Look Back at It: Weekend Recap/June 27

This weekend was full of exactly what I needed.

Now that I’m out of training (for now), I experienced my first full week of work, and while I am enjoying it, I was definitely exhausted come Friday.  My brain was a pile of mush.  My next three weekends are going to be extremely busy, and full of travel and seeing old {and the best} friends. I absolutely cannot wait!!  However, I do know myself well enough to know that I need to take a second to have some “me” time before things get crazy, so that’s precisely what I did.


I didn’t get home from work until later on Friday, for those of you living in Charlotte- how about that weather??  I haven’t seen that much rain in awhile.  The entire weekend was pretty overcast, so my plans of getting some sun were scratched, but it worked out because I had a lot I wanted to get done.  If the sun were out, it would’ve tempted me to get absolutely nothing done and just lay out and read.  I stopped at the Publix by my office and created a salad and packaged up a cup of lobster bisque for dinner {Jimmy and our other roommate were out of town for the weekend}.  My night then consisted of this-

I have so much love for this movie, and I was so incredibly happy when I found it playing on TV.  Such a random, semi-all star cast…Freddie Prinze Jr., Paul Walker, Gabrielle Union, Usher…this list goes on!


Saturday consisted of running, errands, and crafting!  I’ve had a few crafts that I wanted to get done, and I also had some errands I needed to run before these next few weekends, so away I went.  I rounded out my “running of the errands” with a quick and breezy 3-miler.

For dinner I picked up some to-go brown rice sushi and cab sav and got to it, paired with more girly movies {think The Holiday, Titanic, and P.S. I Love You}.

I really love the look of distressed high waisted shorts, but I really don’t like shelling out 50 plus buckaroos for one pair.  Earlier in the day I browsed through YouTube to see if I could pick up any tips on how to turn Goodwill mom jeans into shorts and ended up watching this video.  FYI there are TONS of videos out there that teach you how to do this.  My first stop on Saturday was to Goodwill where I found these two pairs of old Levis:

Woof-  I know, it’s crazy to think this used to be the style!  Anyway, after some marking, cutting, and washing, I turned them into this…

To distress them further I immediately washed them after chopping them up.  They fit perfectly and are extremely cute!  It also helps that they were five bucks a pop.

My second craft of the night involved these “beer coasters” that I’ve been wanting to make fooorreeevverrrr.  After a few weeks my roommates and I saved up a few of the cardboard 6 pack holders, and then I was in business.  I originally got the idea from Pinterest when I found it on this blogger’s page.  What started out as this…

{Relavitely} quickly turned into this…

I absolutely LOVE my new coasters, and I know my roommates will too, especially since they’re a bunch of dudes.  Successful Saturday if I do say so myself.  Although I didn’t get every craft done that I wanted to get done, it’s still something that soothes my soul and I’m always that much happier when I’m able to knock a few out.


Sunday was once again Family FROLF Day.

Can’t complain when you get to spend the day with your brother.

Now onto another week of work, I’m so looking forward to this weekend so hopefully the week flys right by!

See y’all later on!

What did you get to do this weekend?  Enjoy crafts as much as I do?

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