High Five Friday {July 18}

High five for this being the first High Five Friday!!  What is a High Five Friday, you ask?  Well, to be honest, I’m only partly sure.  I’ve decided that I want to make Friday’s a type of positive and reflective day, a look back on the week and a peek ahead at what’s in store.  Let’s call it a friendly reminder to look at the positives once a week.  I’m excited to see what this day will grow into, I’m not sold on the name just yet {I honestly don’t even dish out high fives, it’s more of a figure of speak than an action}, so it may change…but for now, Skinny Fingers: High Five Friday Edition works for me!

So basically, what I want to do is select five things each week that I am either thankful for, looking forward to, think are funny, etc…anything positive, big or small!  So this week, here are my five things:

Going to Chicago

By far one of my most favorite cities in the country.  This weekend I’m super duper excited because as you can guess, I’m going to Chicago to visit with some of my best of friends!  (I’m actually on the plane now…first air blog, woop!)  My friend and old roommate, Liz, lives there now and our other friend Abby (who is already there) is visiting too!!  Only downside is that our fourth compadre, Jess was unable to make it :(….we’ll miss you Hessica, you’ll be there in spirit…in memoriam of last year’s Chicago trip, here’s a clip of the four of us last year…

Getting out of Training

On the 16th of this month, I officially completed my first full month at my new job.  Today marked our last day of training, and it definitely feels like I’ve reached a milestone.  I am an Inside Sales Rep for a company in Charlotte, and while it is similar to other things I’ve done in the past, in a lot of ways it is very different.  At multiple times in this past month, the job itself became very challenging and I had to power through a lot personally so that I could learn, grow, and become a better sales rep.  Being able to learn a new task and consistently progress (haven’t quite mastered it yet) is a very rewarding experience {tip taken from The Happiness Project}.  However, it was also kind of sad because I will miss my training buddies dearly.  We will all still be within the same sales field, but on Monday we will get divided into preexisting teams and most of us will no longer be working right next to each other.  We all became very comfortable in our “newbie niche” and it was nice to have each other to lean on…but so it goes, at least this will be another opportunity to meet more people in the company!

Gym Membership on the Horizon

Yes, it’s finally here!  Next week I will FINALLY have a gym membership back.  I’ve been chomping at the bit ever since I found out that Jimmy and I could get a discounted membership at the Gold’s Gym up the street through his job.  We kept going back and forth on what we wanted to do and where we wanted to join, then we were in and out of town or extremely busy most weekends, and to be quite honest, time got away from us.  So I ran, and ran, and ran (and did a few inhouse circuits) and ran some more.  Then I stopped running as much the past few weeks with work (honestly), and I’m in need of something to kick me back into gear.  I’m thinking this is going to be just the ticket.


Jams of the Week 7/16

Thanks to my friend, Molly, a big group of my friends and I have an almost bi-weekly thing going on that we call “Jams of the Week {insert month/day here}”.  When the time is right, Molly sends out a mass text- JAMS OF THE WEEK..GO!  And everyone recommends one or two songs that they really like, can’t stop listening to, consider a classic, etc.  By the end of the day we all have this awesome playlist on Spotify that we can follow and listen to whenever we want.  Earlier this week was another session of JOTW and the playlist was awesome!  I love being able to have JOTW’s because as we’re all getting older and living lives in different cities, it’s hard to constantly stay in touch.  Albeit it’s a different way to stay in touch sometimes, but it’s so funny to listen to what people come up with.  It’s like your friends are all right there listening with you.

Visiting With Family

This past weekend Jimmy’s dad and brother, Pat,  came to visit, and while I miss my own family very much, it’s always nice to visit with his.  Although it was a quick trip is was nice to hang out with Jimmy, his dad and brother, and my own brother, Ryan, all at once  Definitely a special treat that doesn’t get to happen very often.  Pat and Big Jim are hilarious people, and I was laughing pretty much the entire weekend. There’s nothing that’s better than a little family time for the soul.  Hopefully now that I have my official work schedule I’ll be able to find some time to go to Durham soon.

Alllllllrightie then, well, off to Chicago I go {eeeeeeeeekkkkk!!}

See y’all later on!

High Five, it’s Friday!  What things are you grateful for this week?

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