The Beep is Back

Today was my day off, so on top of running some other errands I finally got signed up with a gym membership!!  Wahoo!!  I’m so excited I can barely contain myself.  Like I mentioned on Friday, both Jimmy and I were able to join our local Gold’s Gym through his work.  I’ve literally been chomping at the bit ever since I found out that joining was an option.

My info packet and “Golden Ticket” keytag.

Things that I’m excited about?  Besides the fact that it’s a gym with full amentites, they also have a whole mess of Les Mills classes that are free to members {RPM, Bodypump, Body Attack, Body Flow, Body Combat}, in addition to other classes.  I’ve never taken any Les Mills classes, but I’ve only heard great things.  I like working out on my own most of the time, but sometimes those classes are just what you need when you’re feeling unmotivated or “too tired”.  Who knows, maybe these classes will change my stance {except for spinning, I’ve always loved spinning}.

After signing up, I just wanted to spin my wheels a bit and I did a quick bike and ab workout {to share later} and headed home to pre-make a few meals {also sharing later}.  I already had plans to meet up with my brother, Ryan, to run with the NODA Run Club later that day so I didn’t want to leave it all at the gym.

Which is another reason why I’m loving having Wednesdays off.  Since moving to Charlotte, my brother and I always meet up to go running in NODA {a “hip” district in Charlotte that’s located on North Davidson street…get it?}.  Every Wednesday at 6:30pm a group of 100-200 people, maybe more, meet up at the NODA Brewing Co. and run together on either a one mile, three mile, or five mile loop.  Ryan consistently runs the five, and today I chose to run the three since it’s so hot, and I honestly haven’t been running outside recently.  The routes take you through some cute parts of NODA, which reminds me a lot of the historic district of downtown Durham.  At the end of the run, you’re greeted with a nice view of Uptown’s skyline….{I’m still new here, and I still don’t know why downtown Charlotte is called “Uptown”}.

Can you tell how hot and muggy it is in the evenings?  Headache status.

It felt amazing to get back into the swing of things….a little eye opening because I was MAYBE going at 60% of what I’m used to, but still great.  I’ve got a lot of work to do to get my butt back into gear, so let’s get started.

See y’all later on.

What do you like about Wednesday’s? 

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