Workouts and {Oatless} Oatmeal

Today’s post is a little late night because my day was full of a ‘series of unfortunate events’.  Don’t worry, everyone is a-okay, but it felt like every time I planned on blogging today something came up.  Even still I wanted to squeeze this baby in before we all turned to pumpkins, and since I’m talking about what I had for breakfast today, it will be ready in the A.M. for those early birds that are already in bed {silver lining}.  Before I went to work today, I got a phone call from Jimmy because he had been stung by a bee {he is highly allergic}.  So I had to go pick him up from work after he visited urgent care.  Then, when I was on my way home from work tonight I got a phone call from my brother, Ryan, because he accidentally left his lights on and his car battery died.  So I had to go help him jump his car…I swear I don’t know what these boys would do without me.  I’m just glad I was available to help them out when they needed it.  But. like I said, now everyone is fine, so no worries over here.  Let’s talk oatless oats shall we? {Wasn’t sure how to transition there…}

One huge positive about working later in the day is that I’m able to get great workouts done in the morning.  You know, when you can get sweaty before your body knows what’s happening to it.  One huge problem with not needing to be at work until 1:00pm is that I am immune to my alarm clock.  I swear, it’s been diagnosed.  Once I’m up, I’d like to think I’m one of the greatest morning people out there, ready to go, not grumpy, and I can survive without coffee {though I choose not to}.  The only problem is, I can’t actually get UP.  Jimmy leaves for work at 7:10, so I’ve asked him to help me make sure that I’m up by the time he leaves.  My plan is that within a week or so I’ll be in a routine and then I’ll no longer need someone to make sure I’m out of bed like I’m still in high school.  {Yes, although I had an alarm clock in high school I would ignore it, and my mom ALWAYS had to come get me up…I’m not ashamed to admit it, although I’m not sure that she could attest to the fact that I’m the greatest morning person…seven years later- sorry, mom!}.

At the gym I focused on upper body, core, and cardio.  I created an unbelievably easy treadmill workout while I was at my desk at work the other day.  I say easy because it’s super simple to understand…but it will still get you super sweaty. 

I like this workout because it’s easy to remember.  I love treadmill workouts, but sometimes I feel like it messes with me, especially when I try to follow one that I’m not familiar with from my phone, “Okay, now what am I supposed to do between min 7 and 8?  Oh yea, let me adjust the incline and speed”…20 sec of only 1 min later…then it’s time to adjust the treadmill again, and the vicious cycle continues.  With this, not only is it easy to remember what to do for the entire 40 min {and it honestly fly’s right by}, BUT if you’re not ready to run at these speeds yet, you can adjust them however you want.  Just keep the time structure.  For example, walk for the first two minutes, then run at speeds of 5.0, 5.5, and 6.0 for the following three minutes.  Take some time and each week try to reach for faster and faster goals.  Get it?  Got it?  Good.  This will easily be my default treadmill buddy for a while. 

For breakfast this morning I decided I was getting a little tired of my avocado/fried egg/turkey bacon routine, so I decided to switch it up.  A few months ago, I found a recipe for oat-less oatmeal {or Paleo Oatmeal} from On a Pink Typewriter’s blog.  Click here for the link back to the original recipe {it’s incredibly easy}.  Like she mentioned in her post, I too struggle with missing grains at breakfast from time to time.  However, I’m finding that it’s more so the idea of grains, rather than the actual grains themselves.  Having something like this handy is the perfect substitution to kick my hankering and still keep me on track.

Treat it like normal oatmeal and top with whatever you want.  I only had blueberries and bananas on hand, so that’s what I went with…not complaining. 

If you’re just now waking up and reading this, give the “oats” a try!  It’s unbelievably tasty and something that I once again will continue to make on the reg. 

Looking forward to my third round of Bodypump tomorrow morning!  I’ll check back in with y’all later on, except hopefully not this late ;).

What did you eat for breakfast this morning?  Did your day go according to plan today?

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