Look Back at It: A Day at the Market

Since I have to work until super late on Friday’s, and all day Saturday, I try extra hard to make the most of my Sunday’s.  Everyone was out of town, except for my brother and I, so it was an all day sibling extravaganza.  I’ve been wanting to go explore the local flea markets for awhile, to look for things to decorate the apt {which we desparately need}, and just to look around {you never know what you’re going to see at a flea market}.  Yesterday was the first beautiful day in awhile, so we decided to forgo our normal FROLF game and checked out the flea market {I may have been more into it than Ryan at the time}.

But first, let’s go to brunch…

Jackbeagle’s in NODA has easily become our favorite brunch spot for the time being, and I always always always love splurging on brunch.  Breakfast is the best meal of the day, you know.  This beaut is called Sh!t on a Shingle…not sh!tt!ing you.  I has gravy and it’s perfect.

We then headed out to one of the two flea markets I want to visit.  Yesterday, we visited the official “Charlotte Flea Market”.  The Metrolina Expo was going on as well, it appeared that it was a weekend long event, but we arrived at the tail end of it all.

Ryan was the first one to purchase something…which, if you knew him and I, you would know how extremely rare that is.  The first tent we arrived in had a huge record collection, and Ryan is planning on buying his own record player soon, so he bought three records for himself.  While owning a record player is awesome, I don’t have that in my budget anytime soon, so I was happy just browsing and checking out all the old records.  I actually found some quality pieces…

Like the soundtrack to The Sound of Music {and I LOVE The Sound of Music}…I almost bought it just to have, and part of me is kind of regretting it now…

Or this Bill Cosby stand up…

Or how about this gem…I’d be interested to hear what kind of instruction goes on during something like this.

One of my main projects has been searching and researching headboards.  I wanted to either make my own or find something at the flea market that I can transform into a headboard.  I love the kind of rustic/vintage/cozy type of look.  I was super excited when I found this old barn door “thing”.  I figured it could be something that I could strip and stain or paint.

Not so excited when the guy told me $65, when I said no he also informed me that it was originally $125…uhh, nah I’ll pass on this historically insignificant piece of overpriced wood.

I ended up just buying a few small things for porch deocrations, and even though someone tried to charge me $65 for a piece of wood, I still had a great time.  I can’t wait to check out the other flea markets!

We then went back to my apt and hung out while Ryan did some laundry…he has no clothes washing appliances, so I’m a good big sister and let him do laundry at my place.  While he took care of his business, I went on an INCREDIBLE evening 4-miler on the Greenway system.  Everything had cooled down and was shaded…it was gorgeous.

This is the entrance to the pathway.

About a mile in, the trail opens up onto UNCC’s campus.  I love Marshall, but UNCC sure has one stellar looking campus.

The last part of the trail opens up over a river system, it reminds me of the beach and is extrememly peaceful.

One of my roommates, Andrew, got home from traveling for work Sunday evening, so I went ahead and cooked he and my brother a dinner of rosemary chicken and baked summer veggies.  So easy and so delicious.

For a Sunday, I can’t complain one bit.  Now, off to another week.

See y’all later on!

How was your Sunday?  What about your weekend?  What types of things do you like to look for at the flea market?

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