Look Back at It: Weekend Recap/July 4

Ahhhhh!  Super late weekend recap, I know, but this past weekend was insanely exciting and I got home late Sunday night.  I then immediately hit the ground running with work and life and haven’t had time to come up for air.  I’ll post over the weekend to make up for it.


I am thankful for a lot of things in my life, one of the most important things being the relationships that I have with my friends.  I love them all so much I can hardly put it into words, so I won’t even try.  The connections that we have are on another level, like I would imagine your relationships are with your friends.  Needless to say, when we get to spend time together, it’s good for the soul.

This weekend I got to hang out with two of these friends- Molly and Jess.  Although I had to work on July 4th {I know, right?}, I left straight from work and drove right up to WV for the weekend to meet up with them and some other friends.  We all had plans to go to the  Jimmy Buffett concert at the Greenbrier Classic Concert Series on July 5.  The Greenbrier Classic, is an annual golf tournament that’s held in WV over the July 4th weekend.  Paired with this tournament are two awesome concerts that take place on the Friday and Saturday night of that weekend.  This year the GBC brought in Maroon 5 {July 4} and Jimmy Buffett {July 5}.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to see ol’ Bimmy Juffett with Molly, Jess, and tons of our other friends from Marshall.  We all split a limo and rolled out.  No time to mess around.

Below is a quick snippet of my friend Jess and me in the limo…it was such a great time!

Not only being back in WV, but being back with my fellow Marshall people is always much needed.  That place is like a second home to me, and while I love being in Charlotte, I still miss it from time to time.  This is the emotional tug that I imagine plenty of people get when they think about their college town, and for me and my friends, Huntington was something pretty special.

This is an unfiltered shot from the top of our limo over the parking lot before the concert, Wild and Wonderful never fails to impress.

Here are the three of us in all of our Jimmy Buffett glory, notice I’m wearing my DIY Highwaisted Shorts, which I am absolutely in love with.  Now on to the concert….Fins Up!….


We found a big patch or grass and marked our territory.  If you’ve ever seen Jimmy Buffet live, then you understand what I mean when I say that I had an amazing time.  If you’ve never seen Jimmy Buffet live, get online, find the closest location in proximity to you where he is performing, and go.

He’s the coolest dude I {kind of} know.  You’ve somehow made a very profitable living, and created a lifestyle desired by millions that revolves around being on island time?  Maybe the rest of us should start taking notes.

We then got back to Huntington incredibly late {GBC and Huntington are about 3 hrs apart}, and passed out.

The one thing Huntington, WV does not mess around with is it’s love of food.  We visited my favorite Sunday brunch place, Backyard, and I quickly scarfed down some walnut reduction french toast and chocolate covered bacon {hey, I was on vacation!}.  I swear I meant to snap a picture, but I got a little too distracted once my food arrived.

We were also on a huge Freaks and Geeks kick, Bill easily being Molly, Jess, and my favorite.

But then again, how can you pick anyone over baby James Franco?  SoOoOoOo dreamy…

If you have a Netflix account, this show is the next thing you need to be watching.  A classic Judd Apatow creation that was too early for it’s time.  I’m still so sad it only ran for one season.

And then, what’s a weekend with your friends without constantly quoting the “EW” skit from Jimmy Fallon?  If you have no idea what I am talking about, then you need to watch my two favorite EW skits with Channing Tatum and Seth Rogen.

Warning:  You WILL laugh out loud if you watch these videos.

“Jimmy Buffet?”…”Kinda cute”….”EW! Really?”…”Yea, he’s like, an amazing songwriter and performer.  Haven’t you ever heard of Margaritaville?”


Nope!  Never heard of it, EW!

Repeating the lines from the skit is funny, but making up your own is hilarious, and as you can see from my example above, we spent plenty of time doing that.

So that’s my very long overdue July 4th weekend recap in a nutshell, hope you guys had a great one as well!

See ya’ll later on!

How did you guys spend your 4th of July weekend?

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