Look Back at It: July 18/Weekend Recap

My weekend in Chicago is overrrrrrrrr {cue the music}.

Remember how I talked about how much my friends mean to me?  Well, this was another one of those weekends.  Abby and Liz are two of my other amazing friends that I couldn’t imagine life without.  The month of July has seriously spoiled me….mehhh, I miss my frands.  We all talk almost everyday {Jess included}, and what’s crazy is that it doesn’t even feel like I was visiting.  When I got to Liz’s apartment on Friday night it felt like I was just popping over from my apartment like it was no big deal, and when I left, it was super sad but it felt like I was just going home for the evening and I would see them tomorrow.  I guess that’s a sign of true friendship!

Below is a quick weekend recap of our time together.


Like I was saying, I flew into Chicago right after work on Friday.  It ended up working out because Jimmy was working in Joliet {about an hour outside of Chicago} for the weekend, so he was able to swing over and pick me up from the airport and spend the night with Abby, Liz, her bf, Shane, and myself.  He did have to work the rest of the weekend, but it was nice that everyone got to hang out, the boys got to meet, etc.  We had such a good time, and even though we were determined to take pics 24/7 since we were all together, I think the fact that we were all together distracted us and we ended up taking exactly no good pictures on Friday {womp, womp}.  Oh well, gotta work on that!


Saturday was full of brunch, shopping, and excitement for what was to come that evening…the Blake Shelton concert at Wrigley Field!

We got ready and grabbed a smorgasbord of a brunch at a cute little restaurant by Liz’s apt, Jack’s on Halstead.  It was amazing…and a good thing I only had one Guava Mimosa {pictured above} because I would have made more than a few questionable shopping decisions later that day.

We then walked around and shopped for the day.  The weather was absolutely perfect, and made me fall in love with Chicago even more than I already am.  Even though it’s almost been a year since I last visited it felt like I had never left {and I didn’t want to this time either}.  I’m keeping my eye out for a job where I work in Chicago over the summer, and then head back down south when it starts to get chilly.  That would be ideal, so if anyone hears about one, you know where to find me.

Can you tell how beautiful this day was??  Perfect.

There are those two cuties!  I absolutely love Liz’s neighborhood, walking around Chicago was a great way to spend the day with my friends {and work off that brunch}!

Our seats were perfect for the concert, The Band Perry opened and they put on such a great show.  I love them, and I love the fact that they’re siblings.  They sounded awesome and were full of energy, definitely a great band to get everyone ready for Blake.

Beauties.  Hands down, the most basic way to put it- Blake stole the show.  Playing everything from his new songs to his oldies {Ol’ Red and Austin…seriously}, in addition to the fact that it was at Wrigley Field, the entire thing was perfect.

This was one of my favorite {and blurry} shots from the encore.  Everyone had their cell phone lights out {the age of the lighter is long gone}, it was absolutely stunning.

We then went to meet up with some friends of Liz’s and hang out around Wrigleyville- so much fun!

The next morning we went to Ann Sathers, one of my favorite brunch places in Chicago…because, cinnamon rolls.

Check out those buns.

We of course had a main meal, but everything comes with two sides, one of them being two cinnamon rolls {yes you heard me right}.  My flight wasn’t until 8 pm that night, so it was almost like we had a whole other day together, which was extremely nice.  For the rest of the day, Liz took us down to hang out on Lake Michigan, where we met up with some of her sweet girlfriends that we had met the night before.

I love how everyone walks everywhere in Chicago/takes public transit from place to place.  Call me crazy, but I’ve never lived in a bigger city where you rely on transportation in that manner and I just feel like it’s so busy and exciting.  Maybe I have some stars in my eyes, but I love it.  We walked all the way down to the beach on this walking/biking/running path that lined the lake.

Wouldn’t you just love having this to run everyday?  This would definitely serve as some motivation, so gorgeous.

It was a perfect way to end and even more perfect weekend.  I am however going through some serious Chicago withdrawals, which is typical after a Chicago trip, and will take a few months to get over {{guess that means I’ll just have to go again soon}}.

I already miss Liz, Abby, {and Jess} so much, but I’m so grateful for the friendships I have with them, and some plans are in the works to see each other again super soon.

Until next time, Chicago.

Have you guys ever been to Chicago?  How was your weekend?

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