makes you happy and why.  Being able to have that self awareness can often times make everything around you infinitely better, even if nothing outwardly has changed.

To listen to the hour from NPR, click here.   I just listened to it last night on my way home from work {yes, my commute is almost that long…but it’s okay!}.


The entire talk is worth listening to, and if I recapped it all this would turn into an essay.  One of the many things that struck me is what I heard at the beginning of the talk:

“You can tell people what to do to be happy the same way you can tell people what to do to lose weight, but then they look at you like, “yea, so what’s the secret?”  The secret to happiness is like the secret to dieting…it doesn’t exist”.

It really is so true.  Just like dieting, there’s no “magic potion” or “final answer” in terms of what to do to be happy {or lose weight}.  What you have to do is take the time to figure out what works for you, and genuinely appreciating and being grateful for the moment that you’re in.

I hope this hour helps put things into perspective for you as it did me. 

Now off to another NODA run club and some much anticipated craft beer {that’s why everyone runs, right?}

Have you guys listened to this talk before?  In what ways do you find happiness?

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