Buffalo Exchange, and Then Some

Today started off with another round of Bodypump!  I noticed that the routine seemed a little different, then our instructor, Terri, told the class that we were running through set 54 {set? idk what the verbiage is for Bodypump}.  To give you an idea, she said they released the 96th set {?} just recently, so we were going through an oldie but goodie…and it sure was goodie.  I love Bodypump.

I then rushed home to whip up a tasty breakfast with some steamed kale, spinach, and my mom’s homegrown tomatoes {love it when she sends me stuff from her garden}.  It hit the spot.

Spent some time at the pool {hey, it’s my day off!}, and then got a lot of other boring things done like grocery shop and laundry…womp, womp.

This past Sunday morning, Ryan, Jimmy, and I spent some time exploring part of the Central Ave/Plaza Midwood area.  Before we got started we stopped at Nova’s Bakery to grab some coffee and a little treat.  Jimmy and I had stopped here before and knew we wanted to visit again.  They have a wide variety of organic, tasty coffee beans and baked goods.  Maybe this is where I’ll get some of those coffee beans I want to grind…

Red Eye coffee {2 shots of espresso} and a fruit tart for me!

On Central Ave, there are a lot of antique and vintage stores.  One of the places we stopped was 1510, a shop jam packed of a lot unique finds.  We desperately need things to decorate our apt, so we were shopping around with that mind.  However, a lot of items in there were out of our price range for what we were looking for {mirrors for a couple hundred, etc}.  Loved their chandeliers though!

And another shot {it’s wayyyy bigger than these pictures lead you to believe.

One place we found that I’m definitely going to visit again is The Buffalo Exchange, a new and recycled fashion store.  I will be visiting to both shop and turn in some of my clothes.  They have everything from clothing to accessories to shoes, at incredibly low prices.  So, not to the liking of either of my opposite gender shopping partners, I decided to look around.

I decided to get some basics for work.  I also found a pair of all black Aldo flats {in size 11}, which I’ve been looking for, so I was super excited.  Definitely recommend this place.

They have inventory for both guys and girls, my brother snagged this “vintage” bulls hoodie that I know he is going to get a lot of use out of once this cold weather kicks in {and yes, it does exist in NC}.

We finished out the day with another great NODA run.  Now going to blow off some steam at one of our favorite trivia spots! 

See y’all later on!

How was your Wednesday?  Any shops you’ve found recently that you like?

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